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The interception took place about 40 miles (60km) off the Gaza coast, some 25 miles beyond the formal limits of the maritime blockade Israel is maintaining on Gaza.

A maritime blockade is a legal device under international law. It has to have a reason (Israel’s is that Hamas would import arms), it has to be formally declared (it was) and it has to be enforced (it is).

By intercepting beyond the blockade limits, Israel took a risk that the action would be challenged under international law, but the issue is at least debatable.

Israel argues that the flotilla clearly intended to try to run the blockade, and indeed the lead ship said its destination was Gaza when told to stop over a radio channel by the Israelis in the formalities at the start of the action.

Five of the six ships in the flotilla did stop, but the main one, the Mavi Marmara, did not.

(Update: several readers have pointed out that the protesters, as well as the UN high commissioner for human rights, consider the whole blockade illegal and that therefore, in their view, the Israeli argument becomes irrelevant.)

Og så følger en gennemgang af begivenhederne, som øjenvidner beskriver det og ud fra de videoer, der indtil videre er frigivet. Klassisk for konflikten mellem palæstinensere og israelere handler det om, hvem der startede.

Ron Ben Yishai mentions the bizarre use by the soldiers of paintball guns. You can see one of them in profile on the video. These, he said, were not effective. One wonders whether paint was actually in them or some other substance, but in any case they did not work.

At de israelske soldater var bevæbnet med paintball geværer står i skærende kontrast til beskyldningen om at de skulle have åbnet ild allerede før bordningen

Update: Israeli Arab member of the Knesset Hanin Zoabi, who was on the ship, has now spoken in Nazareth. She said it was clear that the Israelis “intended to cause the largest possible number of casualties… We had no plans for a confrontation.” She claimed that the Israelis started firing before they boarded: “The firing began from the Israeli ships.” She demanded that all video be released. She also stated that two activists died after being refused treatment even though she had written a note in Hebrew asking for help.

Men vi venter på en undersøgelse.

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