Islam og kvinderne

Diverse — Drokles on August 25, 2017 at 2:35 pm

I Finland har de også taget imod migranter, kan man læse i New York Times

knife attack that killed two people and wounded eight others in southwestern Finland is being investigated as a terrorist attack apparently aimed at women, Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation said on Saturday.

The suspect, who was shot after the attack in Turku and hospitalized with a leg wound, is an 18-year-old Moroccan, the bureau said on Twitter. At a news conference on Saturday afternoon, the police said he had been in Finland since last year and was seeking asylum. They said he would be questioned at the hospital as soon as possible.

Four other suspects, also Moroccan citizens, have been arrested in Turku, and a search warrant was issued for a sixth.

Gavin Mortimer spekulerer i Spectator, hvorfor kvinder, fra nytårsaften i Køln til Ariana Grande koncerten, ser ud til at være særlige mål for seriøst troende muslimer

The Islamists are deliberately targeting women because in their minds they represent empowerment and enlightenment, and also immodesty. Three young women were among the eight people stabbed to death during the London Bridge attack in June, and many more were wounded, including an Australian, who recalled her attacker screamed “Stop living this life” as he slashed at her throat.


[In the] 1960s, the Sexual Revolution created a cultural earthquake, the tremors of which were felt in the Middle East. In Egypt, Afghanistan and across the region women let their hair down, literally, doing away with headscarves and dressing in mini-skirts. In Iran, the Shah gave women the vote and encouraged them to get a good education. The result was another Revolution, this one Islamic: Ayatollah Khomeini coming to power in 1979 and immediately stripping women of their rights.

Which brings us to the fourth seminal moment, the spread throughout Europe of Salafism, the ultra-conservative strand of Islam inspired by 7th Century Arabia. Salafism took root in Europe twenty years ago, propagated in France by the country’s Algerian diaspora. In the same period, Western Europe experienced the ‘Girl Power’ phenomenon, the emergence of an assertive generation of young women for a new millennium. Girl Power and Salafism were never going to harmonise, not when the latter exhorts women “to recognise the importance of modesty and realise the evils of nakedness”.

Eller også er der ingen tanke? Eller der er kort afstand fra almindelig opdragelse og reflekteret udlevelse af muslimsk teologi? Tilfældigvis sad jeg og læste Morocco World News

A video of a young girl being violently sexually harassed by a group of teenagers in a bus has been massively shared on social media Sunday night. While the footage sparked the indignation of many internet users, some had no qualms justifying the attack and blaming the victim.

In the video, the young girl’s helpless cries pierce through the cruel laughter of her assailants. Desperately trying to free herself from the merciless grasps of her attackers, the girl is pulled left and right, her shirt and pants pushed down to denude her flesh.

Like a wolf pack, her attackers tore into her body under the penetrating gaze of a phone camera carried by one of the monsters, making sure to document their heinous crime.

The girl screams again and again, desperate for a helping hand, but only finding the vicious ones that brutally violate her body. Her aggressors, groping her chest, try to push a rag in her mouth to silence her cries.

By the end of the video, a man is heard telling the teenagers to “get away from her,” without appearing in the video or trying to physically intervene to stop the aggression.

Throughout the whole ordeal, the bus continues to roll, the driver impassive to what’s happening behind his seat.

Men der er forskel på de to eksempler på hvorledes man bruger sin dolk, tænkte jeg. Og så var det at en bekendt, der er ganske flydende i det arabiske sprog, kom pal-arabernes ære til undsætning, da de korreksede følgende Israel-propaganda for rent faktisk at være fra Morrokko eller Tunesien

Skal, skal ikke, gør det uanset.

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