Antisemitismen får frit løb i det Ægyptiske forår

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De får det som de vil have det, venstrefløjen, når det gælder Israel. Selvom det Arabiske Forår ikke har været den civiliserende proces som de foregøglede sig selv så er hadet til Israel endelig stormet fra gaden ind i magtens centrum. Fox News skriver

The new tone coming out of Egypt - punctuated by President Mohammed Morsi mouthing “Amen” to an Imam’s call for the destruction of Israel - is rattling residents of the Jewish state, who claim the Obama administration isn’t taking the ratcheted-up rhetoric seriously.

Lip reading by the Anti Defamation League and the Middle East Media Research Institute confirmed Morsi’s approval of a prayer delivered by influential Imam Futouh Abd Al-Nabi Mansour last Friday, in which he stated, “Oh Allah … grant us victory over the infidels. Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters.” Israelis already nervous by the rise of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood say it is the latest example of a disturbing trend.

“There is no question that the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood has prompted open expressions of anti-Semitism in ways that were never publicly expressed during the Mubarak period,” Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office told Fox “The Obama administration is treating this far less seriously than it should be.”

Forhåbningerne til det Arabiske Forår gik ikke kun på en fornægtelse af islams væsen og styrke, men også en falsk ide om de sekulære kræfter og deres væsen.

Venstrefløjen har noget at se frem til, som New York Times skriver

LAST week, Twitter shut down a popular account for posting anti-Semitic messages in France. This came soon after the firing of blanks at a synagogue near Paris, the discovery of a network of radical Islamists who had thrown a hand grenade into a kosher restaurant, and the killing of a teacher and young pupils at a Jewish school in Toulouse earlier this year. The attacks were part of an escalating campaign of violence against Jews in France.

Today, a sizable section of the European left has been reluctant to take a clear stand when anti-Zionism spills over into anti-Semitism. Beginning in the 1990s, many on the European left began to view the growing Muslim minorities in their countries as a new proletariat and the Palestinian cause as a recruiting mechanism. The issue of Palestine was particularly seductive for the children of immigrants, marooned between identities.

Capitalism was depicted as undermining a perfect Islamic society while cultural imperialism corrupted Islam. The tactic has a distinguished revolutionary pedigree. Indeed, the cry, “Long live Soviet power, long live the Shariah,” was heard in Central Asia during the 1920s after Lenin tried to cultivate Muslim nationalists in the Soviet East once his attempt to spread revolution to Europe had failed. But the question remains: why do today’s European socialists identify with Islamists whose worldview is light-years removed from their own?

Venstrefløjens verdenbillede ligger dog ikke helt så langt fra islam’s som New York Times tror. De deler de samme fjender, som ud over jøderne også tæller USA, kapitalismen, Vesten, friheden og folket.

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