Jøder har ingen fremtid i Europa

Det skriver Mark Steyn blandt meget andet

Laura Rosen Cohen is forceful and impassioned about those Europeans who object to Netanyahu’s call for Continental Jews to leave for Israel. In the most basic sense, she is right: Jews have no future in Europe - because the actions necessary to restore normality to Jewish community life on the Continent will never be taken by its ruling elites. But incremental evil is not as instantly clarifying as ISIS riding into Benghazi and running their black flag up the pole outside City Hall. Jews cannot safely ride the Paris metro with identifying marks of their faith, or walk the streets of Amsterdam, or send their children to school in Toulouse, or attend a bat mitzvah in Copenhagen. As much as those Nigerians and Libyans and Yemenis and Ukrainians, Europe’s Jews are living history rather than reading it. They are living through a strange, freakish coda to the final solution that, quietly and remorselessly, is finishing the job: the total extinction of Jewish life in Europe - and not at the hands of baying nationalist Aryans but a malign alliance of post-national Eutopians and Islamic imperialists. Sure, it’d be nice to read a book - maybe Obama could recommend one on the Crusades. But you’ve got to be careful: in France, in 2015, you can be beaten up for being seen with the wrong kind of book on public transportation. As Max Fisher says, we could all stand to read a little history, and the Jewish Museum in Brussels has a pretty good bookstore, but, if you swing by, try not to pick one of the days when they’re shooting visitors.

This is Europe now, 2015. What will 2016 bring, and 2020, 2025? And yet France or Denmark is all you’ve ever known; you own a house, you’ve got a business, a pension plan, savings accounts… How much of all that are you going to be able to get out with? These are the same questions the Continent’s most integrated Jews - in Germany - faced 80 years ago. Do you sell your home in a hurry and take a loss? Or maybe in a couple of years it’ll all blow over. Or maybe it won’t, and in five years the house price will be irrelevant because you’ll be scramming with a suitcase. Or maybe in ten years you won’t be able to get out at all - like the Yazidi or those Copts.

If you’re living history as opposed to reading it in a sophomoric chatroom with metrosexual eunuch trustiefundies, these are the calculations you make - in Mosul, in Raqaa, in Sirte, in Sana’a, in Donetsk, in Malmö, Rotterdam, Paris…

Britiske Channel 4 News interview med den israelske journalist, der inspireret af Shoshana Roberts gik gennem Paris gader iført kalot, er en renskuret farce. Fra første spørgsmål er fokus på muslimer som ofre, trods de mange attentater på jøder i Frankrig, Belgien og senest Danmark.

Zvika Klein: So it started out very calm, you know, I had heads turning and stuff like that. But I could kind of understand because, you know, maybe not everybody in Paris has seen someone or, you know, an orthodox jew. But as time went on and the more I got closer to muslim neighborhoods it started getting very negative. Eh, certain situations where I actually felt scared and frightened. At the end of the day, as you can see, people are looking at me as an orthodox jew and accordingly they don’t know who I am, and they curse ehm they spit on me. So thats a fact: That happened i Paris and it happened in 2015, that it happened just weeks after people where killed just because they where jewish.

C4N: Would you accept for example, that it might also be true that a woman walking through certain parts of Paris in a hejab, or a burkha for example, might experience the same hostility?

Zvika Klein: I’m very happy to discuss and very happy to see things and open up my eyes and I’m more than happy to see what would go on. I would assume wouldn’t spit at her and wouldn’t curse at her because I don’t think the french people, most of them except for the extremists, are like that. So I just don’t think that would happen.

C4N: So you belive as an absolute fact, that people within Paris are more hostile to jewsh people, say, than they might be to other minorities?

Zvika Klein: I think that if we cut down to the actual facts, there are some muslims in France and around Europe that have problems with jews just because they are jewish…

C4N (afbryder): But there are many muslims…

Zvika Klein (gør sin tanke færdig): ..and that’s a problem!

C4N: Sorry to interrupt you. There are many muslims who would say that they are also hounded wihtin parts of Europe.

Zvika Klein: From my standpoint nobody should be harassed because of their religion and religion should be something you can practice anywhere except if it is a religion that teaches you to kill og teaches you not to accept other religions.

C4N: You filmed before the terrible events in Copenhagen. The israeli primeminister Benjamin Netanyahu says jew in Europe should move to Israel, they are not welcome anymore. What do you think about that?

Zvika Klein:As a zionist I’m more than happy for jews to move to Israel. I think that’s what zionism is; it’s encouraging jews to live in Israel and creating,, ehm, we, you know, a little over sixty years ago created a jewish state here in Israel. But the question is; if the jewish community can’t really guard themselves, then maybe it’s time for them to look for something else?

C4N: Just finally: As you say, you are a zionist, you have a particular standpoint. Do you accept what some critics would say, that the video, the way it was done was an act of provocation?

Zvika Klein: I don’t think it should be a provocation because this is the way I dress, I wear a kippa on my head every day, everywhere I go, except certain parts of Europe because I’m afraid for my safety. So I don’t think that could be called a provocation because there is no particular statement here. I wouldn’t recommend my friends in Europe to walk around with this on their head because it’s dangerous. And it doesn’t represent a situation in France, it represent a part of a situation a hundred percent.

C4N: But it’s the condensing into 90 seconds makes it incredibly powerfull, doesn’t it?

Zvika Klein: I think that’s why we got this attention. I think anything that creates discussion is a positive thing, so I see that as something positive discussing this and people are open to debate to see what is going on, how the situation could be better. Because I think that everybody agrees that there is a very big problem in France now. Just walk the streets of Paris you see it for yourselves. They are on red alert, they are afraid of another attack happening. So something has to be done, the question is what.

“And the 1930s should have reminded us that Jews are usually among the first — but not the last — to be targeted by terrorists, thugs, and autocrats.” skriver Victor Davis Hansen.

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