Billeder af racialt selvhad

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Blot en lille amerikansk stemningsrapport fra de moralsk overlegne på venstrefløjen. Think Progress fortæller om den sørgelige demografiske og åndelige udvikling i USA. Hvide kristne bliver en stadigt mindre del af befolkningen

A new study reports that white Christians, long understood to be the primary shapers of American politics and culture, are rapidly losing their majority status across the country — even in traditionally conservative states.

Earlier this week, Jonathan Merritt of the Religion News Service dug into data from the American Values Atlas, a website unveiled late last year by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) that aggregates polling information on the political opinions, values, and religious affiliations of Americans. The wealth of data is a lot to sift through, but Merritt pointed to a striking revelation: white Christians, once the majority in virtually every major population area in America, are now a minority in 19 states.

For their surveys, PRRI defines “white Christian” as evangelical Protestants, mainline Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox Christians who list their identity as “white, non-Hispanic.” (Interestingly, PRRI also includes white Mormons in this group, who are sometimes listed by sociologists as separate from the rest of Christianity due to their unique religious views and texts.)


Think Progress Facebook venner var svært begejstrede over at de hvide, long understood to be the primary shapers of American politics and culture, er på tilbagetog. Her et par af de første kommentarer fra de hundredevis skadefro HVIDE amerikanere

Richard Toker Guess you old white racist men are on the way out!


Leah Alley Yes they are, this is also true about “white” people in general,many are interracial, a large amount of people are gay,It wont be long before the mighty hunters and the fishermen are gone too. A new world is forming. Less racism more acceptance.


Kyung Sook people who have common sense would not follow christian today. They promoting hate.


Lois Kaznica Best news all day.


Jep, fem HVIDE børn, er ikke for mange når det er ens egne.

Calvin Lindfors Not the majority doesn’t mean they aren’t still the plurality, which means they’ll unfortunately hold disproportionate power for a while yet.

Paulina Martinez Exactly. It’ll be like apartheid for a while yet.


Wendy Winett Costello Does it matter??? HOw many are humans? HOw many are kind? HOw many are starving?

Oliver Flores Of course it matters, you think a religious group is gonna end hunger? No my friend, is scientific advancements what will fix it, not praying for miracles.

Lockley Alsoknownas Joe If you’re a “White Privilege” denier, than I guess it doesn’t matter. But most deniers are also benefactors of the aforementioned privilege.


Kathryn Hilton Yay. I’m white but I gave up being a Christian in exchange for being a kind, compassionate, loving human being.


Mark Williams Arizona, Texas, and Florida demonstrate that a minority can still rule. But as with South Africa, Apartheid tactics can only work for so long.


James Shamus Nilan thank goodness to see it happening in my lifetime

Tracey Hering Goodman Finally some good news.

Nicole Coelho Antoun Thank god. And I say that as a white Christian.


Kari Hulgaard Well thank goodness diversity is becoming the norm!


Veronica Pawlus Hargrove Great news!


Sally Basile It can’t happen fast enough IMO.

Det er ikke glæden ved nye ansigter, der var gennemgående blandt kommentarerne. Det var glæden ved af hvide blev i mindretal. En glæde, man givetvis ikke ville dele, hvis der kom et stort hvidt rykind i Afrika.

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