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Diverse — Drokles on January 7, 2009 at 7:01 pm

Ifølge folk som Socialistisk Folkepartis tidligere formand Holger K Nielsen er Hamas også en social organisation, som han gav udtryk for i P1 Debat, hvilket legitimerer dens eksistens. Hvis blot Ted Bundy havde læst læge… Fra Ynet News

Reports say Hamas takes a cut out of all aid that arrives, including flour and medicine. Supplies intended to be distributed without gain among the population is seized by the group and sold to the residents, at a profit to the Hamas government.

One such incident was recorded Monday, when a convoy of trucks carrying supplies through the Kerem Shalom crossing was opened fire upon and seized by Hamas gunmen. Similar incidents occurred with trucks carrying fuel.

The organization is presumably interested in increasing civilian casualties in order to give rise to international pressure against Israel. Arab media reported that in an IDF strike on a UN school 30 civilians were killed, but there is no legitimate way to prove gunmen were among those killed as Hamas tends to bury these bodies quickly, thus eliminating evidence in Israel’s favor.

In other cases, civilians are simply used as cannon fodder or human shields. Reports out of Gaza say residents who attempted to flee their homes in the northern area of the Strip were forced to go back at gunpoint, by Hamas men.

Mens venstrefløjen foregiver at kere sig om den enkelte palæstinenser er de i realiteten barbariets tjenere.

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