Nyt begreb: Global Klimaforstyrrelse

Diverse — Drokles on September 21, 2010 at 2:20 am

“Global climate disruption” lanceres nu, som erstatning for det truistiske “Klimaforandring”, der igen erstattede det forbeholdne Global Opvarmning. Fra American Thinker

John Holdren, our official fraudulent “Science Czar” for our equally mendacious president, has dumped “global warming” as a “dangerous misnomer.” Ah, yes, that would be it, then. It’s not the facts, but the words that are wrong, says America’s official Doctor Science.

In scientific terms, this means John Holdren has run up the white flag and is begging for mercy. “Warming” is something we can measure scientifically. “Global warming” is a lot more speculative, but with satellites, weather balloons, and plenty of ocean buoys, we now know that it’s just wrong. Global warming has been shot down in flames by scientific skeptics who resorted to an unfair tactic called “facts and observations.”

The wild hypothesis of “catastrophic anthropogenic global warming a hundred years from now,” is so obviously harebrained sci-fi that no sane person can believe in it.

Dr. Holdren’s newest brainstorm? Forget all that warming stuff. No, we are now supposed to believe in something called “global climate disruption.”

Begrebet signalerer ikke andet end at det hviler på anekdotiske observationer. James Delingpole foretager den samme udledning i Telegraph. Han giver i samme artikel følgende eksempel på en….skal vi kalde det overdreven dyrkelse af klimasagen med følgende citat fra den statsfinancierede tænketank Climate Change Communication Advisory Group’s raport Communicating Climate Change To Mass Public Audiences.

Encourage public demonstrations of frustration at the limited pace of government action….Climate change communication could (and should) be used to encourage people to demonstrate (for example through public demonstrations) about how they would like structural barriers to behavioural/societal change to be removed.

Som han konkluderer

Can this be for real? Here the government is being advised by one of its own think tanks how to railroad through its climate policies by encouraging mobs of activists to stage ’spontaneous’ protests demanding action which the majority of the electorate don’t actually want. I know this sort of thing happens all the time in Pyongyang, Teheran and Caracas. But in Britain?

Det sker, hvor som helst venstrefløjen får plads.

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