Klimaforandring i klimadebatten

Diverse — Drokles on February 20, 2011 at 4:27 pm

På bloggen Climate Science Watch er man i chok over at de politiske vinde ser ud til at vende i klimadebatten. Repræsentanternes hus har med sit republikanske flertal besluttet at lukke for kassen overfor FNs Klimapanel

Just before 2 a.m. on February 19, the war on climate science showed its grip on the U.S. House of Representatives as it voted to eliminate U.S. funding for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The Republican majority, on a mostly party-line vote of 244-179, went on record as essentially saying that it no longer wishes to have the IPCC prepare its comprehensive international climate science assessments. Transcript of floor debate follows.

To give you the flavor of how the know-nothings are in the saddle, here’s the debate on the amendment to de-fund the IPCC (my unofficial transcript).

Bitterheden på er til at tage og føle på og så meget desto hyggeligere er det at læse deres forargede afskrifter af disse republikanske “know-nothings”. Men også egne hjemgroede ærke-amerikanske alarmister skal spares væk ifølge New York Times

House Republicans and 13 Democrats passed a measure last night eliminating the salaries of President Obama’s international climate change envoy and other top officials, a defiant GOP challenge that will further complicate tough budget negotiations looming with Senate Democrats.

The amendment to “sack the czars” ignited protests from Democrats who called it a political attack masquerading as a principled spending cut. It is among hundreds of amendments in the Republican budget package being assembled to fund the government for the next seven months while slashing $60 billion.

One of amendment’s top targets is U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Todd Stern, Obama’s chief treaty negotiator at the U.N. global warming talks. It also defunds Obama’s climate adviser, a post formerly held by Carol Browner, and several other “czar” positions that Republicans decry as unaccountable to Congress.

“There’s actually a czar still trying to impose a cap-and-trade regime,” Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the amendment’s author, claimed on the hectic House floor yesterday. “You’ve got a global warming czar that’s running around spending taxpayer money promoting a policy that would destroy jobs.”

Roy Spencer kommenterer let skadefro på sin blog

The climate change deniers have no one but themselves to blame for last night’s vote.

I’m talking about those who deny NATURAL climate change. Like Al Gore, John Holdren, and everyone else who thinks climate change was only invented since they were born.

Politicians formed the IPCC over 20 years ago with an endgame in mind: to regulate CO2 emissions. I know, because I witnessed some of the behind-the-scenes planning. It is not a scientific organization. It was organized to use the government-funded scientific research establishment to achieve policy goals.


The most vocal climate scientists defending the IPCC have lost their objectivity. Yes, they have what I consider to be a plausible theory. But they actively suppress evidence to the contrary, for instance attempts to study natural explanations for recent warming.

That’s one reason why the public was so outraged about the ClimateGate e-mails. ClimateGate doesn’t prove their science is wrong…but it does reveal their bias. Science progresses by investigating alternative explanations for things. Long ago, the IPCC all but abandoned that search.


Why would scientists allow themselves to be used in this way? When I have pressed them on the science over the years, they all retreat to the position that getting away from fossil fuels is the ‘right thing to do anyway’.

In other words, they have let their worldviews, their politics, their economic understanding (or lack thereof) affect their scientific judgment. I am ashamed for our scientific discipline and embarrassed by their behavior.

Is it any wonder that scientists have such a bad reputation among the taxpayers who pay them to play in their ivory tower sandboxes? They can make gloom and doom predictions all day long of events far in the future without ever having to suffer any consequences of being wrong.

The perpetual supply of climate change research money also biases them. Everyone in my business knows that as long as manmade climate change remains a serious threat, the money will continue to flow, and climate programs will continue to grow.

Og selv om det også skal godkendes i Senatet, hvilket er mere tvivlsomt er det alligevel et signal om at debatklimaet er under dramatisk forandring. Se, hvor skråsikkert historien om de isfri vintre blev betragtet for blot godt et år siden

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