WMD du bare må eje

Diverse — Drokles on March 7, 2010 at 2:54 pm

For et par år siden sad Sobieski i mit sommerhus og drømte om at nogle ville udvikle et lasersystem, der kunne skyde uønskede insekter ned, som plagede en i sommerlandet. Myg om aftenen og hvepse ved frokosten og morgenbordet er en pestilens, som ganske ødelægger oplevelsen af naturen. Andre har også haft den tanke, nogen har taget den seriøst og nu er den her. Via Watts Up With That beretter Information Week

“Starwars Mosquito Defense System,” a commercial spoof about an anti-mosquito laser system, launched the careers of Dutch video makers Simon and David Groen in 2005. It can still be seen on YouTube. As if to demonstrate the axiom that truth is stranger than fiction, the pair’s satire is now being developed as a serious research project by some of the scientists who actually participated in the development of the Strategic Defense Initiative, derisively known as “Star Wars.”

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the project has been dubbed “WMD: Weapon of Mosquito Destruction.” It aims to kill mosquitoes with lasers to prevent the spread of malaria, which mosquitoes can transmit. The anti-mosquito laser system is being funded by Intellectual Ventures, a company run by Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft’s former CTO.

In an essay in Seed Magazine last month, Myhrvold wrote, “Our current approaches to combat the disease are low-tech: bed nets, sold or freely given; spraying or soaking bed nets in insecticide; spraying and draining water in breeding sites. Although these approaches work, they could work better with new technology.”

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