Nahed Hattar har jo tigget og bedt om at blive angrebet, gjorde alt for at provokere

Det er jo ikke terror - der løb altså en gal jordaner rundt. Undskyld, jeg siger det. Nahed Hattar har jo tigget og bedt om at blive angrebet. Jeg har ikke ondt af den jordaner, der har gjort alt, hvad han kunne, for at provokere. Ham har jeg ikke for fem flade ører sympati for

Det burde Tidligere udenrigsminister Uffe Elleman Jensen vel sige, hvis han ville stive sig af med lidt konsistens. Tegningen herunder, blev begået af den jordanske satiretegner Nahed Hatter


Der er allerede sagt meget om Hattar, men det bedste blev sagt af David Wood, der fortæller om islams forhold til køn, sex og paradis

Nahed Hattar (???? ?????) was raised as a Christian in Jordan—though he considered himself an atheist. He was recently shot and killed by a Muslim imam for sharing a cartoon mocking the Islamic view of paradise. The cartoon features a jihadi in bed with two of his houris (the virgins Muslim men get to spend eternity deflowering in Jannah).

In the cartoon, Allah says: “Good evening, Abu Saleh. Do you need anything?” The jihadi replies: “Yes Lord, get me a glass of wine and tell Gabriel to bring me some cashews. After that, send me an immortal servant to clean the floor, and take the empty plates with you. Don’t forget to put a door on the tent so that you knock before you enter next time, Your Glory.”

Hattar was arrested for insulting Islam, even though he apologized and said that he was only making fun of ISIS. Following his arrest, he requested security to protect him, but his request was denied. He was subsequently shot to death outside the courthouse.

Westernized Muslims are now insisting that the cartoon Hattar shared has nothing to do with Islam, and that the view of paradise the cartoon mocks is the view of ISIS, not of Muhammad.

In this video, David Wood goes through Islam’s most trusted sources, to see if Muhammad’s view of paradise is different from that of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Hattar blev myrdet midt på dagen i demonstrativ offentlighed. Et signal til islamkritikere generelt mere end end en konkret straf af den ulykkelige tegner. Der er ingen sympati når i bliver slagtet, ikke for fem flade ører.

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