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Diverse — Drokles on March 29, 2012 at 7:38 pm

Dr. Spencer R Weart (udtales muligvis Weird?) abonnerer på FN’s Klimapanels skrækscenarie, hvor “future generations will suffer as we destabilize the climate system that has supported human civilization for thousands of years. Rising sea levels, droughts in key agricultural regions, and ever-worsening heat waves will threaten people just as the world’s population is projected to expand from 7 billion today to 10 billion by 2100. We will see the impoverishment of some of the ecosystems on which our society depends“. Men, som et eksempel på at troende mennesker kan være ganske rationelle når det stikker dem så drager han konsekvensen af sin apokalypse ved at være fortaler for den CO2 neutrale og rene atomkraft. I Yale Enviroment 360 skriver han

What about other health problems? Some scientists believe that radiation at the levels to which millions of people farther from Chernobyl were
exposed — moderately above the level of normal background radiation that we all receive — brings an increase in the rate of cancer. However, the increase, if any, has been too minuscule to detect amid the enormous number of cancers that afflict people anyway. Other scientists cite a variety of reasons to argue that low levels of radiation are completely harmless. We just don’t know.

It’s the uncertainty itself that has had the greatest impact on most of the Chernobyl survivors. Feeling themselves contaminated by mysterious and uncanny forces, millions became anxious and depressed. Many hesitated to have children, fearing their babies would be deformed. Adding to this were the dislocations of forced evacuation; no wonder psychosomatic illnesses proliferated. Overall, mental health problems caused far more harm for most Chernobyl survivors than the radioactivity. Even more after the Three Mile Island accident, it was not radioactivity but anxiety that caused health problems. The same problems are now being detected among the evacuees from Fukushima.

Feelings of deep horror and dread have become the normal response to radioactivity. Of course it is natural to fear anything that might cause cancer and birth defects. But ordinary elements like arsenic also act in these ways, and many widely used chemicals are still more potent in causing all sorts of dangers, without evoking the same widespread fears. For example, a recent National Academy of Sciences study reported that the smoke emitted by coal-fired power plants causes 10,000 premature deaths among Americans every year — yet agitation against existing plants is slight. Nor has severe pollution of water supplies in some areas resulted in large-scale evacuations.

Når nu klimahysteriet inden for de næste par år har lagt sig kunne det i tråd med den gode doktor Weird’s analyse være en en god ide at se på, hvor megen skade uvisheden om Jordens undergang har gjort på menneskers helbred og trivsel.

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