Enden på den globale opvarmning?

Diverse — Drokles on April 8, 2010 at 7:01 am

The New American har en god artikel om et tilsyneladende opbrud i troen på en global og menneskedrevet klimakatastrofe

Even the politicians and officials still pushing the alarmist agenda have distanced themselves from the IPCC report. The analogy of “rats” frantically ditching a “sinking ship” has been used by numerous critics to describe the situation.

Climate chief Yvo de Boer, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change who predicted “success” in Copenhagen, announced his resignation in mid-February. He said it was time to pursue “new challenges.” But he still advises companies about global warming.

Even a prominent member of the pro-United Nations, internationalist Council on Foreign Relations has thrown in the towel, possibly trying to salvage some credibility by denouncing the scandals. “The global warming movement as we have known it is dead” because of “bad science and bad politics,” wrote CFR senior foreign policy fellow Walter Mead in a piece for The American Interest. He still believes in human-caused warming, but harshly criticized the movement for its lawbreaking and phony claims. “The global warming meltdown confirms all the populist suspicions out there about an arrogantly clueless establishment invoking faked ‘science’ to impose cockamamie social mandates on the long-suffering American people, backed by a mainstream media that is totally in the tank,” he rightly concluded.

Prominent companies that were once leading the push for “action” on climate change have also been retreating to the shadows. Around the time of de Boer’s announcement, three large American firms (including two oil companies) bailed on the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, a powerful lobby pushing for “cap and trade” legislation.

Some of the media have also finally started to report the apparent demise of climate alarmism. “The strategy pursued by activists (including scientists who have crossed the line into advocacy) has turned out to be fatally flawed,” declared the Canadian Globe and Mail in a recent article entitled “The great global warming collapse: As the science scandals keep coming, the air has gone out of the climate-change movement.”  

Even a writer for the BBC admitted the campaign was falling apart in a recent piece entitled “The dam is cracking.” This same media organization has in recent years issued dire predictions of global warming almost daily and last year sat on the Climategate e-mails for over a month. (The BBC claims it wasn’t aware of the significance of the information it was given.)

The “neoconservative” Weekly Standard — normally a promoter of the glob-alist establishment’s agenda — actually ran a cover story recently with a cartoon depicting polar bears laughing at a naked and freezing Al Gore. The article, entitled “In Denial — The meltdown of the climate campaign,” was written by fellow Steven Hayward with the American Enterprise Institute, an organization that has repeatedly peddled climate propaganda and the desirability of “emission reductions” and a “carbon tax.” More rats jumping ship?

Even alarmism ringleader Al Gore seemingly conceded defeat on the impact of his efforts to “educate” the public on human-caused climate change. “I have thus far failed,” he told a Norwegian talk show in early March while promoting his new climate book. But, his fight is far from over.

Der er meget mere og det er anbefalelsværdigt læsestof.

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