Diplomati, magt og skuespil

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Rusland og USA har ikke noget at tilbyde hinanden, skriver Bryan MacDonald for Russia Times, så de kan lige så godt søge at få en forståelse for hinanden, og holde spændingerne imellem dem i ave. Topmøder tjener mest som teater for offentligheden, mens det virkelige møde sker bag lukkede døre (Demokraterne vil derfor have udleveret tolkenes referater) og som de fleste store værker forstår samtidens kritikere af hysteriske vanetænkere og selvsvingsdogmatikere. Mark Davis er ædruelig i Townhall

The strength his base expects every day is not some empty political theater designed to win praise from CNN. There is only one battle that matters in the short term, and that is the attack on his presidency from the Mueller probe and the weaponized subsets of the FBI and Department of Justice.

The slightest hint of a Trump denunciation of Russian meddling would have been instantly, virally blasted around the universe as a confession that his election was indeed illegitimate. The hounds baying for his demise gleefully conflate Russians hacking Democrat emails with the Trump campaign conspiring to deny Hillary Clinton her rightful victory. They know that an underinformed public will lap up that narrative if they can hammer it forcefully enough.

We will never know the exact language Trump may use to address past meddling or discourage it in the future. But anyone who was expecting some high-drama public showdown in Helsinki is ignorant of what Trump seeks to do long-term with Russia, and is oblivious to the baseball bat he would have handed his enemies to beat his brains in.

That is excusable among the general public. But for those who pay attention to these matters for a living, the blindness is willful.

Og der har Trump ikke givet efter for russerne “on anything“, skriver Daniel Greenfield - tværtimod

The media is outraged over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But when that happened, Ukraine asked for weapons and the only aid that Obama offered their country was MREs. It took months for Obama to come through with boots and tires. Meanwhile Trump has delivered actual weapons.

Why did Obama refuse to provide Ukraine with weapons? According to senior officials, to avoid antagonizing Moscow. Trump isn’t afraid of Russia. Obama however was shaking in his loafers.

While Trump approved anti-tank missiles for Ukraine, Obama slow-walked shipments of boots, putting them on trucks instead of planes so that they took months to arrive, so as not to upset the Russians. Meanwhile the Trump administration cut the red tape by dipping into its own European stockpiles.

In the time it took Obama to ship boots to Ukraine, Trump shipped Javelin missiles.

Obama shelved missile defense for Poland and the Czech Republic. Trump cut a multi-billion deal for selling Patriot missiles to Poland. When Obama provided Patriot missiles to Poland, he neglected to mention that the batteries would not actually contain missiles. The ambassador to Poland, had noted, “The Poles have not been told that the battery will rotate without actual missiles… but it will also not be operational, and certainly interoperable… this will be a question of basic definitions for the Poles: is it a Patriot battery if it doesn’t have live missiles?” Trump’s missile deal comes with actual missiles.

“After my election I have more flexibility” forsikrede Obama Putins Medvedev et par senere. Obamas udenrigspolitik var at give efter for russerne ved enhver konfrontation og se bort fra deres overtrædelser af aftaler. Trump ophidser de mennesker, der hyldede denne ‘leading from behind’, “smart diplomacy” blindgyde, der empowerede af mediernes guldfiskehukommelse, overser at Trump ikke blot styrker USAs økonomiske magt, opruster militært, presser NATO landende til det samme, mens de chores over at Trump har den frækhed at underminere Tysklands milliard investering i russisk gas. Måske har Roger L Simon ret, når han påstår at dette kunne være ‘Trumps finest hour’

He is, as Greg Gutfeld noted on The Five, his own good cop and bad cop all rolled into one.  The good cop part is what we saw with Kim Jong-un and now with Putin — complimenting tyrants to an almost uncomfortable degree.  It’s oddly a Christian love-the-sinner-but-hate-the-sin kind of thing.

The bad cop part is what Trump actually does concretely — and, as Putin certainly knows, this is far more important than photo ops and press conferences with all the attendant words.  Trump’s actions vis-a-vis Russia have been considerably more stringent than his predecessor’s — opening the energy spigots, increasing sanctions, arming the Ukrainians, ejecting 60 Russian agents, etc.  As Walter Russell Mead pointed out, if Trump is in Putin’s pocket, he’s doing a terrible job of it.

Og de hader ham for det, men Breitbarts John Nolte “saw Trump choose, at great personal cost, to do the moral and patriotic thing over what would have earned him that adulation and praise”.

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