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Mens troen på menneskeskabt global opvarmning falder sammen under vægten af virkeligheden opruster alarmisterne propagandaen. I Jyllands-Posten kunne man på en overskrift læse at at Jorden har “Den højeste temperatur i 11.300 år“, et udsagn der virkelig går imod konsensus. Anledningen er udledningen af CO2, der ”fungere[r] som et termotæppe om jorden“. Ikke bare et almindeligt tæppe, men et termotæppe. Uha

Undersøgelsens klimamodel forudser, at den globale temperatur vil være steget med 1,1 grad til 6,3 grader i slutningen af dette århundrede.

Men, hvis man læser CNNs dækning, er det måske ikke så slemt alligevel

The Earth was very cold at the turn of the 20th century. The decade from 1900 to 1909 was colder than 95% of the last 11,300 years, the study found.

Fast forward to the turn of the 21st century, and the opposite occurs. Between 2000 and 2009, it was hotter than about 75% of the last 11,300 years.

If not for man-made influences, the Earth would be in a very cold phase right now and getting even colder, according the joint study by Oregon State University and Harvard University. Marcott was the lead author of the report on its results.

Vi har faktisk forhindret en ny istid ved almen driftighed og søndagsbilisme. Og hvem vil ikke hellere have palmer i kolonihaven end en gletcher? Den slags ævl er selvfølgelig et forsøg på at rykke målstolperne. CO2 effekten er udeblevet de seneste 17 år og temperaturen opfattes generelt som behagelig, så derfor omskriver man historien og projicerer effekten gennem en computermodel og viola; en ny ishockeystavgraf.


Men det er grelt, for socialdemokraternes vælgerbase er truet fortæller Rockefeller Foundation

The world must transition to a low-carbon growth model to meet the climate challenge. This paradigm shift can only take place if women, half of the world’s population, are fully empowered to contribute to the solution.

The issue of gender in climate change may sound general, but it represents repeated, heartbreaking experiences and observations— from development to disaster management around the globe. Climate change vulnerability has a woman’s face.

Particularly in developing countries, women are disproportionately impacted by climate change, as they stand at the core of the water, food and energy nexus. In addition, due to continuing gender imbalances, women are likely to be worse affected by natural disasters. For instance, a recent report found that women accounted for 80% of fatalities from the Asian tsunami in 2004.

Og Socialistisk Folkeparti’s vælgerbase står overfor masseudryddelse fortæller Science Daily

Globally it has been observed that lizards with viviparous reproduction (retention of embryos within the mother’s body) are being threatened by changing weather patterns. A new study suggests that the evolution of this mode of reproduction, which is thought to be a key successful adaptation, could, in fact, be the species’ downfall under global warming.

Masseskræmning er den mest udbredte taktik, men man kan også præcisionsskræmme, som Inside Climate News rapporterer

Two advocacy groups have come up with a new tactic to show how climate change—and laws to deal with it—could make investments in fossil fuel companies riskier and rock financial markets.

Og løsningen er at skræmme investorerne ved at præsentere dem for økonomiske computermodeller der fortæller hvor meget de kommer til at tabe når fossile brændstoffer enten forbydes eller brandskattes yderligere.

The carbon bubble concept is relatively new, born out of a recent scientific paper that has united climate change activists and some in the financial community in a common pursuit: to rethink the value of investments in coal, oil and gas.

The paper, published in 2009 in Nature, said that at current rates of fossil fuel burning, the world could face catastrophic warming in as soon as a dozen years. The finding triggered international attention, because the values of energy companies—which represent a significant portion of stock traded in financial markets—are pegged to future earnings from selling fuels that may have to stay underground.

According to a recent report by banking giant HSBC, major firms like BP, Shell and Statoil could lose up to 60 percent of their market values if countries get tough on carbon.

Shareholder activists often use shareholder votes to challenge fossil fuel companies on climate change issues, but this is the first time social investment groups filed carbon bubble resolutions.

They represent a “new and powerful way” of pressuring firms to act on global warming, said Dan Bakal, director of electric power programs at Ceres, a coalition of sustainability focused investors with $11 trillion in assets. “I think it’s likely that more investors will get involved in this kind of activity.”

Og endelig kan man jo altid sikre fremtiden og skræmme børnene, som Inside Climate News sorgløst fortæller

New national science standards that make the teaching of global warming part of the public school curriculum are slated to be released this month, potentially ending an era in which climate skepticism has been allowed to seep into the nation’s classrooms.

The Next Generation Science Standards were developed by the National Research Council, the National Science Teachers Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the nonprofit Achieve and more than two dozen states. The latest draft recommends that educators teach the evidence for man-made climate change starting as early as elementary school and incorporate it into all science classes, ranging from earth science to chemistry. By eighth grade, students should understand that “human activities, such as the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, are major factors in the current rise in Earth’s mean surface temperature (global warming),” the standards say.

Men vær ikke bange kære læser (ental er tilsigtet): Stigningen i den slags skræmmebilleder vendt mod den befolkningen er naturlige menneskeskabte udsving op til udgivelsen af en af FN’s klimarapporter.

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