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Poul Weston perspektiverer sagen mod Wilders i International Free Press Society og jeg vil fremhæve følgende fremragende pointer

The second likely charge Mr Wilders will face is that of the positively Orwellian sounding “insult of a group of people because of their race, their religion or belief, or their hetero- or homosexual nature or their physical, mental, or intellectual disabilities.” Which is a contravention of the Dutch Penal Code, Article 137c.

No doubt this fantastical piece of legislation was partially designed to clamp down on comparisons between Islam and the Nazis, which Mr Wilders does when he encourages people to read and compare the Koran and Mein Kampf, after which they may draw their own conclusions as to the humanitarian philosophies of the respective authors.

This may also turn out be something of an embarrassment for the embattled prosecution. After all, who or what am I describing here?

“My ideology believes in world domination. My ideology wishes to eradicate the Jews. My ideology believes the three mainstays for women are children, the local religious establishment and the kitchen. My ideology believes in organised violence and fear to advance our agenda. My leader is a prophet and his followers work on the Fuhrerprinzip. If you disagree I will kill you, along with the homosexuals.”



What the Dutch authorities (in cahoots with EU authorities) are doing is ensuring the selective ending of free speech. I say selective, because under existing criminal legislation most Mosques throughout Europe should need a conveyor belt to shuttle the new imams through the front door as the manacled ex-imams, convicted not only of sedition but also the incitement of hatred against Jews, Christians, women and homosexuals, are shuttled out through the back.

This is not the case, of course. As the EU so delicately puts it, some are more equal than others:

“Insults, slander, defamation and contempt” are sub category crimes against the open category crime of “offences against personal liberty, dignity and other protected interests, including racism and xenophobia.”

Islam, by dint of being a minority religion is a protected interest, whilst Mr Wilders, despite being one in a million, is the majority of one, and therefore an unprotected interest. In his own country. Dear God, what has the liberal/left come to?

Hver gang man lærer noget nyt om EU bliver man endnu mere bange. Desværre er det blot en afspejling af en generel europæisk virkelighed, som kommenterer i Jerusalem Post fra den tyske virkelighed

Recent events demonstrate the relationship of German political culture today to anti-Semitism.

On the one hand, one is not allowed to deny the Holocaust, as Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson found out. Chancellor Angela Merkel herself told the German pope in the Vatican that such an anti-Semite, member of the reactionary Pius X Brotherhood, could not be tolerated.

Just a few days later, Iranian government spokesman Gholam Hossein Elham called the Holocaust “a big lie to settle a rootless regime in the heart of the Islamic world.” That weekend, moreover, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani was invited to join the International Security Conference in Munich, where he said on Friday there were “different views of the Holocaust. I will say: It did not happen.”

Was there any outrage in the case of the Iranians as there was in that of Bishop Williamson? German journalist Malte Lehming of the daily Tagesspiegel explained that Holocaust denial and genocidal hatred is not allowed if it derives from the Western world, like British Williamson. If Muslims do the same thing, nothing happens. This hypocrisy paradigm applies particularly - but not only - to today’s Germany.

If Arabs, other Muslims and their German friends scream “Death to the Jews,” or “Israel - children killer”, that’s fine. If two lonely guys stick an Israeli flag in a bedroom window on a street where such anti-Semites pass, the police react immediately and confiscate the flag. That’s what happened in the city of Duisburg on January 10. In an interview with the Ruhr-Nachrichten newspaper, the head of the Verfassungsschutz (protection of the constitution) in the German Federal Land North Rhine-Westphalia, Hartmut Möller, accused a group of so-called “anti-Germans” of being a dangerous element, “extremists”. Those particular anti-Germans are otherwise known as friends of Israel and the US.

Og om England, der engang nedkæmpede nazismen kan man på Sappho læse

Her til morgen, tirsdag, meddelte Lord Malcolm Pearson, et medlem af det britiske Overhus, at han havde inviteret det hollandske parlamentsmedlem Geert Wilders til at vise sin film Fitna i et konferencelokale i tilknytning til Overhuset. Fremvisningen skulle finde sted torsdag den 12. februar kl. 16. Planen var, at Wilders skulle tale ved et privat arrangement for medlemmer af det britiske parlament bl.a. for at fortælle om sine bevæggrunde til at lave den omstridte, Koran-kritiske film.

Imidlertid modtog Geert Wilders senere på tirsdagen et brev fra den britiske ambassadør i Holland, hvori det blev meddelt, at Wilders er “persona non grata” – altså uønsket – i Storbritannien, fordi han udgør en fare for den offentlige sikkerhed og den samfundsmæssige harmoni grundet den opstandelse, som hans film har fremkaldt.


Mødet mellem Wilders og de britiske parlamentarikere skulle oprindeligt have fundet sted den 29. januar, men blev udsat, efter at det muslimske overhusmedlem Lord Nazir Ahmed havde truet med at mobilisere 10.000 muslimer for at forhindre mødet. Senere pralede Lord Ahmed i den pakistanske presse med, at det aflyste møde var “en sejr for det muslimske samfund”. 

Udviklingen er uholdbar.

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  1. Ja, sammenligningen mellem Islam og Nazismen er noget af en øjeåbner. Ligheden er jo slående!! Nazisterne havde, i modsætning til Islamisterne, hjerne og teknologi til hjælp, og alligevel tabte de! Hvordan kan islamisterne så vinde?! Hvem ved? det ender måske med en krig på et tidspunkt. Malmö er allerede en krigszone, ledet af ekstreme muslimer…

    Tag-selv Biksen

    Comment by Tag-selv Biksen — February 11, 2009 @ 12:06 am

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