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Fra Israel Today Magazine

There is no shortage of claims about alleged Israeli human rights violations in the West Bank.

Most of these claims originate from Palestinian sources and NGO’s and are part of a disinformation campaign that aims to delegitimize Israel.

This campaign of distortions, bias and, sometimes, outright lies is well documented by a host of bloggers and organizations – such as Honest Reporting and Camera.

One of the players in this campaign is the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), an organization that is supposed to be impartial and to provide humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees.

UNRWA’s anti-Israel bias is not quite new but, until recently, has been limited to refugee related issues.

Now UNRWA has apparently decided to interfere in the already explosive situation in the West Bank and joined the general disinformation campaign against Israel.

Here’s how that campaign works.

Dutch orchestra attacked

At the end of July the Palestinian News Network published an article about a Dutch orchestra that was supposedly attacked by the IDF during a performance in the Palestinian village Kfar Qadum.

The PNN article was widely distributed among international media outlets. However, a member of the orchestra wrote a detailed account about the actual events.

The orchestra had participated in the weekly “peaceful” demonstration against an IDF checkpoint in the vicinity of the village, he said.

According to another account on the Palsolidarity website a group of Palestinians approached the soldiers who responded by firing teargas grenades.

The IDF, in response to our request for more information, said that the missing piece in the accounts was that the Palestinians started throwing stones at the soldiers.

So there was no performance and no peaceful demonstration.

Der er selvfølgelig flere og meget værre eksempler at læse om, hvor FN spiller en aktiv rolle.

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