Er James Hansen den næste?

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Rajendra Panchauri ligner mere og mere en svindler og med ham hele IPCC. Sagen om de ikke helt så smeltende gletchere i Himalaya underminerer stadigt mere IPCC og baner vejen for andre spørgsmål ved IPCCs metoder fra en stadigt mere interesseret presse. Richard North skriver om regnskoven i Amazonas, der måske ikke forsvinder alligevel på grund af varmen

The IPCC also made false predictions on the Amazon rain forests, referenced to a non peer-reviewed paper produced by an advocacy group working with the WWF. This time though, the claim made is not even supported by the report and seems to be a complete fabrication

Thus, following on from “Glaciergate”, where the IPCC grossly exaggerated the effects of global warming on Himalayan glaciers – backed by a reference to a WWF report - we now have “Amazongate”, where the IPCC has grossly exaggerated the effects of global warming on the Amazon rain forest.

Her er Richard North, der forleden i Telegraph krævede Panchuris afgang i konfrontation med en ihærdig journalist, som djævlens advokat og den indiske glaceolog Vejay Kumar Raina og ophavet til den deprimerende, men usande forudsigelse om Himalayas smeltende gletchere Syed Hasnain

Alt andet lige er det en fornøjelse at høre en distingveret englænder i en ophedet diskussion med Peter Sellars i forskellige forklædninger. Sagen er ikke så triviel, som man måske kunne tro, hvilket Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar argumeterer for på CATO

It speaks volumes for the huge biases within IPCC that it took two years for this hoax to be exposed. Any hoax opposing the global warming thesis would be exposed in ten seconds flat. The IPCC is willing to swallow unexamined what it finds convenient, while raising a thousand technical objections to anything inconvenient. This is religious crusading, not objective science. The tactics being used to discredit and destroy heretics is reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition.

Imens er lederen af GISS, James Hansen også under stigende opmærksomhed. American Thinker gør status efter KUSI-TVs afsløringer af manipulerede temperatur datasæt fra NOAA og GISS

NOAA stands accused by the two researchers of strategically deleting cherry-picked, cooler-reporting weather observation stations from the temperature data it provides the world through its National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). D’Aleo explained to show host and Weather Channel founder John Coleman that while the Hadley Center in the U.K. has been the subject of recent scrutiny, “[w]e think NOAA is complicit, if not the real ground zero for the issue.”
And their primary accomplices are the scientists at GISS, who put the altered data through an even more biased regimen of alterations, including intentionally replacing the dropped NOAA readings with those of stations located in much warmer locales.

James Hansen har det ifølge Steve McIntyre også med at “gemme” noget.

The word “hide” has obviously attracted a lot of attention lately – “hide the decline” even occasioning its own song.

Today I’d like to discuss the following remarkable instructions by a NASA employee in the recently disclosed NASA emails (available at Judicial Watch):

Robert, please move to the CU site and hide this after Jim checks it.
Darnell, please send it out to Jim’s email list. Jim said if I don’t want to, you should do…

What is that they are planning to “hide”? And why would they be “hiding” it in the first place? And why would Hansen think that one of his employees wouldn’t “want” to send something out to Jim’s email list?

Og Hasen er ifølge James Delingpole i Telegraph en aktivist, som det hedder, hvis dagsorden burde vække bekymring.

…let’s have a closer look at the character and motives of the man in charge of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), Dr James Hansen. Last year, he was described by his former course supervisor at NASA, Dr John Theon, as an “activist” and an embarrassment.

Or as the Great Booker puts it:

If there is one scientist more responsible than any other for the alarm over global warming it is Dr Hansen, who set the whole scare in train back in 1988 with his testimony to a US Senate committee chaired by Al Gore. Again and again, Dr Hansen has been to the fore in making extreme claims over the dangers of climate change. (He was recently in the news here for supporting the Greenpeace activists acquitted of criminally damaging a coal-fired power station in Kent, on the grounds that the harm done to the planet by a new power station would far outweigh any damage they had done themselves.)

Now reader Michael Potts has drawn my attention to yet further evidence of Dr Hansen’s radical, virulently anti-democratic instincts. He has lent his support to an eco-fascist book advising on ways to destroy western industrialisation through propaganda, guile and outright sabotage.

In a scary new book called Time’s Up – whose free online version titled A Matter Of Scale you can read here – author Keith Farnish claims:

The only way to prevent global ecological collapse and thus ensure the survival of humanity is to rid the world of Industrial Civilization.

JoNova gør mere ud af de skræmmende citater, som åbenbart begejstrer Hansen. Imens i Førerbunkeren

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