Oktoberkuppet 1917

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Bent Jensen siger i sin nye bog, Ruslands Undergang (fremragende, selvfølgelig) at der ikke var tale om en revolution natten mellem 6. og 7. november i 1917, men om et bolsjevistisk kup “mod Den Foreløbige Regering, som var kommet til magten efter zar Nikolaj 2.s abdikation” tidligere på året. David Satter kalder i Wall Street Journal “communism the greatest catastrophe in human history”

For the first time, a state was created that was based explicitly on atheism and claimed infallibility. This was totally incompatible with Western civilization, which presumes the existence of a higher power over and above society and the state.

The Bolshevik coup had two consequences. In countries where communism came to hold sway, it hollowed out society’s moral core, degrading the individual and turning him into a cog in the machinery of the state. Communists committed murder on such a scale as to all but eliminate the value of life and to destroy the individual conscience in survivors.

But the Bolsheviks’ influence was not limited to these countries. In the West, communism inverted society’s understanding of the source of its values, creating political confusion that persists to this day.

In a 1920 speech to the Komsomol, Lenin said that communists subordinate morality to the class struggle. Good was anything that destroyed “the old exploiting society” and helped to build a “new communist society.”

This approach separated guilt from responsibility. Martyn Latsis, an official of the Cheka, Lenin’s secret police, in a 1918 instruction to interrogators, wrote: “We are not waging war against individuals. We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class. . . . Do not look for evidence that the accused acted in word or deed against Soviet power. The first question should be to what class does he belong. . . . It is this that should determine his fate.”

Such convictions set the stage for decades of murder on an industrial scale.

Titusinder af primært amerikanske soldater, er dræbt i krige for at inddæmme denne katastrofe, minder Arthur Herman om i National Review. Nord-Korea lever stadig under Kinas vinge, bevæbnet med atomvåben. Og i Venzuela spiser de eksotiske dyr.

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