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Diverse — Drokles on September 10, 2011 at 2:10 am

Victor Davis Hanson undrer sig i National Review over de eftervirkninger af det islamiske terrorangreb den 11. september 2001, som medierne ikke beskæftiger sig med. F.eks slår det ingen at der ikke har været et islamisk terrorangreb i USA i de 10 år, hvor de stramme sikkerhedprotokoller er blevet kritiseret og latterliggjort. Det slår heller ikke nogen at Obama har fortsat Bush linie, som han ellers lovede at gøre op med og i nogle tilfælde endda intensiveret den. Og som et tegn på at vi lever i en anden og mere virkelighedsfornægtende tidsalder er der ingen der anerkender at man bedst bekæmper sine fjender ved at slå dem ihjel, som man har gjort med jihadister i stort omfang. Men måske mest interessant er hans syn på ‘det arabiske forår’

Arab unrest. Conventional wisdom about our various responses to 9/11, and especially during the depression that followed from the Iraqi insurgency, dictated that the entire Arab Middle East would be set afire by U.S. intervention and retaliation. It certainly seemed foreordained, if one listened to the nightly incitement of Al-Jazeera, some of the lunatic rantings from Western radicals (who were often praised and quoted in Dr. Zawahiri’s pseudo-lectures), and the constant boasts of the radical Islamists themselves. If not our presence in Afghanistan or Iraq, if not Korans flushed down the toilet at Guantanamo (“a tremendous recruiting tool for al-Qaeda”), if not neo-con-driven favoritism toward Israel, then there would be some other supposed provocation to incite Arab Muslims. But in fact, while there were a few terrorist incidents, there were no oil embargoes, no mass uprisings, no concentrated attacks on U.S. bases. Only after nearly a decade following the U.S. retaliation in the Middle East did the entire Arab world blow up, often literally, with revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, unrest in the Gulf States, and ongoing efforts to unseat the Syrian tyranny.

Yet even critics of the Bush administration are wary about suggesting that the present violence has anything to do with U.S. policy toward Israel, our War on Terror, or the occupation of Iraq. Likewise, even supporters of the Bush administration’s Middle East policies are reluctant to suggest that the survival of Iraq’s post-Baathist democracy gave some hope to other Arabs that dictatorship was not the foreordained future of Arab society. Instead, the revolts sort of just happened, but why and how few quite know — and apparently fewer still wish to go out on a limb and speculate.

Hele artikelen er yderst anbefalelsesværdig.

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