The President’s Woman

Diverse — Drokles on October 17, 2016 at 6:42 am

The Wall Street Journal skriver at hvis den almindelige vælger har set TV i 5 minutter, har han sikkert set at Trump har ytret sig lummert, mens det langt fra er sikkert at vælgeren ville have opdaget at Hillary Clinton virkeligt var skyldig i alt - “the nation now has proof of pretty much everything she has been accused of.” Det er der noget om ifølge Newsbusters, der skriver

From Friday evening to Thursday morning, the morning and evening news shows on ABC, CBS and NBC dedicated 4 hours and 13 minutes to discussing the recent allegations of sexual misconduct surrounding Donald Trump’s campaign. Meanwhile, not only has the continual release of the WikiLeaks emails from top Hillary staff gotten a comparatively puny 36 minutes of coverage during this same time period, the coverage that is there continues to ignore specifics that could be damaging to Hillary.

Så Trumps kandidat til vicepræsident posten Mike Pence er ikke hysterisk, når han påstår at medierne ignorerer “an avalanche of hard evidence about corruption, pay to play, political favoritism emanating out of Hillary Clinton’s years as secretary of state.” Det er næppe en konspiration, skønt flere journalister og medier arbejder for eller i samklang med Clintonkampagnen. De fleste medier, der holder stilen formel uafhængig svinger blot med flertallet og stemning, undskyldt måskje af deres ideosynkrasier imod den vulgære Trump og hans begrædeligt skimlede sekt. Men ikke kun det. Der er også frygten for at konfrontere der fortrængte. Det konservative, men Trumpforagtende National Review skriver

As readers may recall, I have long maintained (see here and here) that the principal reason why Mrs. Clinton was not prosecuted, despite a mountain of evidence that she committed felony mishandling of classified information, is the fact that Obama engaged in the same kind of misconduct. The president’s use of a private, non-secure channel to discuss sensitive matters with high level officials may not have been systematic, as Mrs. Clinton’s was. (Obama’s disturbing use of an alias, however, suggests that Clinton was not the only one he was privately e-mailing.) Nevertheless, the fact that the president was e-mailing Clinton means he not only participated in her misconduct but also that the Obama-Clinton e-mails would have been admissible evidence in any criminal trial of Clinton.

For the parties to prove such culpable conduct on the president’s part in a high-profile criminal trial would have been profoundly embarrassing to him, to say the least. Therefore, it was never going to happen. As I’ve noted before, after exclaiming, “How is that not classified?” upon being shown an Obama-Clinton e-mail by the FBI, Hillary’s confidant Huma Abedin asked agents if she could have a copy of the exchange. She obviously realized that if Obama had been communicating on Clinton’s non-secure server system, no one else who had done so was going to be prosecuted for it.

Sandheden kan være frygtelig at skulle se i øjnene. Også for FBI.

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