CNN som Putins ‘cockholster’

Diverse — Drokles on February 26, 2018 at 6:43 am

Nyhedsstationen CNN anklager almindelige mennesker, for deres egen idioti. En ældre dame i Florida, blev offentligt hængt ud fordi hun påp et tidspunkt havde delt et opslag på et socialt medie, om en demonstration arrangeret af, har det siden vist sig, ‘russerne’, skriver Breitbart.

On Monday, CNN’s Drew Griffin tracked down a private citizen whose worst sin might have been sharing — without knowing she was doing so — a “Russian-coordinated event” on her Facebook page. Griffin proceeded to publicly shame this woman, even though his left-wing employer gave a Russian-coordinated event more publicity than Putin could have ever hoped for.

Michael Moore was also at that rally and as of now CNN has not demanded he answer for his “unwitting” Russian collusion.


Regardless, abuse is exactly what this Florida woman faced after CNN broadcast the video and published her name. On her Facebook page, she was savaged by CNN viewers as a “stupid old hag,” a “traitor,” a “treasonous hillbilly,” “ugly,” and “racist trash.”

The woman was also physically threatened. “[S]tay in Florida, you come to NY and I’ll kick your Russian bot ass,” one CNN consumer promised.

Among others, and although they are men of the left, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and the Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald were disgusted and appalled by CNN’s abusive bullying of this innocent woman.

In a series of tweets, Hayes said, “I think it’s bad CNN did this and don’t approve and wouldn’t do it myself.” He added, “That is awful and they should not have done it. … Doorknocking a random citizen not accused of any wrongdoing like that is not cool.”

Breitbart linker til Newsbusters, der fortæller om hvorledes CNN og MSNBC dækkede det russiske forsøg på at så lus i skindpelsen mellem amerikanerne

A check of their November 12 coverage showed both CNN and MSNBC gave enthusiastic coverage to the Russian-organized anti-Trump rally that day, with live reports every hour. Correspondents celebrated the idea that it was “a love rally,” and repeated the marchers’ anti-Trump mantras, such as: “We reject the President-elect.”

While the two liberal anti-Trump networks offered heavy coverage of the anti-Trump rally throughout the day, a check of coverage between noon and 5:00 p.m. Eastern found that the Fox News Channel offered only a short re-cap (66 seconds) at the start of their 4:00 p.m. Eastern hour.

Of course, none of the networks were aware of who was allegedly behind the march, but CNN and MSNBC reveled in the inflammatory messages of the march. At one point, MSNBC anchor Alex Witt credulously responded to the ridiculously alarmist rhetoric: “That woman, when she’s saying she’s concerned that black people will be shot in the street….Is that a legitimate concern for her? Because, that’s scary.”

Correspondent Morgan Radford cheerfully played along: “Alex, it’s not only a legitimate concern for her, it’s a legitimate concern for a lot of people I’ve spoken to….They’re wondering if this [Trump’s election] is almost a license to carry in terms of hate.”

If the goal of the secret Russian organizers was to inject nonsense like that into the American political dialogue, then their unwitting helpers on CNN and MSNBC certainly gave them plenty of assistance that day.

Jeg har tilladt mig at planke denne historie så skamløst fordi jeg tidligere pointeret det ironiske i at det var venstrefløjen og deres medier, der var ‘russernes’ nyttige og villige idioter/Jørgen Dragsdahler. Det er dem, der har forpestet debatten,  propaganderende løgne og promoverende vold mens de udskreg sig selv og allehånde mere eller mindre imaginære minoriteter, som ofre, og her er det hele rullet op deres evindelige hykleri.

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