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Diverse — Drokles on March 6, 2015 at 2:29 pm

Inspireret af den veldrejede amerikanske skuespiller Shoshana Roberts vandring i New York for at dokumentere mænds ublu komplimenter til kvinder gadeplan (farvede mænd, skulle det vise sig) og Israeli Zvikas lignende forsøg for at dokumentere antisemitisme, har den engelske journalist Jonathan Kalmus udviddet eksperimentet til flere europæiske byer, bl.a København. Daily Mail skriver

With as many as 45 per cent of British Jews fearing they ‘may not have a future in Britain’, according to a survey by the Campaign Against Antisemitism - and following an experiment by Israeli Zvika Klein on the streets of Paris, British journalist Jonathan Kalmus decided to test the levels of prejudice in two British cities with shocking results. Volunteers in Copenhagen and Rome also suffered some abuse, as well as welcoming reactions, while Jewish journalists in Stockholm and Berlin walked for hours without incident.

‘You Jew’ was the anti-Semitic scream which came from a passing car. My shaken wife tried to explain it away to my seven-year-old daughter as a very large sneeze. They were simply playing in a local park in Manchester a few weeks ago when the incident ripped through what should have been a peaceful and wholesome time for any mother and child.

‘Fight the Jewish scum’ and ‘Jew, Jew, Jew… Run’, were the more vicious threats hurled at me in the past few days, however, when I decided to secretly film and find out whether ‘Jew-hatred’ really is alive and kicking on British streets.

The answer to that question is a resounding and heart-sinking yes.


Hugs from strangers overshadowed by vile taunts in Copenhagen

After the recent shootings outside the synagogue in Copenhagen, it seemed a bad idea to wear a kippah in Mjølnerparken, where the assassin grew up.

It is an area that is known to have lots of gangs and there is no desire to stir up racial tensions. That said, it quickly became apparent that hardly anyone was taking any notice of it.

While walking down Nørrebrogade, a Jewish man wanted to walk beside me in a gesture to offer protection. But given the only reaction was a couple of glances, there didn’t seem much need. It was fine to continue walking.

The dad was explaining to his son that the ‘man in front of them’ had found his God and they should be happy for me.

There was only ever the feeling of somebody taking a quick look here and there and I was not aware of any abuse. When meeting a friend at the end of filming the experiment, she barely noticed it and I had also almost forgotten that I was wearing it.

I did not hear the ‘f*** you little jew’ comment at the time. It was only when we were editing the shots that it became clear.

Omar Shargawi, Palestinian-Danish filmmaker, Copenhagen

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