Venzuela, minder fra engang

Diverse — Drokles on July 14, 2017 at 3:54 pm

Breitbart skriver om det socialistiske eksperiment i det olierige Venezuela

Around 95 percent of expensive medicines are now unavailable, and hundreds of thousands of sick and injured Venezuelans lack the necessary treatments.


As part of the socialist reforms of the country’s late leader Hugo Chávez, the right to health care was enshrined in the Venezuelan constitution. However, amid the country’s economic collapse, which could see inflation rise by a staggering 1700 percent, the government has been forced to make a series of drastic cuts, meaning hundreds of thousands of people cannot access adequate health care.

In March, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro pleaded with the United Nations to deliver humanitarian aid in the form of medical supplies, blaming private companies for waging an “economic war” against the country.

“The United Nations has the most advanced and complete plans in the world to recover the pharmaceutical industry’s production capacity and direct it toward medicines for the people,” Maduro said on national television, urging the U.N. to act. “I trust in you to keep advancing the strengthening of… the productive engines of the Bolivarian economic agenda.”

The chronic lack of medicine has led to a series of health issues, such as a rise in amputations of infected limbs due to a lack of antibiotics, mastectomies due to a lack of cancer treatment, as well as HIV and teen pregnancies due to the shortage of contraceptives.

Other shortages in Venezuela include food and basic sanitary products.

Men der var engang, hvor alt tegnede lyst. Her, set fra den engelske venstrefløj

I næste uge ser vi på et par danske eksempler.

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  1. Ser frem til næste uge.

    Comment by Henrik True — July 15, 2017 @ 9:50 am

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