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Diverse — Drokles on February 9, 2011 at 6:37 pm

Der er mange bud i disse dage på udviklingen i Ægypten, men der kan komme til at gå flere år før vi kender resultatet. At den aldrende Mubarak ryger ud i den nærmeste fremtid er ganske vist, men hvem vinder spillet i sidste ende?

Det, der ser ud til at forvirre flest velmenende vesterlændinge, der forlader sig på nyhedsstrømmens historieløshed er Broderskabets umiddelbare mangel på absurde handlinger og anstødelige udtalelser. Men Broderskabets egentlige mål er nu slet ikke hemmelige eller skjult, blot nedtonet overfor en utopihungrende offentlighed, der hellere vil høre beroligende ord hvisket i øret. Tell them sweet little lies. Palestinian Media Watch har oversat den tidligere leder af Broderskabet Mustafa Mashhur bog Jihad Er Vejen og giver bl.a. følgende korte opsummering af

Timing: Don’t rush, prepare carefully for Jihad

- “… despite this, the [Muslim] Brotherhood is not rushed by youth’s enthusiasm into immature and unplanned action which will not alter the bad reality and may even harm the Islamic activity, and will benefit the people of falsehood…”

- “… one should know that it is not necessary that the Muslims will repel every attack or damage caused by the enemies of Allah immediately, but [only] when ability and the circumstances are fit to it.”

- “Prepare yourself and train in the art of warfare, and embrace the causes of power. You must learn the ways and manners and laws of war. You must learn them and embrace them and adhere to them, so that your Jihad will be the one accepted by Allah.”

- “… there exists an unavoidable personal duty for every Muslim to equip himself and prepare and gear-up towards Jihad…”

Og for alle den slags uglesete organisationer så ligger Broderskabets styrke og tiltrækningskraft ikke i deres organisation eller karismatiske ledere, men i at deres udlægning af den fælles virkelighedsopfattelse, islam, er den rigtige.

…Our Islamic religion is not a religion of priests and monks, who worship their Lord individually without taking interest in others… but rather it is a complete religion which organizes peoples’ lives in this world as well as in the next life: It organizes the economic, social and political matters of Muslims and still - [is] a religion of faith, law and ritual, which addresses every minor and major issue related to man…
It is, additionally, a religion of one nation, one society, one Qibla (prayer direction, i.e., Mecca) and one book. It transforms the Muslims into one body in their mutual relations, if one of its limbs suffers; the whole body comes to its protection…

The religion [of Islam] requires its believers to perform its laws and the rules of the Quran and the prophetic traditions, and to deliver this religion of truth to all of humanity…

Is it possible for such a religion to exist and for its believers to fulfill all of its requirements without the adherents of other beliefs persecuting it with attacks on the religion and its followers, and without their attempting to prevent the believers from performing this religion and establishing it? Should the believers of this religion cease to perform it… simply because the enemies of Allah attack them? And if they [Muslims] endure patiently, does this mean that this patience has no end? Do they not have a right to repel the aggression and to remove the hurdles from their path?

From this it is evident that Jihad is an inevitable necessity, and that’s why it was made a religious duty in Islam, [a duty] which exists till the day of Resurrection. It is also the reason why [Islam] has excited the interest in [Jihad] and hastened towards it, and made it the highest pinnacle of Islam; Without it, the religion has no revival and the people of falsehood take over, and the religion of Allah becomes invalid and life is corrupted and goes astray from the path that Allah wanted. Is this appropriate for the religion of Allah, Exalted and Almighty?

In this book, we will clarify several issues pertaining to [the place of] Jihad in Islam…
Islam has dedicated much attention to the issue of
Jihad and militancy and recruiting the nation and gathering it all in one line in order to defend the truth with all its might; it [Islam] has rendered Jihad a religious duty for every Muslim, which no [Muslim] can escape, and has aroused the will towards [performing] Jihad to the greatest degree; It has greatly increased the rewards for the Mujahidun (Jihad warriors) and the Shahids (Martyrs), and has threatened the procrastinators and those who avoid Jihad with the most terrible punishments…

Denne udlægning af en del af islams inderste væsen kan bekræftes af en hvilken som helst imam (bortset fra de imamer, der kalder sig religionshistorikere)

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