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Det palæstinensiske selvstyres præsident Mahmoud Abbas har givet tilladelse til at grave resterne af PLO-lederen Yassir Arafat op, syv år efter at han døde.

Det sker, efter at Arafats enke Suha overleverede blandt andet hans tandbørste, tøj og keffiyeh - frihedskæmperens karakteristiske sort og hvide tørklæde - til tv-stationen al-Jazeera, som har fået testet ejendelene på et schweizisk laboratorium.

I urin og blodrester på Arafats tøj fandt eksperterne rester af det radioaktive stof polonium-210, som er mest kendt for at slå den tidligere KGB-spion og senere Putin-kritiker Alexander Litvinenko ihjel.

Men schweizerne kan ikke sige, om stoffet kan have været med til at dræbe Yassir Arafat uden adgang til hans knogler, som enken Suha sent søndag besluttede at lade grave op.

Og det er selvfølgelig israelerne der skulle stå bag. Bortset fra at det er forkert af flere indlysende årsager, som Barry Rubin gør rede for

First of all, anyone who saw Arafat during the last year of his life knew he was seriously ill and steadily worsening. His lips trembled, he looked disoriented, and he wasn’t as articulate as usual.  Even on television you couldn’t possibly miss his distress. Parkinson’s disease was a likely diagnosis though Crohn’s disease was said to be another probable medical problem for the dictator.

His doctors obviously knew that he was in bad shape. But, and this is what’s most important, they didn’t do anything about it. The prospect of Arafat’s death was so traumatic for the movement—which had known no other leader during 43 years for Fatah, 36 years for the PLO, and its entire ten year life for the Palestinian Authority. By not taking serious action and giving him better treatment, the key to the mystery is this: His own doctors and movement killed Arafat. So if Israel killed Arafat then his own doctors and the entire PLO, Fatah, and PA leadership were in on the conspiracy. Indeed, Arafat himself, by not more actively seeking medical help or speaking about his problems was also in on the conspiracy. This is unlikely.

Second, the doctors were shut up and the report of his death was kept secret by Arafat’s widow Suha Arafat. Since his colleagues had access to a lot of this information they also kept quiet. In other words, we are supposed to believe that those who in the world who most hated Israel had evidence that Israel had something to do with his death but they kept it secret?

Third, suddenly, almost eight years later Suha and other Arafat loyalists are making claims. But there is no new evidence whatsoever. Obviously, this is a publicity stunt. Let them release the huge medical report on his death. Let them permit the French doctors to have a press conference. Let them dig up Arafat. Until one of those things happens why should the Western media fall for this trick? So again, if there was the slightest suspicion that Arafat was being murdered, Arafat’s wife, doctors, and all of the Palestinian leadership were helping the conspiracy. This is also unlikely.

Fourth, the claims that Arafat was poisoned by Israel using some exotic radioactive means has been made from the day Arafat was planted but have always faded away, at least internationally, because no evidence was offered.  Old fables are being treated like new revelations. Such claims of Zionist conspiracies are always promoted in order to slander and discredit Israel when just about anyone significant dies in the Arab world.

Fifth, if Arafat had been poisoned by radioactive substances his symptoms would have been extreme and evident. They include nausea, hair loss, throat swelling and paleness Moreover, Arafat would have died really fast, but he lingered for a long time.

The history of this myth shows that it is the Palestinian leadership, not Israel, that has something to hide, that has kept everything secret. I suspect the secret is the incompetence of his own doctors.

Men det skræmmer selvfølgelig ikke medierne herhjemme fra at kolportere løgne om jøderne.

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