Zionisme: Islam approprierer jødedommen!

Diverse — Drokles on October 11, 2017 at 4:32 am

Det viser sig, at muslimer hader zionisme endnu mere end jøder. Jøder kan man nemlig dhimmificere og så går alt sin skæve gang i det muslimske samfund, med en voldelig opstand i ny og næ. Zionismen derimod hævder en historisk ret, der strider direkte imod den muslimske fortælling. “Zionism was vilified long before Israel controlled any Muslim holy sites in Palestine” skriver Rafael Castro i Ynet News og forklarer videre

Contemporary anti-Zionism in the Muslim world reflects fears that recognition of Zionism discredits Islam. Zionism cites memories of exile to claim Jewish rights to self-determination in the Land of Israel. Jewish descent from the exiled Israelites and continuity between Israelite and Jewish religious traditions undergird this narrative.

According to Islamic tradition, the biblical Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon were Muslim prophets. The Israelites were also originally Muslim. The corollary is Islamic supersession, namely the belief that Muslims—and not Jews—are the legitimate heirs to the Israelite faith and homeland. Muslim denial that a Jewish temple existed in Jerusalem reflects Islamic beliefs that the Muslim king and prophet Suleyman built a mosque on the Temple Mount. Islamic supersession is based on the Islamic doctrine of tahrif, which teaches that Jewish and Christian scriptures distort the Islamic message delivered by the prophets of antiquity.

As fanciful as tahrif and Islamic supersession may appear to non-Muslims, these teachings are fundamental in justifying the doctrinal superiority of Islam. These teachings also shed light on the fundamental reason most Muslim states refuse to recognize Jewish ties to Jerusalem and to accept Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.

Recognizing Israel as the Jewish homeland involves accepting the Zionist narrative. For Muslims, this means engaging with Jewish history and Jewish scriptures on historical terms—not Islamic terms. Doing so leads to recognition that Judaism predates Islam and that Islam appropriated prophetic traditions from Judaism.

For Israel, making peace with Muslim nations is a diplomatic achievement. For Muslim nations, accepting Zionism concedes the precedence of Judaism over Islam. Understanding the theological implications of Zionism for Islam is crucial to realizing why peace eludes Israel. Without these theological implications, Israel would probably be tolerated as a minor nuisance. Due to these theological implications, the Muslim world tends to attribute demonic ambitions to Zionism.

Det forklarer Londonbaserede imam Sheikh Khalid Yasins tirade for nogle år tilbage

Now if you’re talking about the issue of Banu Qurayza, you know when he took hostages, these was people who was plotting and planning, and jumping between, and cutting between, and breaking the treaties, and acting treacherously, and doing all kinds of things, smiling in his face, stabbing him in his back, giving the piece of information, making loyalty with him and breaking it, making loyalty to somebody else, they were doing it then and they doing it now. They’re the same people that we call today, Zionists. We don’t say ‘Jews.’ We say ‘Zionists.’ So there were some Zionists among Banu Qurayza. The Zionists, those enemies, those pigs, those kilab [dogs], those dogs. That’s what they are. We don’t say ‘Jews.’ Muslims, get it straight. We don’t have no beef with Jews.

Our beef is with Zionists. Those are the kilab. Those is the poisoned people. Those is the treacherous people. Those is the ones who want to expand and take the whole world. They don’t care white, black, Christian, nobody. They want the world for themselves, and they believe that everybody’s blood is different than theirs. They are the dogs of the earth. And they was the same people at that time. And Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala [the most glorified, the most high] inspired the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam about their plots and their plans and he checked them, so they are going to be put in check again. Soon. But don’t be mixing it up like, you know like the prophet was chopping off heads and rolling in and raping women and taking babies and all that kind of stuff. No, you talking about the Vikings. Y’all understand the Vikings, right? Yeah you talking about the Vikings, you not talking about the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam. So don’t be believing the stuff that you be reading, because most of the paper that you’re reading it, it should be in the bathroom.


Well again let’s go back to this issue of Banu Qurayza, and see what kind of people they were. See how they was dealing with the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam before he fought them. See how they was dealing with him while he fought them. See what they was doing. See what they was doing behind his back. See what plotting they were doing. You see, they was cutting between. They was giving out messages. They was working with the enemy while smiling in his face. They had a treaty with him but they were violating the treaty and the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam was warned by Allah of what they were doing, even their plan was to kill the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Their plan was to kill the Muslims. Their plan was always to undermine Islam.

We don’t say ‘the Jews.’ And this is what I want Muslims to understand. We do not curse the Jews, and we do not have hatred for Jews. No. Jews are part of the people Allah calls ahlal kitaab [people of the book], and Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala mentions that among the ahlal kitaab, the people that are nearest to us in love is the people who call themselves nasarah [Christians], and the ones who is the most hatred towards us is the people that say that ‘we are yahud [Jews]‘ but not all the yahuds is like that. And what we should do is we should not cover them with one blanket. When you meet a yahud you don’t say ‘oh they the enemies of Allah.’ No, no, brother, this is wrong. Because there are many yahudis who will become Muslims, if the behavior of Muslims are correct. But the people who call themselves Zionist. Zionists, these is the pigs of the earth.

Muslimer, de lever på en løgn og deres hysteri er derefter.

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