Gore støtter Occupy Wall Street

Diverse — Drokles on October 20, 2011 at 9:02 pm

Ja, det er måske ikke det mest skelsættende i paraden af vanvid fra, men alligevel interessant. Fra Al Gore’s egen blog

For the past several weeks I have watched and read news about the Occupy Wall Street protests with both interest and admiration. I thought The New York Times hit the nail on the head in an editorial Sunday:

“The message — and the solutions — should be obvious to anyone who has been paying attention since the economy went into a recession that continues to sock the middle class while the rich have recovered and prospered. The problem is that no one in Washington has been listening.”

“At this point, protest is the message: income inequality is grinding down that middle class, increasing the ranks of the poor, and threatening to create a permanent underclass of able, willing but jobless people. On one level, the protesters, most of them young, are giving voice to a generation of lost opportunity.”

From the economy to the climate crisis our leaders have pursued solutions that are not solving our problems, instead they propose policies that accomplish little. With democracy in crisis a true grassroots movement pointing out the flaws in our system is the first step in the right direction. Count me among those supporting and cheering on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

You can support the protests by clicking here.

Al Gore leger dog her med ilden for nedenstående Eat The Rich skilt er et typisk slogan ved Occupy Wall Street kom sammen’er.


Og med tanke på the fat cat Gore’s rigelige korpus, så kan selv den største OWS demo vist bespises.

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