Lawfare i klimadebatten

Diverse — Drokles on December 18, 2011 at 5:05 am

Ingen ved, hvorledes en bunke interne e-mails mellem førende klimaforskere i toppen af FN’s Klimapanel havnede på nettet og skabte det, som klimaskeptikere har betegnet Climategate. Støtterne af klimapanelet omtaler det konsekvent som at computere er blevet hacket og denne kriminelle handling kaster derfor enanklage mod alle, der drager fordel af mails’ne, som den gør ofre af de indvolverede forskere. Omvendt er en læk et udtryk for samvittighed, der kaster en anklage mod forskerne - en whistleblower. Politiet arbejder ud fra ideen om en ulovlig handling kan man læse i The Register

Police have targeted at least four climate bloggers in three countries, with constabulary taking computers and networking equipment from a science blogger in the UK.

Roger Tattersall, aka “Tallbloke”, a Digital Content Manager at the University of Leeds, posted that six police officers identifying themselves as being from Norfolk Police and the Metropolitan force entered his home at midnight and took away two laptops and a router.


Last week WordPress hosting site Automattic, based in San Francisco, notified several climate skeptics including Tattersall, Id and Canadians Steve McIntyre (Climate Audit) and Donna Laframboise (No Consensus) that the US Department of Justice Criminal Division had requested evidence for the period in November when the second batch of emails were uploaded.

Lord Monckton skruer også bissen på og vil omvendt retsforfølge ledende klimaalarmister. Fra Climate Depot

I have begun drafting a memorandum for the prosecuting authorities, together with all evidence necessary to establish not only the existence of numerous specific instances of scientific or economic fraud in relation to the official “global warming” storyline but also the connections between these instances, and the overall scheme of deception that the individual artifices appear calculated to reinforce. In each instance, the perpetrators of the fraud will be named and their roles described.

Once the report has been completed, it will be reviewed carefully by experienced criminal lawyers in each of the national jurisdictions in which the perpetrators reside. The report will then be submitted to the prosecuting authorities in each jurisdiction, with a complaint lodged by lawyers acting for citizens of that jurisdiction against perpetrators there. No complaints can be lodged against the IPCC or the UNFCCC, for they are beyond any national jurisdiction. However, individual “scientists” can be brought to book in the countries where they normally reside.

Here is how you can help. If you consider any specific aspect of “global warming” science to contain an element of fraud as defined and illustrated here, then please – in strictest confidence – get in touch and let me have as much detail as possible. Be specific. Name names. Give details. If you can, supply or point me to backup evidence.

Opfordringen er hermed givet videre.

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