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Fra Washington Times

Last year more than 155,000 Germans emigrated from their native country. Since 2004 the number of ethnic Germans who leave each year is greater than the number of immigrants moving in. While the emigrants are highly motivated and well educated, “those coming in are mostly poor, untrained and hardly educated,” says Stephanie Wahl of the German Institute for Economics.

In a survey conducted in 2005 among German university students, 52 percent said they would rather leave their native country than remain there. By “voting with their feet,” young, educated Germans affirm that Germany has no future to offer them and their children. As one couple who moved to the United States told the newspaper Die Welt: “Here our children have a future in which they will not have to fear unemployment and social decline.” There are two main reasons why so-called “ethno-Germans” emigrate. Some complain that the tax rates in Germany are so high that it is no longer worthwhile working for a living there. Others indicate they no longer feel at home in a country whose cultural appearance is changing dramatically.


Americans who think that the European welfare state is the model to follow would do well to ponder the question why, if Europe is so wonderful, Europeans are fleeing from it. European welfare systems are redistribution mechanisms, taking money from skilled and educated Europeans in order to give it to nonskilled newcomers from the Third World.

Gunnar Heinsohn, a German sociologist at the University of Bremen, warns European governments that they are mistaken if they assume that qualified young ethnic Europeans will stay in Europe. “The really qualified are leaving,” Mr. Heinsohn says. “The only truly loyal towards France and Germany are those who are living off the welfare system, because there is no other place in the world that offers to pay for them… It is no wonder that young, hardworking people in France and Germany choose to emigrate,” he explains. “It is not just that they have to support their own aging population. If we take 100 20-year-olds [in France or Germany], then the 70 [indigenous] Frenchmen and Germans also have to support 30 immigrants of their own age and their offspring. This creates dejection in the local population, particularly in France, Germany and the Netherlands. So they run away.”


Europe’s welfare system is causing a perverse process of population replacement. If the Europeans want to save their culture, they will have to slay the welfare state.

Afstemninger med fødderne er en logik venstrefløjen ikke accepterer. Mange gange har jeg siddet i diskussioner med multikultister om hvilke samfund der er bedst og et argument falder altid på gold jord. Hvorfor forlader mennesker deres egen verden, der er formet af deres egen kultur for at komme her, og hvorfor er der ingen der forlader denne verden og drager ud til disse spændende kulturer, hvis det ikke var fordi at vores verden er bedre, og den er bedre, fordi vi har gjort den bedre, og vi har gjort den bedre fordi vores kultur og vores tro har gjort det muligt at gøre den bedre, for vores kultur og vores tro er bedst!. Men nej, øjnene på multikultisterne er helt døde, indtil de siger at vi er så reaktionære, hvis ikke vi lærer af dem.

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