Spiller Trump 3 dimensionel skak?

Diverse — Drokles on April 9, 2017 at 9:16 am

Joel Pollack mener i Breitbart at Trump ikke blot fortæller Assad og Putin at far er hjemme, men at han kommunikerer med den kinesiske formand, hvem han beværtede med andet end gennemstegt bøf med ketchup.

“He does what he says … He’s sending a message to the Chinese,” former General Jack Keane told Sean Hannity on Fox News.

“He’s telling the Chinese that, listen, the North Koreans are trying to weaponize intercontinental ballistic missiles and the rhetoric is they will use them against my country and my people. Don’t push me into a corner where I have to use a military option to deal with them. That would be horrific. That would mean war on the Korean peninsula,” Keane said.

“I think he’ll get the Chinese attention for sure, as a result of that. It’s not rhetoric. We’ve had rhetoric for eight years, with passivity, and no action.”

Syrienblog formulerer det på den måde at det egentlige mål for angrebet var Obamas politik og mener at have billeder, der viser hvor useriøst angrebet på lufthavnen var. Og Joseph Klein konkluderer i Frontpage Magazine at…

Putin would do well to act cautiously. He is no longer dealing with weak-kneed Barack Obama, who drew red lines but did not follow through. President Trump has demonstrated to the world, and especially to Russia, Iran and North Korea – and to ISIS and all other Jihadist groups as well — that he means what he says.”

Og hvorfor skød russerne ikke de amerikanske Tomahawk misiler ned, spørger Popular Mechanics

This is not one of those situations where Putin had no options. He was warned of the strikes in advance—a good and smart move, given that Russian personnel are stationed at the targeted airbase. With that information in hand, Russia could have tried to intercept America’s missiles. It did not.


…Russia knew the swarm was coming. News agencies in Washington are reporting that the U.S. gave at least one hour of warning before the missiles struck. That is plenty of time to fire up those radars, move mobile launchers, and get the best missile crews at their stations.

So Putin could have taken a shot at the Tomahawks. He could have claimed he was saving the lives of Syrian allies who are fighting terrorists. Even if air defenses were overwhelmed by the sheer number of American cruise missiles, a few downed missiles could have served as a rebuttal to this new aggressive posture from D.C., not to mention an information warfare coup. In addition, retaliating against cruise missiles makes the question of escalation less intense, since there will be no dead or wounded American pilots.

But Putin didn’t. Maybe this was a tactical choice he made. Maybe the U.S. called his anti-aircraft bluff. Maybe he wanted a message delivered to Assad that his support has limits, and war crimes don’t help.

Or perhaps Putin has another game, one of salesmanship.

For Black Pidgeon ligner bombningen af Assad Kabuki teater

Også Paul Joseph Watson er skuffet over at ‘Demokraterne’ ser ud til at vinde magtkampen om Trumps gunst

Kina og Rusland har med deres mere aktivistiske udenrigspolitik som amerikanerne også en interesse opretholde et tabu om kemisk krigsførelse. Det bliver spændende at se om Trump bliver trukket ind i sigøjnerlandsbyens morrads eller om det blot er en enkelt aktion.

Eller er det Trump og Verdenssamfundet, der er blevet spillet af islamiske aktivister. Adam Larson mener i The Indicter at “…a critical analysis of the evidence contradicts these allegations in myriad ways” og…

…despite all the declarations of certainty, the Syrian government is almost certainly not dropping chlorine on its people. Instead, as outlandish as it may sound, it’s quite likely that Islamist opposition forces in Syria are behind all of these events. Surprisingly specific and hard-to-deny visual clues suggest rebels are murdering the victims themselves using different methods, and lodging false claims as cover, and to shift the blame. The evidence behind that is not secret, and plain enough for anyone to see. But, so far, the people in charge just haven’t looked closely enough, and no one in the media has pushed the issue. And so the true chlorine story, at least as we see it, remains unspoken and invisible to the masses, so far.

Syrien er ikke ukendt med løgnehistorier. Om billederne herunder er, hvad der hævdes ved jeg ikke, men de illustrerer at der fabrikeres rædsler sideløbende med de reelle rædsler

Men der er for tiden i det mindste blevet lidt mere stille om fortælling om Trump, som Putins marionet.

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