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Monokultur » 2015 » April

Optøjerne i Baltimore er venstrefløjens frugter


Der hærges stadig i den amerikanske by Baltimore. Undskyldningen er en ung sort kriminel, der er død i politiets varetægt. Hillary Clinton mener at det er politiets og det juridiske systems indbyggede racisme, der er problemet i byer som Baltimore, Ferguson og alle andre steder i USA, hvor man oplever race-uro, skriver Business Insider

“There is something profoundly wrong when African-American men are still far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms than are meted out to their white counterparts. There is something wrong when a third of all black men face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes,” Clinton said. “We have allowed our criminal justice system to get out of balance and these recent tragedies should galvanize us to come together as a nation to find our balance again.”

Clinton’s speech came in the wake of Monday’s racially-charged riots in Baltimore, Maryland, in which violent protesters raged after the funeral of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who died on April 19 after suffering a fatal spinal injury in police custody. The incident is just one of a number of controversial police-involved deaths of African-American men, which protesters have attributed to a racist criminal justice system.

For her part, Clinton said she saw a “unmistakable and undeniable” pattern in their deaths.

“Yet again the family of a young black men is grieving a life cut short. Yet again the streets of an American city are marred by violence, by shattered glass, and shouts of anger and shows of force. Yet again a community is reeling, its fault lines laid bare,” she said. ”From Ferguson to Staten Island to Baltimore, the patterns have become unmistakable and undeniable.”

Som jeg henviste til forleden så har hvide amerikanere større risiko for at blive skudt af politiet end sorte - hvis man korrigere for kriminalitet! Og jeg henviste også til Daniel Greenfield, der fortalte at politiet i Baltimore er overvejende sort. Men der er tilsyneladens store problemer med politiet i Baltimore skriver Kevin D Williamson for National Review

Would any sentient adult American be shocked to learn that Baltimore has a corrupt and feckless police department enabled by a corrupt and feckless city government? I myself would not, and the local authorities’ dishonesty and stonewalling in the death of Freddie Gray is reminiscent of what we have seen in other cities. There’s a heap of evidence that the Baltimore police department is pretty bad.

This did not come out of nowhere. While the progressives have been running the show in Baltimore, police commissioner Ed Norris was sent to prison on corruption charges (2004), two detectives were sentenced to 454 years in prison for dealing drugs (2005), an officer was dismissed after being videotaped verbally abusing a 14-year-old and then failing to file a report on his use of force against the same teenager (2011), an officer was been fired for sexually abusing a minor (2014), and the city paid a quarter-million-dollar settlement to a man police illegally arrested for the non-crime of recording them at work with his mobile phone. There’s a good deal more. Does that sound like a disciplined police organization to you

Og han går skridtet videre: “Unless I’m reading the charts wrong, the Baltimore city council is 100 percent Democratic”.

The other Democratic monopolies aren’t looking too hot, either. We’re sending Atlanta educators to prison for running a criminal conspiracy to hide the fact that they failed, and failed woefully, to educate the children of that city. Isolated incident? Nope: Atlanta has another cheating scandal across town at the police academy. Who is being poorly served by the fact that Atlanta’s school system has been converted into crime syndicate? Mostly poor, mostly black families. Who is likely to suffer from any incompetents advanced through the Atlanta police department by its corrupt academy? Mostly poor, mostly black people. Who suffers most from the incompetence of Baltimore’s Democratic mayor? Mostly poor, mostly black families — should they feel better that she’s black? Who suffers most from the incompetence and corruption of Baltimore’s police department? Mostly poor, mostly black families.

And it’s the same people who will suffer the most from the vandalism and pillaging going on in Baltimore, too.

The evidence suggests very strongly that the left-wing, Democratic claques that run a great many American cities — particularly the poor and black cities — are not capable of running a school system or a police department. They are incompetent, they are corrupt, and they are breathtakingly arrogant. Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore — this is what Democrats do.

Ifølge Atlantas Derek Thomsen presses middelklassen ud af byerne jo mere venstredrejet boligpolitik der føres. Men måske er der andre grunde, skriver Lloyd Marcis i American Thinker. Den sorte befolkning overrepræsentation i kriminalstatistikkerne er ikke en følge af racismen, men af at sorte generelt opfører sig asocialt. Og det gør de bl.a fordi deres identitet er en mod-identitet, der hviler på at de er undertrykt og i deres undertrykkelse uden ansvar for deres opførsel

How do you expect black youths to react to the Left’s orchestrated campaign to convince them that white Republicans and conservatives are racist and out to get them, that white cops murder them at will, that  the rich got rich stealing from them, and that business owners are selfish and evil?

These lies have been sold to black youths by the highest black voices in the country — Obama, Oprah, Sharpton, Holder, Jackson, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and assorted other race exploiting scumbags. …if I sound angry, it is because I am.

Det var Baltimores egen sorte og demokratiske borgmester, der gav bøller og vandaler fripas - space to destroy - til at smadre Baltimores skattebetalende næringsdrivende forretninger.

Som blommen i et æg

Akademia, Demografi, Diverse, Forbrydelse og straf, Race, Racisme, USA, venstrefløjen — Drokles on April 29, 2015 at 4:56 am

Komikeren Amer Rahman udlægger har sin forståelse af, hvilke racismeprivilegier alle ikke-hvide har fået af den hvide mands århundrede lange undertrykkelse.

Men intet er så bizart at det ikke kan være en akademisk disciplin. Aeman Ansari forklarer Huffington Posts læsere, hvorfor farvede har brug for ’sikre rum’, hvor hvide er forment adgang.

It’s not just important, but it’s essential, for marginalized groups to have safe spaces on campus to engage with people who understand what they go through. Though this group is funded by Ryerson’s student union, it works to serve a particular group and a particular purpose. Many students at Ryerson have encountered racism in their life that is impossible to forget and many are exposed to discrimination on a daily basis. This group and these sort of events allow people of colour to lay bare their experiences and to collectively combat this societal ailment. These spaces are rare places in the world not controlled by individuals who have power, who have privilege.
These spaces, which are forums where minority groups are protected from mainstream stereotypes and marginalization, are crucial to resistance of oppression and we, as a school and as a society, need to respect them.
Segregation was imposed on people of colour by people of privilege, not the other way around. The very fact that individuals organizing to help each other get through social barriers and injustices are being attacked and questioned for their peaceful assembly is proof that they were right to exclude those students.
Racialized people experience systemic discrimination on a daily basis, on many levels, and in ways that white people may never encounter. The whole point of these safe spaces is to remove that power dynamic. That’s partly what makes them spaces for healing.
The West has a history of oppressing people of colour: from Africans who were enslaved and brought to the New World, to native people whose land was stolen by Europeans. This kind of oppression is still witnessed today, in the way the black community is treated in the United States, in the state of African nations trying to recover from the collapse of the previous colonial rule, and in the continuing struggles of indigenous peoples.

Man kunne argumentere for at der var en sammenblanding af det offentlige rum og det private. Men nok om semantik; Baltimores borgmester Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tror nemlig også på at sorte skal have et ’sikre rum’ fra hvide. Tilsyneladende under samme opfattelse som football spilleren Richard Sherman af at bølle og nigger er et og det samme bad hun, ifølge Daily Caller, derfor politiet (’whithey’, ‘the man’, eller måske ‘da man’) om at sikre et rum til de demonstranter, der var kede af en narkokriminels utidige død og som havde lyst til at hærge nabolaget

I’ve made it very clear that I work with the police, and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters could exercise their right to free speech. It’s a very delicate balancing act because while we tried to make sure they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we gave those who wished to destroy space to do that, as well. And we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to deescalate. And that’s what you saw.

Suspect Dies Baltimore

Måske de lokale føler sig en kende svigtet? Men, viser det sig, Baltimore faktisk er et rimeligt sikkert rum for farvede, skriver Daniel Greenfield for Frontpage Magazine

Baltimore has the fifth highest big city murder rate in the country. The four cities ahead of it are Detroit, New Orleans, Newark and St. Louis. All these cities have something in common. Not racism, but race.

The killers and the dead are black.

The murder rate in Baltimore stood at 37.4 to 100,000 people. There have already been 63 murders this year. Fifty-six of the victims were black. Of the 16 murders in the last 30 days, 14 of the victims were black.


Baltimore’s peaceful protests were marred by smashing cars, smashing windows, throwing rocks and assaulting random people still showing their white faces in the city. The police tried to stay out of it giving the protesters and their supporters what they really wanted; the opportunity to commit crimes without being held accountable.


Baltimore has a black mayor, a black police commissioner and a majority non-white police force. Driving out the remaining white police officers will just eliminate the race card excuse for future riots.

Studies have shown that black officers are harder on black suspects and that cops already hesitate more before shooting black suspects than white suspects. The Detroit police force is 63% black. Federal oversight over it ended only recently. The Philadelphia police force has more blacks on it than any other racial group; it also has a high rate of police shootings and was targeted by the Justice Department.


In 2013, 2,245 black people were killed by other black people. Only 189 were killed by whites. In 2012, 2,412 black people were killed by other black people. That’s tens of thousands dead over a decade.

There have been genocides with lower death tolls.

Måske er hvidt selskab det sikreste rum for en neger.

Obamas har ikke helet USA

Der var høje forventninger til Barak hussein Obama, da han blev valgt til USAs præsident. Kansas City Stars Mary Sanchez formulerede forhåbningerne således i 2008

On race, however, Obama only has to show up. That’s how it works to be the first minority to achieve any high-profile role. It is a strange phenomenon. Simply by standing in a space long held by the same sorts of people - namely, white men - something shifts in the cosmos. Years ago, when Kansas City, Mo., elected its first black mayor, Emanuel Cleaver (now a member of Congress), some compared his impact on city race relations to the effect a teacher has by standing on the playground at recess. The kids play differently - more nicely. Point being that simply being in the room takes things up a notch.

Nu har han så været her en del år og spændingerne er siden kun steget. Der har været flere prominente sager, hvor ‘race-baiters’ har opviglet sorte masser og venstrefløjen i deciderede racekampe. Overraskende har man taget udgangspunkt i enddog meget dårlige sager, hvis man ville demonstrere et racistisk hvidt USA, der undertrykker den sorte befolkning. Først i rækken var sagen om den jødisk-mexikanske George Zimmerman, der en sen aften i selvforsvar dræbte den sorte Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin dyrkede et afsindigt had til hvide, drak sig høj på Watermelon Lean og var blevet bortvist flere gange fra sin skole på grund af tyveri og konflikter. Den skæbnesvangre aften havde Zimmerman, der var med i et frivilligt lokalt vagtværn, set Trayvon Martin opføre sig mistænkeligt.

Obama undlod blot at være til stede med sin fredsskabende sorthed og pustede istedet til fortællingen om et racistisk mord ved at påstå at det kunne være hans egen søn, der blev skudt. Og derefter blev der imod politiets og den lokale statsanklagers vilje, rejst en sag mod Zimmerman. Zimmerman, der op til retsagen tog 30 kg på, blev renset for alle anklager, men ikke for mistanken. Hans liv siden har været præget af angst og paranoia og han har haft flere voldelige sammenstød med både familie og politiet.

Det samme mønster gentog sig i byen Ferguson, da en hvid betjent, Darren Wilson, skød og dræbte den sorte Michael Brown på åben gade. Brown blev i medierne kaldt the gentle giant og der opstod hurtigt et hysterisk pres for at få Wilson anklaget og dømt for mord. Den lokale anklager valgte stik imod bevisernes substans at give efter for presset ved at holde en udvidet høring, så offentligheden kunne for syn for sagn. Wilson blev pure frifundet. The Gentle Gian havde angrebet Wilson og truet med at slå ham ihjel. Inden da havde han røvet en kasse cigarer fra en lokal forretning - den blev senere brændt ned under pøblens rasende anklager om forrædderi. Sagens beviser kunne ikke ændre hverken mediernes eller pøblens fortælling. Og i marts i år blev to betjente skudt ned i Ferguson i et attentat - begge overlevede.

“I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back” er Guardians Toni Morrison som svar på, hvornår racespændingerne forsvinder. Men ifølge Washington Times så er det krav allerede mere end indfriet

Based on that data, Mr. Moskos reported that roughly 49 percent of those killed by officers from May 2013 to April 2015 were white, while 30 percent were black. He also found that 19 percent were Hispanic and 2 percent were Asian and other races.

His results, posted last week on his blog Cop in the Hood, arrived with several caveats, notably that 25 percent of the website’s data, which is drawn largely from news reports, failed to show the race of the person killed.

Killed by Police lists every death, justified or not, including those in which the officer had been wounded or acted in self-defense.

“The data doesn’t indicate which shootings are justified (the vast majority) and which are cold-blooded murder (not many, but some). And maybe that would vary by race. I don’t know, but I doubt it,” Mr. Moskos said on his blog.

Adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown of the U.S. population, he said black men are 3.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white men. But also adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown in violent crime, the data actually show that police are less likely to kill black suspects than white ones.

“If one adjusts for the racial disparity in the homicide rate or the rate at which police are feloniously killed, whites are actually more likely to be killed by police than blacks,” said Mr. Moskos, a former Baltimore cop and author of the book “Cop in the Hood.”

“Adjusted for the homicide rate, whites are 1.7 times more likely than blacks die at the hands of police,” he said. “Adjusted for the racial disparity at which police are feloniously killed, whites are 1.3 times more likely than blacks to die at the hands of police.”

Mr. Moskos listed two possible reasons for the racial disparity. The first is that police assigned to largely black neighborhoods face “more political fallout when they shoot, and thus receive better training and are less inclined to shoot.”

The second is that police assigned to black communities with high crime rates are more accustomed to dangerous situations and thus are more likely to be able to resolve them without resort to lethal force.

Figures on police shootings by race are thin on the ground, but Mr. Moskos’s results have some support: The investigative journalism website ProPublica came up with a similar percentage in an Oct. 10 article, reporting that 44 percent of all those killed by police were white, using FBI data from 1980 to 2012.

The fact-checking website PolitiFact concluded in August 2014 that police kill more whites than blacks after the claim was made by conservative commentator Michael Medved. PolitiFact cited data from the Centers for Disease Control on fatal injuries by “legal intervention” from 1999 to 2011.

“Over the span of more than a decade, 2,151 whites died by being shot by police compared to 1,130 blacks. In that respect, Medved is correct,” said PolitiFact.

But PolitiFact gave his assertion a “half true” rating because whites make up 63 percent of the population, while blacks make up just 12 percent.

“Yes, more whites than blacks die as a result of an encounter with police, but whites also represent a much bigger chunk of the total population,” PolitiFact said in its Aug. 21 post.

But PolitiFact did not take into account the percentage of those by race involved in violent crime or shootings of police, as Mr. Moskos did.

Despite the recent flood of media coverage involving police shootings, Mr. Moskos advised his readers to “keep all this morbidity in perspective,” reminding them that very few people, white or black, will ever be shot or killed by police.

“The odds that any given black man will shoot and kill a police officer in any given year is slim to none, about one in a million. The odds for any given white man? One in four million,” he said. “The odds that a black man will be shot and killed by a police officer is about 1 in 60,000. For a white man those odds are 1 in 200,000.”

I Baltimore forleden forfaldt en protestdemonstration over Freddie Grays, en sort amerikaner, utidige død i politiets varetægt, i kaos og plyndringer. Det er Obamas time for healing

En hadsk ytringsfrihedsfundamentalists krænkelse at ophavsrettigheder og muslimer i een og samme postering

Diverse — Drokles on April 25, 2015 at 8:32 pm

Foreningen af Danske Bladtegnere mener sig berettigede til at nedlægge forbud mod at vise e 12 Muhammedtegninger, som Jyllands-Posten bragte 30. september 2005. Ikke nok med det, men så mener Foreningen af Danske Bladtegnere at forbuddet gælder med tilbagevirkende kraft. Til Jyllands-Posten siger Lars Refn

»Det er klart, at efter Krudttønden ser sikkerhedssituationen noget anderledes ud. Men det handler også om, at der er nogle ytringsfrihedsfundamentalister, som ser vores tegninger, som et våben man kan true med i tide og utide. Vi vil ikke spændes for en ideologisk vogn, så der hvor vi har mulighed for det, vil vi gerne forhindre folk i at bruge vores tegninger til ideologiske kampe,«

Jeg har en ideologisk vogn


Jacob Mchangama mener dog at “må det antages at være tvivlsomt, om Danske Bladtegnere kan få medhold i, at danske nyhedsmedier i et hvert tilfælde skal indhente tilladelse til at vise Muhammed-tegningerne som dokumentation i nyhedsdækningen af et emne, som er af væsentlig offentlig interesse” . Men han har de samme forbehold over for såkaldte “ytringsfrihedsfundamentalister”, som jo har en skimlet lugt af had

Når Adam Holm i et interview med Flemming Rose vedrørende ytringsfrihed oven på angrebet mod Charlie Hebdo viser tegningerne, og når danske aviser oven på et terrorforsøg   mod Kurt Westergaard gør det samme, er det altså en helt anden situation end den, hvor eks. en privatperson lægger samme tegninger op på egen hjemmeside med et hadsk udfald mod muslimer, eller hvor tegningerne bliver brugt i kommercielt øjemed.

Jeg er jo en privatperson. Og da jeg nu allerede har lagt en tegning op på min egen hjemmeside, hvad er så mere passende end et hadsk udfald mod muslimer? Jeg giver velvillige ordet til Pajamas Media

In November, 1914, during WWI, the Ottoman caliphate issued a fatwa, or Islamic decree, proclaiming it a “sacred duty” for all Muslims to “massacre” infidels — specifically naming the “Christian men” of the Triple Entente, “the enemies of Islam” — with promises of great rewards in the afterlife.

The same Koran verses that the Islamic State and other jihadi outfits regularly quote permeated the Ottoman fatwa, including:  “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them — seize them, besiege them, and be ready to ambush them” (9:5) and “O you who have believed! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are but friends of each other; and whoever among you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them” (5:51) — and several other verses that form the Islamic doctrine of Loyalty and Enmity.

Many Muslims still invoke this doctrine; it commands Muslims to befriend and aid fellow Muslims, while having enmity for all non-Muslims (one Islamic cleric even teaches that Muslim husbands must hate their non-Muslim wives, while enjoying them sexually).

As happens to this very day, the Muslims of the Ottoman caliphate, not able to reach or defeat the stronger infidel — the “Christian men” of Britain, France, and Russia — satiated their bloodlust on their Christian subjects.  And they justified the genocide by projecting the Islamic doctrine of Loyalty and Enmity onto Christians — saying that, because Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks were Christian, they were naturally aiding the other “Christian men” of the West.

As happens to this day under the new caliphate — the Islamic State — the Ottoman caliphate crucified, beheaded, tortured, mutilated, raped, enslaved, and otherwise massacred countless “infidel” Christians.  The official number of Armenians killed in the genocide is 1.5 million; hundreds of thousands of Greeks and Assyrians each were also systematically slaughtered (see this document for statistics).

Og her en stemning fra Indien (håber ikke jeg har krænket nogle ophavsrettigheder)


Had mod muslimer og simple fakta er jo, som bekendt, et og det samme.

Kill The Christians

BBC dokumentar om muslimernes folkemord på kristne

Utak er mandens løn

Feminisme, Ligestilling, venstrefløjen — Drokles on April 21, 2015 at 6:16 pm

Ligestilling er et misvisende ord for feminisme. Det lyder tilforladeligt ikke at gør forskel på mennesker feks på grund af køn og stille dem lige. Men kønnene er selvfølgelig forskellige og derfor er det en absurditet når man måler ligestillingens succes efter, hvor ens de opfører sig eller er repræsenteret i enhver sammenhæng. Mænd er som gruppe mere ekstreme end kvinder, der er mere normale. Det er mænd der præsterer store bedrifter og det er mænd der sidder i fængsel. Peter Loydd trækker problemet klart op i Daily Mail

Men are brilliant. Seriously, we are. We invented philosophy, medicine, architecture, cars, trains, helicopters, submarines and the internet. Not to mention the jet engine, IVF, electricity and modern medicine.

We’ve led all the industrial revolutions and sent rockets into Space. We’ve fought wars with tin hats and bayonets and won them. The world we live in would be nothing without Alexander Graham Bell, Sigmund Freud, Horatio Nelson, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein. The geniuses Leonardo da Vinci, Stephen Hawking, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Charles Darwin and Michael Faraday have all contributed immeasurably to our modern lives.

So why is it that, today, there has there never been a worse time to be a man? Rubbishing the male of the species and everything he stands for is a disturbing — and growing — 21st century phenomenon. It is the fashionable fascism of millions of women — and many, many men, too. Instead of feeling proud of our achievements, we men are forced to spend our time apologising for them. When people chide us for not being able to multi-task or use a washing machine we join in the mocking laughter — even though we invented the damned thing in the first place.


Consider the statistics. If you become a father to twins — one girl, one boy — current data proves that your son will die younger, leave school with fewer qualifications and be less eligible for work than your daughter.

Our universities and further education institutions are dominated by women at a proportion of ten to every seven men, with the Royal Veterinary College formally identifying boys as an under-represented group.

Across the Russell Group of Britain’s leading 20 universities, just three have a majority of male students.

This means your son will be more likely to join the ranks of the unemployed, the majority of whom are now — yes, you’ve guessed it — men.

The Office of National Statistics noted that in the summer of 2014 a total of 1,147,511 British men were out of work, compared with 887,892 women.

Psychologically, your son will be more likely to suffer from depression and attempt suicide than his sibling, but there’ll be less support in place to save him.

He’s also more likely to endure everyday violence than women, with the latest crime statistics for England and Wales noting that two-thirds of homicide victims were men.

If he’s seduced by his female teacher, she’ll leave court with a slapped wrist thanks to a legal system which is frequently lenient with women. But if your daughter has an affair with her male maths teacher he’ll be chalking up numbers on a prison wall before you can say: ‘burn your bra’.

By the time your son is 18, he will probably have absorbed the social message that his dad is much less valuable as a parent than his mother — that fathers in families are an added bonus, not a crucial cog.

Then, if he starts his own family and his relationship doesn’t last, he may become one of the four million UK men who have no access to their children, yet are forced to fund them.

To cap it all, he’ll be progressively neglected by British healthcare despite being more likely to get — and die from — nine out of the top ten killer diseases. You know, the biggies: these include cancer, heart conditions, strokes, pneumonia, diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver.

Fifteen years ago the UK Men’s Health Forum showed that, for every £1 spent on men’s health, £8 was spent on women’s. Since then little has changed, for no good reason. Or rather, one very bad reason: we live in a medical matriarchy. In other words, male life is cheap. Bargain basement, last-day-of-the-sale cheap.

The ultimate insult? It’s all done at our expense. The National Health Service is funded by the public purse, but it’s men — yes, men — who pay a whopping 70 per cent of UK income tax. Yet we are thrown nothing but crumbs in return.

Vi ved at ligestilling ikke er en vulgær misforståelse at ligestilling som ensretning, når man kræver en øget andel af, lad os sige, kvindelige forskere, men ikke en øget andel af kvinder i fængslerne. Ligestilling er derfor feminisme. Men feminismen er som ideologi en bitterhed over en biologi, der ikke lader sig ændre. Derfor polstrer man sine resultater med svindel, som man kan læse på My News Desk

I den spritnye artikel ”Nogle omgåelser af EU-retten i den positive særbehandling af kvindelige forskere” i Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen drøfter advokat, dr. phil. Jens Ravnkilde og professor, dr. phil. Hans Bonde centrale initiativer fra de seneste år, der markant har øget antallet af kvindelige professorer og forskningsledere. Forfatterne konkluderer, at samtlige initiativer var udtryk for omgåelse af EU-retten og ligebehandlingsloven. Da omgåelsen var åbenbar, burde de opnåede dispensationer fra loven ifølge forfatterne ikke være givet. De konkluderer, at den positive særbehandling af kvindelige forskere nu er kommet så vidt, at ulovligheder tages i brug.

Feminisme er et alvorligt samfundsproblem. Det er ikke blot en dyrkelse af middelmådighed, men også en udhuling af realitet. En arbejdsplads væsentligste funktion er ikke længere at producere, men at afspejle abstrakte idealer i kvoteform. Og det sker både gennem sænkelse af faglige krav, som med at beflitte sig med irrelevans. Og det gennemsyrer i stadigt højere grad ikke bare hvorledes vi opfatter problemerne, men også, hvad vi opfatter som problemer.

Men selv om det er et alvorligt samfundsproblem, så er det ikke et personligt problem for den enkelte mand. En artikel i Jyllands-Posten fra februar fortalte, at der blev givet næsten fem gange så mange penge til kvinder i krise end til mænd og at man i forvejen var i færd med at lukke krisecentre for mænd. Og en medfølgende artikel med den sørgelige titel “Den aften, jeg lærte at blive en mand” handlede om mandegrupper, grupper hvor mænd mødes for at lære hinanden at være mænd. Ked af at sige det, men den kan du aldrig lære der. Tværtimod. Gå til fodbold, finere fransk madlavning, AGL, læs en bog, tæsk din kæreste eller se TV hele dagen. Gør noget eller lad vær, vind eller gå til grunde - eller skyd dig selv. Men aldrig gøre dit køn til et emne, det er hvad der adskiller dig fra kvinder i dagens Danmark.


Selv om mænd er mere udsatte, dør tidligere og har en højere tendens til selvmord - de er jo det ekstreme køn - så er det ikke et problem. Det er forskellen på køn. At leve uden det samme sikkerhedsnet, som er foldet ud under kvinder er den egentlige skanse af maskulin identitet i velfærdsdanmark.

Den almenmuslimske klangbund

Daily Mail har en usædvanligt klar artikel om osmannernes folkemord på armenierne i 1915. Tyrkiets vrangvilje mod at erkende fortidens synder bliver forklaret med en national identitet, der ikke kan bære at det moderne Tyrkiet blev grundlagt på folkemord og etnisk udrensning (også grækere blev udryddet). Og sandt er det, at det ved lov er forbudt at fornærme tyrkiskhed. Men Tyrkiet er ikke Osmannerriget og kan ret beset ikke stå på mål for den historie. Skammen handler om islam. Osmannerriget var det nærmeste muslimerne kom et kalifat. Og Osmannerrigets forbrydelser er kalifatets forbrydelser.

Unleashed on the Armenians, Turkish policemen and soldiers ransacked Christian churches and handed bishops and priests over to the mob.

Community leaders such as doctors and teachers were hanged in batches on gallows in town squares. An American missionary reported seeing men tied together with their heads sticking through the rungs of a ladder to be lopped off with swords.

Torture was commonplace, Morgenthau maintained as he studied the evidence. ‘They would pull out eyebrows and beards almost hair by hair, extract fingernails and toenails, apply red-hot irons and tear off flesh with pincers, then pour boiled butter into the wounds.’

Crucifixion was treated as a sport. ‘As the sufferer writhes in his agony, they would cry: “Now let your Christ come and help you”.’

When orders were given to assemble all the Armenians and march them out into the desert, Morgenthau had no doubt that this was ‘the death warrant to a whole race’. Moreover, he said: ‘In their conversations with me, the authorities made no particular attempt to conceal the fact’.

He wrote graphically of how men were taken from their ploughs, women from their ovens and children from their beds to join ‘the panic-stricken throng’. Young men were strung up or shot — ‘the only offence being that they were Armenians’.

Convicts were let out of prison to help with the killings. Locals joined in, too. In Ankara, all Armenian men aged 15 to 70 were bound in fours and led out to a secluded valley, where Turkish peasants hacked them to death with scythes, spades and saws.

‘In this way, they exterminated the whole male population.’

For six months, as the enforced exodus went on, Morgenthau reported, roads and tracks were crowded with lines of Armenians.

‘They could be seen winding through every valley and mountain-side, moving on they scarcely knew where, except that every road led to death.

‘They left behind the unburied dead, as well as men and women dying of typhus, dysentery and cholera and children setting up their last piteous wails for food and water.’

How many died? Morgenthau reported that, on one particular death march, of the 18,000 who set out, just 150 were alive a week later.

A survivor recalled that ‘death was our constant companion. We fought the threat of panic, hunger, fear and sleepless nights but, in the end, they won. It seemed there was no pity or humanity in the hearts of our captors’. As they crossed the Euphrates river, one witness reported how ‘bloated bodies lay on the bank, black from the sun, tongues hanging out. Bones showed through decaying skin’.

‘The stomachs of pregnant women had been slit open and their unborn children placed in their hands like black grapes. Children were crying next to dead parents. Women were delirious.’

So many dead bodies clogged the river that its course was diverted for several hundred yards. But at least the water gave relief to some. Mothers sank into it gratefully, their babies in their arms, to drown and end their misery.

Women suffered special horrors. Aghavni — that girl whose story of stumbling on her father’s crucified and decapitated body we saw earlier — recalled how, in her home town, a group of 20 Armenian women were forced to dance under a blue, cloudless sky.

‘Turkish soldiers stood behind them shouting “Dance, sluts” and cracking their whips across their breasts, so their clothes would fall off. Some were half-naked, others tried to hold their clothes together.

‘The women were praying as they moved in a slow circle, holding hands. Occasionally, they would drop the hand next to them and quickly make the sign of the cross.

‘When they fell down, they were whipped until they got up and continued their dance. Each crack of the whip and more of their clothing came off.

‘Around them stood their children, who were forced to clap, faster and faster. If they stopped, they were whipped.

‘Some were two years old and barely able to stand up. They cried uncontrollably, in a terrible, pitiful, hopeless way.’ All of this was watched by a crowd of delighted Turkish townspeople in smart dresses and business suits, ‘clapping, too, like cockroaches’.

What came next was beyond belief. ‘Two soldiers pushed through the crowd, swinging buckets, and doused the women with kerosene. As the women screamed, another soldier came forward with a torch and lit each woman by her hair.

‘At first, all I could see was smoke. Then I saw the fire coming off their bodies, and their screaming became unbearable.

‘The children were being whipped furiously now, as if the burning mothers had excited the soldiers, and they admonished the children to clap faster and faster, telling them that if they stopped they, too, would be set on fire.

‘As the women collapsed in burning heaps, oozing and black, the smell of burnt flesh made me sick and I fainted.’

On the death march out into the desert, Aghavni remembered how women were openly tortured and abused. ‘If a woman would not readily submit to sex, she was whipped and, if she tried to run away, she was shot.’

She could only watch in horror as a girl resisted and a policeman took out his sword, ripped open her dress and then slashed off her breasts. ‘They fell to the ground and she bled to death next to them.’ Aghavni survived her ordeal — one of the few to do so. She lived, eventually making her way to America to give her first-hand account of a genocide that the Turkish authorities are still adamant did not take place.


Det samme had ser man i dag i den muslimske verden. Man har altid set muslimske massakrer på deres omgivelser. Med jævne mellemrum bryder nye massakrer ud. Dengang som idag til de fleste muslimers store jubel. Nogle har ikonisk status, som the Ramallah Lynching, den palæstinensiske hobs slagtning af to israelske reservister. “The Israeli reservists were beaten, stabbed, had their eyes gouged out, and were disemboweled“. Al-Shabaab massakrerede alle der ikke kunne citere koranen på en skole i Kenya. Islamisk Stat libyske afdeling har just massakreret 30 etiopiske kristne. “Be til Allah eller dø!” råbte muslimerne førend de smed de kristne flygtninge overbord til druknedøden. Osv, osv. Muslimernes had til os andre, til alle faktisk er overvældende. Venstres Inger Inger Støjbergs møde med 4 arabere på en tankstation er mere end blot en ubehagelig oplevelse. Det er et varsel. Som Peter Hitchens skrev i Daily Mail; ”A wave of human misery is now heading to Europe” .

Det næste ugræs til at fyge… III

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De kommer væltende gør de, og det er kun ulykker de bringer med sig. Fra Daily Mail

A group of Muslim migrants have been arrested for ‘aggravated murder’ after allegedly throwing 12 Christians into the Mediterranean sea during a recent crossing from Libya, Italian police reports.

Witnesses say a fight broke out on a rubber dinghy carrying more than 100 African migrants from Libya to Sicily, after which the men were thrown to their deaths.

A group of 15 men have now been arrested on suspicion of ‘multiple aggravated murder motivated by religious hate,’ Palermo police said in a statement.


During the crossing, a fight broke out over religion, with the group of Muslim passengers threatening the Nigerians and Ghanaians after the latter declared themselves to be Christians.

‘The threats then materialised and 12 people, all Nigerian and Ghanaian, are believed to have drowned in the Mediterranean,’ the police statement added.

Herhjemme går muslimer amok når internet forbindelsen er for langsom eller de slår ældre kvinder ned på gaden. Og det bliver kun værre jo flere. Fra Anna Lindh Foundation

The European Commission said Thursday that the crisis caused by the flow of migrants from North Africa to southern Europe, especially Italy, is bad and is set to get worse. “The situation in the Mediterranean is serious and it will get worse in the coming weeks and months,” said European Commission Spokesperson Natasha Bertaud. Italy, which has seen a sharp increase this year in the already big flow of migrants heading to its coast, has repeatedly complained it is not getting enough help from Europe.

Vi ved ikke om der også var kristne med, da disse mennesker startede deres rejse, men vi kan høre at der nu kun råbes Allahu Akbar, som de træder foden ned på kristen jord.

Det græske folkemord og venstrefløjens ufrivillige islamkonfrontationer

Den svenske udenrigsminister kom til at fornærme muslimerne, da hun kritiserede Saudiarabiens barbariske skikke. Som et forsøg på at forklare sig sondrede hun bizart mellem sharia og islam. Sverige undskyldte til sidst deres forsvar for banale menneskerettigheder.

Venstrefløjens forståelse af frigjorthed og almenmenneskelige værdier strider imod islam. Det vil de ikke indrømme og har flittigt brugt islam og muslimer som rambuk i deres forbitrede hævntogt på kristne og konservative nationale dyder og vædier, der er stedfortræder for de forældre der gav dem ikke blot alt, men måske mere end de kunne bære. Og så langt de er lykkedes med deres ødelæggelse af deres ophav så langt sidder de nu mere og mere alene tilbage med islam og muslimerne. Efterhånden har de ikke den gamle nation som mellemlæg at skyde på, men står nu selv overfor islam og muslimerne. Nu mærker de efterhånden omend ufrivilligt de kulturelle brudzoner.

I “Foråret 2013 kørte Center for Voldtægtsofre” kampagnen “At klæde sig sexet er ikke kriminelt“. Nu vil Københavns Kommune også markere sig ifølge Jyllands-Posten

Sæsonen for sol og masser af bar hud er åbnet, og det falder sammen med Københavns Kommunes anti-voldtægtskampagne.

Som blikfang i bybilledet på busser og plakater er netop en nedringet pige, der ledsages af teksten: »At klæde sig sexet er ikke kriminelt – voldtægt er!«

»Det er desværre en nødvendig kampagne, for der er stadig behov for at fastslå, at man har ret til at sige nej til sex uanset hvad. Selv om man optræder i en nedringet bluse eller kommer til at drikke sig lidt for fuld, er det ikke ensbetydende med, at man på forhånd har sagt ja til sex,« siger sundhedsborgmester Ninna Thomsen (SF) om baggrunden for kampagnen.

Skønt det er kampagner, der kun skal stive de kampagnerendes skinhellige selvforståelse af, er det en kampagne, der retter sig direkte imod islam (og vel også mod Uffe Ellemanns tilsvarende  bebrejd-offeret logik). For et par år siden kunne man som nogen nok husker høre hvorledes muslimske piger i Vollsmose følte sig sikret imod chikane, fordi de “bar uniformen“. Ingen kan være i tvivl om, hvad tørklædet og den videre formummelse betyder selv om venstrefløjen benægter hårdnakket, også for sig sig selv.

Tyrkiets præsident Recep Tayyib Erdogan har udover at advare Paven mod at tale for meget om det armenske folkemord, raset imod Københavns beslutning om til maj i nogle dage at opstille denne skulptur til minde om osmannernes folkemord (i medierne omtalt folkedrab) på armenierne


“Ingen husker armenierne” skal Hitler have sagt, som et carte Blanche for at løse ‘jødeproblemet’ med industrielt massemord. Det gør flere og flere folk dog idag, selv om man stadig er i tvivl på TV2. Men ikke mange husker dog at også grækere var ofre for de osmanniske muslimers folkemord. Direkte løftet fra Neos Kosmos

Pontian and Anatolian Greeks were victims of a broader Turkish genocidal project aimed at all Christian minorities in the Ottoman Empire. A total of more than 3.5 million Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians were killed under the successive regimes of the Young Turks and of Mustafa Kemal from roughly 1914 to 1923. Of this, as many as 1.5 million Greeks may have died. The end of the genocide marked a profound rupture in the long Greek historical presence on the Asia Minor.

Greek communities began inhabiting Anatolia (Greek for “east”), otherwise referred to as the Asia Minor, since the 12th century BCE. They centered mostly along the Aegean littoral, although some Greeks, known as Pontians, went further east and colonized the southern shores of the Black Sea. Turkic peoples migrated into Anatolia over the first millennium CE and by the 14th century had established the Ottoman Empire. Over the next six hundred years, the Empire organized its ethnically diverse population into the millet system, thereby ensuring cultural and religious pluralism.

Under this system, the Ottoman Greeks, like other Christian communities in the Empire, were provided with a degree of autonomy. The geographic extent and political power of the Ottoman Empire began to decline over the 19th century as subjected peoples, especially the Greeks, began exerting their own nationalist aspirations. With the support of the Great Powers, the Greeks successfully overthrew Ottoman rule during their War of Independence from 1821 to 1830, thereby establishing the modern Greek state as it is currently situated at the tip of the Balkan Peninsula. However, the over two and a half million ethnic Greeks still living in Anatolia, separated from their Balkan compatriots, suffered the scorn of an increasingly vitriolic Turkish nationalism tainted by a bitter sense of humiliation.

The Young Turk movement emerged from this context, eventually aiming to turn the multi-ethnic Ottoman Empire into a homogenous Turkish nation state. Under the banner of the Committee for the Union of Progress (CUP), this ethnic nationalist movement assumed power after a coup d’etat in 1913.

This political revolution occurred in the midst of the Balkan Wars from October 1912 to July 1913, which ultimately ended five centuries of Ottoman rule in the Balkans. Afterwards, there was a brief diplomatic effort between the Greeks and the CUP to arrange a population exchange.

However, the outbreak of World War I stunted this effort, and instead the CUP took its own radical initiatives. They began singling out all able-bodied Greek men, forcibly conscripting them into labor battalions which performed slave labor for the Turkish war effort. Greek children were stolen and forcibly assimilated into Turkish society. Greek villages were brutally plundered and terrorized under the pretext of internal security. Indeed, as with the Armenians, the Greeks were generally accused as a disloyal and traitorous “fifth-column,” and eventually most of the population was rounded up and forcibly deported to the interior.

This modus operandi was more or less the same for all three Christian victim groups. Again with support of the Great Powers, Greece invaded part of Anatolia immediately after the defeat of the Ottomans in World War I. Centered around the Aegean port city of Smyrna (now known by its Turkish name, Izmir), Greek occupation forces brutally subjected local Turks, thereby further stoking interethnic conflagrations.

At the same time, Mustafa Kemal Pasha was leading a Turkish resurgence, eventually dispelling the Greek military from Anatolia. Turkish forces retook Smyrna in September 1922, instigating a massive anti-Greek pogrom. On September 13, a fire broke out amidst the chaos, spreading uncontrollably over the next two weeks. The Smyrna catastrophe took the lives of somewhere between 10,000 to 15,000 Greeks.

Two months later, diplomatic negotiations between the Kemalist regime and the Great Powers began in Switzerland, leading to the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in February 1923. The sovereign status of a Turkish nation state was thereby affirmed, and the Great Powers essentially condoned the Turkish genocidal project.

The demographic consequences of the Greek genocide are not objectively certain. The prewar population of Greeks was at least 2.5 million. Over the course of 1914 to 1923, about one million had migrated, some voluntarily but most under coercion. As many as 1.5 million Greeks died, either from massacre or exposure, although this figure is not positive. Presently, a miniscule Greek population remains in Turkey. Greek communities annually commemorate the genocide on September 14 in recognition of the Smyrna catastrophe.

Source: Centre for the study of Genocide, Conflict Resolution, and Human Rights, Rutgers University

Osmannernes folkemord på armenierne og grækerne var muslimers folkemord kristne.

Krigen mod Boko Haram

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Islam er i færd med endnu en reformation. Dem har der været mange af før og der vil, hvis islam ellers overlever, komme flere endnu. Islams absurditeter er ubærlige at leve med og umulige at bygge samfund på. Derfor vil muslimske samfund altid degenerere væk fra islam over i en mere tålelig tilstand af tyranni, korruption og uproduktivitet. Men med jævne mellemrum bliver den kognitive dissonans for stærk for de troende, der bebrejder de sørgelige samfundforhold manglen på tro og renhed. Og en vækkelse går sin blodig gang gennem de muslimske samfund og - hvis muligt - deres ulykkelige omgivelser. Al-Quada, Islamisk Stat, Salafisme, Muslimske Broderskab, Boko Haram. Forskellige navne for det samme fænomen; muslimer prøver at redde deres dødsyge religion gennem endnu en renselse, endnu en tilbagevenden til rødderne. Ali Sina skriver

Many westerners erroneously believe that Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, (1703–1792) was the founder of Salafism, an extremist sect of Islam. This is not true. Abdul Wahhab did not found a new sect. He was a reformer of Islam in the same sense that Luther was of Christianity.

The core of Abdul Wahhab’s thinking is that Islam is perfect and complete and its decline is the result of religious innovations (bid‘ah), and that an Islamic revival will result by purging the religion from foreign influences and by emulating Muhammad and his companions.

The concept that Islam was perfect in its early stages is asserted in the Quran. “Today have I perfected your religious law for you, and have bestowed upon you the full measure of My blessings, and willed that self-surrender unto Me shall be your religion.” (Q.5:3)

Abdul Wahhab proposed that Muslims should refrain from introducing any innovation and follow the examples of the salaf, (predecessors or early generations) hence the name Salafi.

This definition is not an invention of Abdul Wahhab, but is based on a hadith that reports Muhammad saying, “The people of my generation are the best, then those who follow them, and then those who follow the latter (i.e. the first three generations of Muslims).[2]

It is important to note that ibn Taymiyyah (1263 – 1328) was also a Salafi. He opposed the celebration of Muhammad’s birthday and the construction of shrines around the tombs of Sufi ‘saints,’ saying, “Many of them [Muslims] do not even know of the Christian [Catholic] origins of these practices. Accursed be Christianity and its adherents.”

There is a hadith where Muhammad says, “I am the best Salaf for you.” [3]

The desire to reform Islam and go back to its original pristine state is actually an old thought. Abdul Wahhab, however, succeeded to give shape to this concept, which took ground thanks to the Saudi kings who are his descendants through one of his daughters.

Vice News er taget til fronten i kampen mod Boko Haram


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The Guardian har en meget smuk og foruroligende billedserie om overbefolkning


En chef for FNs Klima halløj vil reducere antallet af mennesker. Og det er der god grund til, som David Attenborough argumenterer for. Presset på ressourcerne og naturen er nemlig ubønhørligt og snart vil vores plastikindpakkede verden ikke kunne skjule affaldet og vores børn kommer til at slås om de sidste rester af den udpinte jord. Eller gør de? Danmark er et meget tæt befolket land, hvilket tilsiger en anden indvandringspolitik end den man er slået ind på fra 1983. Alligevel er her god plads og grundlæggende rent og herligt. Trods vores placering højt mod nord producerer vi et overskud af fødevarer.

Den svenske professor, læge og statistiker Hans Rosling har et anderledes optimistisk syn på befolkningstilvæksten.

Hvad malthusiske Attenborough ikke forstår er at mennesket har evnen til at tilpasse ikke bare sig selv til sine omgivelser, men sine omgivelser til sig selv. Vand er ikke en begrænset ressource, men et kredsløb. Men skønt der ikke bliver for mange mennesker på Jorden, så bliver der alligevel for mange mennesker nogle steder. Men ikke bare det. Der bliver for mange af visse mennesker Pew Research Center:

Shifts in the world’s major religions will see Islam growing faster than any other faith, with the number of Muslims nearly equaling that of Christians by 2050.

A new Pew Research Center study finds that with the exception of Buddhists, the world’s major religions will all see an increase in numbers by 2050, although some will make up a smaller percentage from today. Muslims are the only major religious group projected to increase faster than the world’s population as a whole… If current trends continue, Muslims will outnumber Christians worldwide around 2070.


Billedet ovenfor er fra Telegraph og viser den muslimske befolkningskoncentration fremskrevet til 2050. Som min ven konstaterede, så bliver der flere barbarer. Og det er sandt. Hvide vil udgøre 10% af fremtidens befolkning.

Danmarks Radio omtaler muslimske terrorister som seperatister

Det er noget værre noget med de seperatister skriver Danmarks Radio

Det sydlige Thailand er mest kendt for flotte hvide sandstrande, svajende palmer og azurblåt hav. Men i de fire sydligste provinser, blot et par timers kørsel fra ferieparadiset Phuket, ser det helt anderledes ud.

Her er hyppige kontrolposter langs vejene, og forskellige militære fraktioner patruljerer jævnligt gaderne. Området har været i undtagelsestilstand i 9 år, men det er ikke lykkes skiftende regeringer at stoppe de hyppige - og ofte anonyme - angreb, der i gennemsnit dagligt koster et menneske livet.

Nu dokumenterer en ny rapport, at der blandt de aktive krigere findes børnesoldater helt ned til 13 år.

- Vi ved, at børn er involveret i militante, væbnede grupper. De bliver brugt som spioner, til at holde udkig og ind imellem som krigere, fortæller Anchana Heemina, en lokal aktivist, der har leveret dokumentationen til rapporten: ‘Sydthailand: Væbnede gruppers fortsatte rekruttering og brug af børnesoldater’.

De militante væbnede gruppers religiøse ophav er også anonymt for Danmarks Radios læsere. “Der er en mistænksomhed og en mangel på respekt mellem myndighederne og lokalbefolkning” fortæller en uspecificeret “aktivist”. Men, som en god ven påpegede til min enorme overraskelse, så viser det sig, hvis man læser den rapport Danmarks Radio henviser til, at separatisterne faktisk er muslimer. Og, og hold nu fast, de vil have et muslimsk hjemland i Thailand

At the beginning of 2014 the bitter separatist insurgency in Thailand’s southernmost provinces entered its second decade. Grounded in a century of ethnic, cultural and religious tensions between the region’s Malay-Muslim majority and the Thai state, the violence not only shows no indication of abating but appears to be becoming more intense.

Since the current separatist campaign first erupted back in January 2004, armed groups have targeted government forces and officials, ethnic Thai Buddhist civilians and local Muslims suspected of collaborating with government authorities. Well over 6,100 people have been killed to date and a further 11,000 injured. The vast majority of these casualties have been civilians, including women and children. Children have been victims of other grave violations, including attacks on schools, which have resulted in the killings of teachers and disrupted education


Danmarks Radios omsorg for islams i forvejen uretfærdigt behandlede omdømme kan kun beskrives som rørende.

Antisemitismen er hverdag

TV2 skriver at en jødisk delikatesse forretning i København er blevet udsat for hærværk i nattens løb. Forretningen har ellers været under politibeskyttelse, som så mange andre jødiske forretninger og ejendomme siden muslimen Omar skød og dræbte en jøde udenfor synagogen i København efter at have skudt og dræbt en deltager ved et ytringsfrihedsarrangement tidligere på dagen.

Søndag morgen blev liget af en ung mand med et israelsk pas fundet ved et kloster i Berlin. Den unge mand var tæsket til ukendelighed, så politiet endnu ikke kan sige om han er passets ejer skriver Times of Israel.

Fans af den hollandske fodboldklub FC Utrecht sang “My father was in the commandos, my mother was in the SS, together they burned Jews cause Jews burn the best” og “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.” under en kamp mod Ajax ifølge Jerusalem PostBosniske fodboldfans stødte til en pro-palæstinensisk demonstration i Wien og sang “Ubij, ubij Židove!”, ‘Dræb, dræb jøderne’!

En professor i filosofi ved Connecticut College er blevet truet væk fra sit job for at have forsvaret Israel på sin Facebook profil, skriver Breibart. Professoren var jøde og truslerne kom fra, øhm, rundt omkring i verden.

Forsvaret af hvide privilegier

USA Today skriver at mangfoldighedskulturen er ved at tage helt overhånd helt ind i de amerikanske væbnede styrker

Army officials are investigating a diversity training briefing at Fort Gordon, Ga., in which a slide about “white privilege” was inappropriately shown to soldiers, according to an Army spokeswoman

The Equal Opportunity briefing took place Thursday for about 400 soldiers of the 67th Signal Battalion, Capt. Lindsay Roman, an Army spokeswoman, said Friday. The slide titled “The Luxury of Obliviousness” has bullet-point items about “white privilege.”

One item reads, “Race privilege gives whites little reason to pay a lot of attention to African Americans or to how white privilege affects them. ‘To be white in America means not having to think about it.’ ”

An image of the slide appeared later Thursday on a Facebook page and generated a torrent of negative comments about political correctness run amok.

Huffington Post beskriver, hvad ”white privilege” er

After one reads McIntosh’s powerful essay, it’s impossible to deny that being born with white skin in America affords people certain unearned privileges in life that people of other skin colors simply are not afforded. For example:

“I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see people of my race widely represented.”

“When I am told about our national heritage or about ‘civilization,’ I am shown that people of my color made it what it is.”

“If a traffic cop pulls me over or if the IRS audits my tax return, I can be sure I haven’t been singled out because of my race.”

“I can if I wish arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time.”

If you read through the rest of the list, you can see how white people and people of color experience the world in very different ways.

Som man kan se, er det skruen uden ende ved at insistere på at virkeligheden er krænkende og forskellighed kun er undertrykkelse. så langt man har en anderledes fremtoning er man så meget desto mindre eksotisk. Historien er at hvide europæere skabte menneskets morderne civilisation. Og sorte er bare ikke knyttet til arbejdsmarkedet.

Everyday Feminism har en forklarende tegneserie, hvis streg er passende for den barnlige tankegang


Den sørgelige sandhed er at straffeloven i USA sigter på adfærd og at denne statistik viser hvor forskellige sorte og hvide opfører sig. Trods alle anstrengelser for ikke at tænke ilde bogens forside, så kan man selvfølgelig ikke undgå en mindre selvforstærkende effekt når folk fra hele det politisk spekter, ved hvem statistikken tilsiger udgør en potentiel fare mod ens helbred og ejendom. Men virkeligheden former tanker mere end tanker former virkelighed. Under alle omstændigheder, så er dette bavl blot en dårlig undskyldning for at give ordet til Bill Whittle

Virkeligheden mod institutionerne

“Verden er efterhånden ved at vågne op til klimaforandringernes dilemma, og det er ikke et øjeblik for tidligt” skriver Duncan Clark i Information. Amerikanerne er i så fald ikke en del af den verden ifølge PEW


Og det er til trods for at ingen miljøsag har fået så megen promovering, som klimaet. Hysteriet toppede omkring 2006, hvor Al Gore fik en Nobel pris for filmen En Ubekvem Sandhed. I 2009 lækkede nogen interne emails fra en gruppe centrale klimaforskere tilknyttet East Anglia Universitetet i England. Angiveligt var det medvirkende til at man ikke opnåede enighed ved klimakonferencen i København nogle uger senere. Ifølge Watt’s Up With That har lande som Kina, Indien, Canada, Australien og Rusland endnu ikke besluttet sig for om de gider deltage i klimakonferencen i Paris til december i år.

Ifølge satellit målingerne er atmosfærens temperatur ikke steget de seneste 18 år. Den udvikling, sammen med andre historier som diskrepansen mellem modller og virkelighed, har man først for nyligt indrømmet og da kun med en lang række forbehold. Klimaet ser bare ikke ud til at være så påvirkeligt, eller følsomt, som det hedder indenfor den videnskabelige disciplin, som forskerne selv. Greg Jones skriver i Climate Change Dispatch at de træge modvillige indrømmelser fra klimahysteriets konsensus følger Kübler-Ross modellen for en psykologi konfronteret med det uafvendelige.

Now, after a roller coaster of emotions and barrage of media tantrums, it seems the issue is settled, sort of. In a recent paper in the journal Science, a team of researchers actually acknowledges the pause and attempts to explain it.


“The Pause in Global Warming is Finally Explained,” Scientific Americanassures us; “The global warming slowdown is real—but that’s no reason to question climate science,” sneers the Washington Post; “Scientists now know why global warming has slowed down and it’s not good news for us,” proclaims a recent headline on

As is often the case with predicting the climate, however, the certainty proclaimed in the headlines is anything but certain. This isn’t the first time researchers have attempted to explain what they have previously denied. To date, there are more than 52 scientific theories attempting to solve the pause that doesn’t exist, from a lazy sun to trade winds to the wrong types of El Niño’s. But for some reason Mann’s explanation is the one; 53 is apparently the magic number.


Mann’s paper encapsulates perfectly the issue between skeptics of climate change and the hard-core believers: something in the models is always missing that is later found. What was wrong last time has been corrected, even though last time nothing was wrong. The same models that are considered gospel always come up short, only to be revised as gospel yet again.

Everyone understands that climate change research is tricky; countless variables constantly interacting with one another at ever-changing time and distance scales. And studying the Earth’s climate is indeed a worthwhile pursuit. But there is nothing scientific about denying actual, physical data, in this case the global average temperature over two decades. And nothing is academic or open-minded about demonizing an entire portion of the population pointing out the obvious by labeling them “deniers” as if they doubt the Holocaust.


Don’t expect full acceptance anytime soon, however. In fact, a recent Nature paper defends the accuracy of the very models that failed to predict the very pause that didn’t exist that now does exist but only because the models were wrong. No, this is not a Zen koan: it’s modern climate science.

Klimahistorien har haft det svært, men trods dens lunkne opbakning er den stadig hos os. Måske fordi de n er blevet to big to fail, spekulerer Paul Driesen ligeledes i Climate Change Dispatch

Lockheed Martin, a recent Washington Post article notes, is getting into renewable energy, nuclear fusion, “sustainability” and even fish farming projects, to augment its reduced defense profits. The company plans to forge new ties with Defense Department and other Obama initiatives, based on a shared belief in manmade climate change as a critical security and planetary threat. It is charging ahead where other defense contractors have failed, confident that its expertise, lobbying skills and “socially responsible” commitment to preventing climate chaos will land it plentiful contracts and subsidies.

As with its polar counterparts, 90% of the titanic climate funding iceberg is invisible to most citizens, businessmen and politicians. The Lockheed action is the mere tip of the icy mountaintop.

The multi-billion-dollar agenda reflects the Obama Administration’s commitment to using climate change to radically transform America. It reflects a determination to make the climate crisis industry so enormous that no one will be able to tear it down, even as computer models and disaster claims become less and less credible – and even if Republicans control Congress and the White House after 2016. Lockheed is merely the latest in a long list of regulators, researchers, universities, businesses, manufacturers, pressure groups, journalists and politicians with such strong monetary, reputational and authority interests in alarmism that they will defend its tenets and largesse tooth and nail.

Above all, it reflects a conviction that alarmists have a right to control our energy use, lives, livelihoods and living standards, with no transparency and no accountability for mistakes they make or damage they inflict on disfavored industries and families.

Selv om temperaturen holder ‘pause’ fortsætter debatten. Lawrence Solomon skriver i Financial Post at den russiske forsker Habibullo Abdussamatov

His latest study, published in Thermal Science, delivers this week’s second whammy. It continues the analysis he has long pursued, which consistently arrives at the same conclusion: Earth is now entering a new Little Ice Age, Earth’s 19th Little Ice Age, to be precise. Abdussamatov has been quite confident of his findings for what might strike some as odd reasons: His science is based on that of the giants in the field — astronomers like Milutin Milankovitch, who a century ago described how tilts in its axis and other changes in the Earth’s movements determine its climate, and William Herschel, who two centuries ago noticed an inverse correlation between wheat prices on Earth and the number of sunspots generated by the Sun’s cycles. (Hint: the more energy from the Sun that Earth gets, the more warmth Earth receives, the more abundant the wheat crops, the lower the price of wheat; the less energy from the Sun, the less warmth, the more wheat crop failures, the higher the wheat price.)

Greenhouse gases — CO2 and water vapour — play a role in this drama but the gases come not from SUVs and other man-made activities but from the oceans, which contain 50 times as much CO2 as the atmosphere. As the oceans warm or cool because of the Sun, they release or absorb these gases, whose greenhouse effect is secondary and relatively minor.

Abdussamatov’s model incorporates the Sun’s 200-year cycles and the feedback effects from greenhouse gases released by the oceans, and sees how they acted on Earth’s previous 18 Little Ice Ages. “All 18 periods of significant climate changes found during the last 7,500 years were entirely caused by corresponding quasi-bicentennial variations of [total solar irradiance] together with the subsequent feedback effects, which always control and totally determine cyclic mechanism of climatic changes from global warming to Little Ice Age.”

If the 19th Little Ice Age follows the pattern of the previous 18, Earth slipped into an ice age in the winter just concluded and will become progressively colder over the next 50 years, reaching its depth around 2060. Another half century, taking us to the 22nd century, and we’ll arrive back at today’s temperatures.

Mens Joe Romn i Think Progress betror os at pausen er slut

We may be witnessing the start of the long-awaited jump in global temperatures. There is “a vast and growing body of research,” as Climate Central explained in February. “Humanity is about to experience a historically unprecedented spike in temperatures.”

A March study, “Near-term acceleration in the rate of temperature change,” makes clear that an actual acceleration in the rate of global warming is imminent — with Arctic warming rising a stunning 1°F per decade by the 2020s.

Scientists note that some 90 percent of global heating goes into the oceans — and ocean warming has accelerated in recent years. Leading climatologist Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research explained here in 2013 that “a global temperature increase occurs in the latter stages of an El Niño event, as heat comes out of the ocean and warms the atmosphere.”

In March, NOAA announced the arrival of an El Niño, a multi-month weather pattern “characterized by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific.”

How much of a temperature jump should we expect? Last month, Trenberth explained to Living on Earth:

I interviewed Trenberth this week, and he told me that he thinks “a jump is imminent.” When I asked whether he considers that “likely,” he answered, “I am going to say yes. Somewhat cautiously because this is sticking my neck out.”

Trenberth explained that it’s significant the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) “seems to have gone strongly positive” because that is “perhaps the best single indicator to me that a jump is imminent.” During a PDO, he explains, “the distribution of heat in the oceans changes along with some ocean currents.”

“Through it all, Gallup will be describing the public’s opinion of global warming.” slutter Lawrence sit indlæg.

Ateist muslim i Danmark

Information har en glimrende artikel om en ung muslimsk pige, Haifa, der mister troen og ender med at leve et dobbeltliv i savn og frygt for sin familie og det muslimske bagland.

En god muslim funderer sit liv på islam og begreber om ære, som danskerne aldrig vil kunne forstå. Jeg følte mig fjern fra alt det, jeg kom fra, da jeg begyndte at tro på videnskaben og stillede spørgsmål til Koranen: Dannes sæd virkeligt i rygsøjlen? Hvorfor er en mands vidneudsagn dobbelt så meget værd som en kvindes? Hvorfor må kvinder ikke deltage ved begravelser, og hvorfor giver koranen mænd lov til at holde slaver?

Alle pigerne i klassen tog tørklæde på, da de blev 12-13 år. Jeg ventede til, jeg var 14. Jeg havde ikke lyst til at gå med tørklæde, men troede, at jeg ville have mere til fælles med pigerne i klassen, hvis jeg tog det på. Alle var så stolte af mig og sagde, at jeg så smuk ud tildækket. Jeg holdt også op med at gå i stramme bukser. Udadtil lignede jeg én, der var sikker i troen, men indeni forsatte tvivlen. Jeg fortalte en veninde om alle de ting, jeg ikke forstod ved islam, og hun gav mig en bog om Koranens videnskabelige mirakler. Det er sådan en, man forærer tvivlere. Jeg havde brug for at tro på det, der stod i den, for frafaldne muslimer er der, hvor jeg kommer fra, ikke noget værd.

Om den sociale kontrol og den medfølgende paranoia

Jeg låner aldrig min computer ud og er normalt meget påpasselig med at slette mine digitale spor. Men en dag, hvor en gammel bekendt var på besøg, og hun ville vise mig noget på internettet, startede computeren op på en engelsk artikel om muslimske afhoppere. Jeg lukkede siden ned og sagde, at jeg ikke havde læst historien, men bare klikket på den, fordi den lå i mit Facebook-feed. Hun sagde ingenting, men gik efterfølgende til mine forældre og spurgte, om jeg havde forladt islam?

Om normaliteten i voldstruslen

I det lokale miljø forsatte rygterne, og mændene krævede, at min far ’handlede’. Det kan enten betyde, at han skal slå hånden af mig eller sætte mig på plads med vold.

Om hvorledes det er et gennemgående træk i muslimsk kultur

Det er svært at være den eneste, der står frem, men hvis vi er flere, kan det være, at det en gang i fremtiden ikke længere vil være farligt at bryde med islam.

Apostasi er forbudt i islam under dødsstraf. Det tages alvorligt af muslimer flest, hvorfor alle overvåger hinanden og fungerer som stikkere. Godt så.

Det medførte en del debat på kommentarsporet, der efterhånden degenererede i en ny-ateistisk dagsorden relativerende for eller imod religion, tro og ateismens indhold. Det sker ofte med den slags debatter; udannede ny-ateister vil gerne demonstrere at de har nærlæst Christoffer Hitchens eller Sam Harris til de rene memer. Det er skam interessant nok i sig selv, men her vil jeg blot vise et uddrag af klassiske relativister og apologeter, som de optrådte imellem også ganske gode kommentarer

Niels-Simon Larsen relativerede som den første

Ateisterne i Danmark er ikke anerkendt som andet, end at vi skal være med til at understøtte folkekirken. Hvilket parti skal man stemme på ud over Enhedslisten? Ingen har en ateistisk profil. De tør ikke, for vælgerne vil gerne have folkekirken og vil ikke skille stat og religion.

Hvor meget er protestanterne i virkeligheden bedre end muslimerne?

Charlotte Krarup Mouritzen fulgte efter

Min største medfølelse til ‘Haifa’.
Måske kan erfaringer fra tidligere Jehovas Vidner bruges af unge tidligere muslimer?

Niels-Simon Larsen, der til slut fik stor succes med at trække diskussionen ned i en begrebsforvirret debat om Guds eksistens relativerede mere uddybende og, imponerende også, både mere verdensfjernt og ganske etnocentrisk

Nogle her vil gerne tydeliggøre afstanden mellem kristendommen og islam i sidstes disfavør, og jeg kan da også godt selv se forskellen, men hvad med lighederne? Mange kristne tror på det evige liv i enten en himmel eller et helvede. Mange tror på, at de engang skal se Gud og være sammen med Jesus m.m. Hvad er så forskellen på at tro på de 70 jomfruer, ja, hvad er forskellen på det kristne paradis og det muslimske?
Jeg synes i høj grad, at vi trænger til at feje for egen dør, inden vi kritiserer andre. Mange går med et kors om halsen. Det er jo en slags nøgle til himlen. De iranske børn, der blev brugt som mineryddere i Iran/Irak krigen havde en plasticnøgle i en snor om halsen, så de selv kunne låse sig ind i paradis. Ja, ja, ja, der er forskel igen, men hvor stor er den?

Jeg kan virkelig godt sætte mig ind i Haifas grusomme situation, selvom jeg ikke har været i hendes sko. Man kan læse om masser af den slags. Og husk så lige på, at 80 procent af danskerne er medlem af folkekirken, og disse 80 procent bakker op om militæret og kongehuset. Det hele dybt godnat. Det er os, der skal gå foran med at skippe trossystemerne, så kommer de andre nok bagefter, for alle vil leve frie liv og kærlige liv.

Peter Jensen har ikke læst hvor udbredt og intens overvågningen er i det muslimske miljø og sætter Information på listen over islamfjendtlige medier

“I håb om, at det en dag holder op med at være et tabu at forlade islam, fortæller hun her sin historie”

Illustrerer artiklen ikke at der findes rig variation indenfor islam-praksis? Hendes kæreste kommer selv fra et ‘muslimsk’ miljø - og kan, så vidt artiklen, sekularisere sig uden de store problemer. I øvrigt har jeg vanskeligt ved at finde religioner, som ikke tabuiserer - eller minimum problematiserer (og så er tvangen allerede i gang) brud med menigheden.

Men gryden skal jo holdes i kog.
De kære medier, de kære magthavere, de villige afmægtige.

Leo Nygaard opfordrer de ateistiske muslimer til at forlade landet. Ja, De læste rigtigt, de korantro kan blive

Denne beskrivelse af et enkelt menneskes liv i religiøs/kulturel konflikt er et billede af hele samfundet. Splittesen i Heifas hoved er splittelsen i samfundet.
Nogen foreslår et brud - rejs væk Heifa.
Hævet til det øverste niveau : Rejs væk I muslimer, der ikke kan leve med det samfund, i er en del af.
Som Heifa, der ikke kan leve med dette dobbeltliv.

Lennart Kampmann taler om ateisters særlige indsigt, diagnosticerer teister som sindssyge og kolporterer myten om at man har troet at Jorden var flad

På samme måde som kristendommen er blevet tæmmet og overflødiggjort i Danmark står andre religioner overfor samme skæbne. Det er et spørgsmål om tid. Tanken om en skabende gud fornærmer vores intellekt, men det varer jo noget før effekten af vores indsigt har forplantet sig til alle. En gang troede man at jorden var flad. Med tiden forsvandt denne tro, og i dag er den tegn på galskab.

Også emil groth finder at Information forfølger islam

Jeg gir øl den dag en anderledes avis tør, at skrive en possitiv beretning om islam.

John Victor Lorck mener at muslimsk forfølgelse af apostater er gældende for alle religioner

Tak til “Haifa” for hendes modige åbenhed. Og hvor er det sørgelig læsning. Religon er i sandhed formørkelse og intolerance. Hvilket umenneskelig sitution at være i, for man elsker jo dog sine forældre og søskende. Men er der en anden udvej end at forlade familien ?

Ole Hansen mener Haifas historie også er typisk for danske piger

Dansk kultur er ikke et hak bedre! Hvorfor har danskerne så svært ved at se på dem selv? Hvorfor antid andre - specielt muslimerne? Er danskerne frie????? omg!

Tilsyneladende er han nemlig selv truet af sin voldelige famile, eller hvem det nu er

Jeg skal også altid være klar med en løgn - der er jo zero frihed til at være sig selv, i Danmark! Diskriminationen, selvcensuren er absolut, her i landet.

Niels-Simon Larsen ved ikke at den danske Folkekirke er Luthersk evangelisk

Prøv til en begyndelse at få en dansk præst til at sige, at helvede ikke eksisterer og det samme med dødsriget.

Claus E. Petersen har heller ikke opdaget at Haifas dobbeltliv netop forudsætter en kulturel normalitet

Et eller andet sted er det vel et enkeltstående tilfælde, som bør udløse kritik af de manglende ressourcer til fremme af integration.

Som alle ved, er dialog vejen frem til partnerskab.

Den meget aktive Niels-Simon Larsen kan ikke se Haifas specielle fortælling om islam er særligt knyttet til islam, føler sig truet til at handle i Bilka og fortæller at der er meget stor forskel på hans opførsel på Informations debatfora og når han er sammen med muslimer - klogeligt

Jeg kan ikke lide fordømmelsen af islam og synes hellere, vi skal feje for egen dør. Hvor mange gange om dagen ligger vi ikke ‘med røven i vejret og beder til’ materialismen, som er den mest ødelæggende tendens i verden? Jeg har tilbragt en del tid sammen med muslimer og oplevet dem fra den menneskelige side. Selvfølgelig sagde jeg ikke i tide og utide, at jeg var ateist, men det gør jeg heller ikke her.

Robert Ørsted-Jensen vil også gerne relativere

Simon - jeg er ganske enig i at fundamentalt et er islam ikke værre end så mange andre religioner.

Og han følger op

den eneste virkelige forskel på islam og de andre judæiske religioner er at dele af islam stadig sidder fast i fortidens idioti og har svært ved at komme vider

Siden forfaldt debatten er verbose indlæg, hvor ateister prøvede at meme sig til en højere indsigt. Men skønt Information ikke er islamkritikkens højborg, som flere af læserne synes at mene, så er den i det mindste slået ind på en kurs, hvor mere nuancerede fortællinger om muslimsk hverdagsliv, end de gængse offer- og succeshistorier. Blandt andet en om æresdrab og venstrefløjens svigt

I dag har norske Deeyah Khan droppet sangkarrieren. Otte år efter at hun måtte flygte fra London og for anden gang i sit liv søge ly i et fremmed land, har hun i stedet dedikeret sin tid til at tale på vegne af kvinder, der er ofre for såkaldt æresrelateret vold. Kvinder som dem, hun kender fra sin opvækst i Oslos pakistanske miljø og gennem sit ngo-arbejde: »Kvinder, som ikke blot flygter fra voldelige ægtemænd, men fra hele deres omgangskreds, fra hele deres liv,« som den nu 37-årige instruktør og kvinderettighedsforkæmper selv formulerer det over for Information.

Hendes Emmy-vindende dokumentarfilm fra 2012 om Banaz Mahmod – en pige med kurdiske rødder, der med sin families vidende og accept blev voldtaget, kvalt og begravet i en kuffert i en baghave i 2006 – var et forsøg på at synliggøre problemet.

»Dengang jeg selv blev udsat for overgreb, turde jeg ikke protestere. Jeg var bange for, at mine ord ville blive misbrugt til at generalisere og stigmatisere etniske minoriteter. Men det gik op for mig, at min tavshed bidrog til kvinder som Banaz’ lidelse og død,« siger Deeyah Khan.

Men venstrefløjen og kvindebevægelsen er stadig tavs, mener hun.

»Frygten for at blive beskyldt for racisme får dem, der burde tale kvindernes sag, til at se den anden vej. Kvinderne bliver glemt og ignoreret, for deres ulykke påvirker ikke samfundet i samme grad som de drenge, der bliver radikaliseret til at begå terror.«


I det multikulturelle London forsøgte Deeyah Khan at starte på en frisk. Hun fik en stor pladekontrakt og relancerede sig selv som ’Den muslimske Madonna’. Med hvad Nick Cohen beskriver som en »rørende naivitet«, troede hun, at Storbritannien ville være et mere sikkert sted end Norge. Men snart efter måtte den unge sangerinde hyre bodyguards, da hun blev spyttet på på gaden og opsøgt på sin adresse og truet på livet.


»Æresdrab sker kun i de mest ekstreme tilfælde, men tusindvis af kvinder lever et liv under total kontrol. De kan ikke gemme sig, fordi taxachauffører og folk, som arbejder for politiet og i jobcentre, rapporterer tilbage til familierne,« siger Deeyah Khan.

Kommentarerne her var væsentligt mere afdæmpede.

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