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Diverse — Drokles on May 26, 2017 at 5:15 am

Colin Flaherty beskriver i American Thinker, opfattelsen af en strukturel racisme imod negerfarvede amerikaneres march ind i de juridiske institutioner

Philly finally figured it out. So did Chicago and Portland and Dallas: the reason why black crime and violence are so wildly out of proportion: White racism.

The Philadelphia epiphany arrived during the recent election for district attorney. The seven Democrat candidates only disagreed on one thing: who was the most outspoken in their belief in the white boogie man.

“There’s no question we have systemic racism in this country that came about long before any of us were born,” said Joe Kahn, a white guy who would finish second in the DA race. “Right? It’s something that we live with and what we have to do, as prosecutors, is we have to be honest in recognizing that and be vigilant about stamping out that problem and using our power as public servants — as prosecutors — to not just recognize that problem, not just push back against it, but be proactive in doing what we can to uplift society and do what we can to push back against the trend in American society with respect to race.”

“We see this happening with the disenfranchisement of African Americans in this country particularly, losing their voting rights.”

During the same candidate’s forum, a white judge said her first task as DA would be to hire more black people because of institutional racism in the prosecutor’s office. Other candidates joined the white racist rhetorical slugfest.

But most were just Malcolm come latelys. The real veteran of the ‘white racism is to blame for everything’ crowd was Larry Krasner, a white defense attorney. Krasner spent the last 25 years preaching the gospel of white racism and defending every black activist criminal movement in the city that would have him, most recently Black Lives Matter.

Think William Kunstler with a better haircut.

And now, thanks to $1.4 million from a George Soros front group — that surprise, even the local media could not ignore — Krasner will soon be in charge of prosecuting the same violent criminals he has devoted his life to describing as victims.

Score one more for smashing the white racism in that chocolate city of brotherly love.

Ami Horowitz spørger ekspertisen i jagten på at finde det hvide privilegium

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