Klimapolitikken revner i facaden

Diverse — Drokles on June 13, 2011 at 8:30 pm

I hvert fald i England, hvor Lord Lawson i Daily Mail af alle steder giver de engelske klimaambitioner tørt på

However, there is a threat to that recovery — and the bitter irony is that this is of the Government’s own making.

It is not the very necessary reduction and eventual elimination of the budget deficit. It is the Government’s so-called climate-change policy of ‘decarbonising’ the British economy — the replacement of carbon-based energy with substantially more expensive non-carbon energy, in particular wind power.

The ostensible purpose of this policy is to prevent what is customarily described as catastrophic global warming.

Now, there are at least two major problems with this.

The first, as more and more eminent scientists are finding the courage to point out (the most recent being the distinguished physicist Professor William Happer of Princeton University), is that it is far from clear that there is a serious problem — let alone a catastrophic one — of global warming at all.

My think-tank, the Global Warming Policy Foundation, has just published a devastating analysis by the former Head of the Civil Service, Lord Turnbull, demanding that politicians ‘stop frightening us and our children’ about the threat of global warming. He calls on Whitehall and ministers to consider the damaging economic impact of blindly following the ‘climate-change agenda’.

While it is scientifically established that increased emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from the use of carbon-based energy, such as coal, oil and gas, can be expected to warm the planet, it is uncertain how great any such warming would be, and how much harm, if any, it would do.

Det bliver fulgt op af følgende og meget direkte advarsel i Telegraph fra Sir Roger Carr om flygtende industri og følgende tab af arbejdspladser

“Not every country in the world has the same commitment to climate change [as the UK] and therefore you may feel commercially disadvantaged,” Sir Roger says, adding: “That gives you cause for thought as to where you want to invest.”

His comments – ahead of a CBI energy conference on Tuesday – come amid growing concern over the cost of renewable energy subsidies and so-called ‘green stealth taxes’.

The CBI will call on the Coalition to toughen its approach with European neighbours to avoid British businesses investing abroad in order to escape tough carbon regulation at home.

In a new book – The Green Mirage – published in the summer by the think tank Civitas, Dr John Constable, Director of the Renewable Energy Foundation, has estimated the consumer subsidy for wind farms and other renewable energy sources will total at least £100 billion by the time the Government meets its carbon reduction targets in 2030.

På et tidspunkt rammer både utopia og dommedagsscenarierne den barske virkelighed, hvor regningerne skal betales.

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