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Googler man Bangladesh får man på det danske Wikipedea at vide at “Bangladesh er et moderat muslimsk land uden voldsom religiøs fundamentalisme.” uden en egentlig uddybning af, hvad det vil sige. Det kan man til gengæld få på Islam Watch

Bangladesh is on her way to become a ‘Talibanistan’ and the state religion Islam is helping the process by killing and displacing minorities, be it the Hindus, Christians, Buddhists or Animists. Islamic extremists often target temples, churches, and libraries etc. of minorities in an effort to eradicate their cultural memory. Islamic extremists have already formed a shadow government in Bangladesh. Roads of Bangladesh are shacked with the slogan “We are Taliban and Bangla Will be Afghan”. It’s long since democracy had died in Bangladesh and the Islamic theocracy had triumphed. In the near future, Bangladesh will become a major threat to world peace and security.

Ethnic cleansing of Minorities in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) started in 1946 with the infamous Noakhali carnage (10th October 1946). In the full-moon night of Kojagari Lakshi Puja (a Hindu festival), 218 Hindus were slaughtered, over 10,000 Hindu houses were looted, more than 2000 Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam and several thousand Hindu women were raped and hundreds of Hindu temples were destroyed. The sad part is that Mr. Burrows, the then Governor of state, said that it was only natural that Hindu women would be raped by hundreds of Muslims because they are prettier than Muslim women (Roy, 2007, p. 120,165).

During the infamous genocide of 1971, which continued for nine months, by the then Muslim East Pakistan Army, up to three million Bangladeshis were slaughtered, ten million Hindus fled as refugees to India (Kennedy, 1971, p. 6-7) and two hundred thousand women were raped (Roy, 2007, p. 298). The neighboring Muslims of the Hindu families use to mark a yellow “H” on the Hindu houses to guide the marauding army to their targets like the Jewish holocaust (Schanberg, 1994). The bulk of the victims of the 1971 East Pakistan holocaust were Hindus, about 80%, followed by Muslims (15%) and Christians (5%) (Roy, 2007, p. 312).

Minority oppression has increased tremendously after the October 2001 National Election in Bangladesh. The thugs of the pro-Islam Bangladesh Nationalist Party and their Islamic ally, Jamaat-e-Islami, beat up the Hindus, Christians and Buddhists. Their political involvement is strongly opposed by the nationalist-Islamist political parties, with many Hindus being prevented from voting in elections, through intimidation or exclusion from voter-lists (The Daily Star. January 4, 2006). Often the Hindus are warned that if they want to vote their women would be violated; they would be made to leave Bangladesh. A third method is physically preventing the Hindus from voting. The nationalist-Islamist party thugs act as vigilantes to prevent Hindus from going to polling centers, mainly in rural areas (Roy, 2007, pp. 359, 152). The government does nothing to ensure a free and fair election.

Kidnapping and rape of women and children, forced marriage of minor girls, extortion of money as Jizya tax, forced conversion and murder of members of the minority communities are a day-to-day happening. Hindu widows are often forced to kill one of her cow by her own hand, cook the beef and eat it and become Muslim (Roy, 2007. p 120,125).

Many families migrate out of their “Homeland” since time immemorial for physical safety. And there is no end in sight. It is because this ‘Hindu Holocaust’ is fully intentional and approved or connived by the government, aiming to wipe out the entire minority to turn Bangladesh purely Islamic. The situation is so alarming that, while describing the plight of minorities in Bangladesh, The published an article (Nov. 29, 2003) with the heading: “Bangladesh’s religious minorities: Safe only in the departure lounge”.

Ja, der er grader af elendighed. Som moderat fysisk pres ikke er så slemt som decideret totur er et moderat muslimsk land således ikke så slemt som et almindeligt muslimsk land.

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  1. Tale om tragedier, en reportage om Kosovo som selv siger det er en vinklen de ser på.

    Kitman TV.

    Det er en krig som jeg aldrig har helt forstået.

    Comment by Per N — October 9, 2009 @ 2:32 pm

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