Panchauri går efter endnu en nobelpris

Diverse — Drokles on January 31, 2010 at 7:23 am

IPCCs chef og Nobelprisvinder Rajendra Panchauri går efter at vinde endnu en nobelpris, denne gang  i litteratur. Fra Telegraph

As the UN’s climate change chief, Dr Rajendra Pachauri has spent his career writing only the driest of academic articles. But the latest offering from the chairman of the UN’s climate change panel is an altogether racier tome.

Some might even suggest Dr Pachauri’s first novel is frankly smutty.

Og citerer fra hans bog

While teaching meditation to women in the US, Sanjay can once more barely contain his ardour. Again, breasts – usually heaving or else voluptuous – are thrust to the fore.

“He enjoyed the sensation of gently pushing Susan’s shoulders back a few inches, an action that served to lift her breasts even higher,” writes Dr Pachauri. “He was excited by the sight of her heaving breasts, as she breathed in and out deeply.”

A friend of Susan is taken to a motel by Sanjay but only after he has fondled her breasts – “which he just could not let go of” – inadvertently sounding the car horn at the same time.

Other passages in the novel involve group sex and more risqué sexual practices.

Det er så dampende hedt skrevet, at det kan smelte enhver gletcher. Vi ønsker renæssancemennesket Pancauri held og lykke og spår ham gode chancer nu da fiktion falder ham så let. (Hattip WUWT)

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