Oh England, du fortabte ø

Londonistan — Drokles on July 2, 2008 at 11:11 am

Når Daily Mail kan rapportere denne absurditet

Tayside Police caused uproar in the Muslim community after they released this advertisement featuring police puppy Rebel sitting in a hatThe advert has upset Muslims because dogs are considered ritually unclean and has sparked such anger that some shopkeepers in Dundee have refused to display the advert.

Dundee councillor Mohammed Asif said: ‘My concern was that it’s not welcomed by all communities, with the dog on the cards.

‘It was probably a waste of resources going to these communities.

They (the police) should have understood. Since then, the police have explained that it was an oversight on their part, and that if they’d seen it was going to cause upset they wouldn’t have done it.’ 


‘We did not seek advice from the force’s diversity adviser prior to publishing and distributing the postcards. That was an oversight and we apologise for any offence caused.’

Så er det et tegn på  at The Telegraph er inde på noget rigtigt når de kan fortælle

In the most comprehensive research of its kind to date, Prof Martin Innes, of the Universities’ Police Science Institute in Cardiff, led a team of researchers which carried out face-to-face and telephone interviews with more than 600 Muslims in London, Birmingham and Oldham.

They found that the radicalisation of young British Muslims was more widespread than previously feared, with “a disturbing proportion” expressing support for extremist elements.

The report, which is being distributed among senior officers, Whitehall officials and ministers, finds that:

• Anger and disaffection are “widespread in sections of Muslim youth”.

• There is tacit support for extremist violence within sections of the Muslim community.

• Police need to do more to win the trust of Muslim communities if they are to tackle radicalisation.

• Many Muslims distrust police and are reluctant to inform on extremists, preferring to deal with problems inside their communities.

The study, entitled Hearts and Minds and Eyes and Ears: Reducing Radicalisation Risks Through Reassurance Orientated Policing, warns that “the threat to the UK from jihadist terrorism may increase in the future”.

Og den udvikling kan - også ifølge Telegraph - nu mærkes overalt i samfundet

Mrs Blair said: “As a parent I am concerned about what’s happening when my children are on the street and I know I am not unique in that by any means.

“Anecdotally it seems clear that the perception is that it’s much worse,” she said.

“I think the evidence that we heard from people on the street and indeed the figures we were getting from hospitals, is that there are more people presenting with injuries caused in this way.

“Because this is almost a new phenomenon - that younger children are carrying knives and, sadly, using them - the statistics are not looking at the right areas. They need to broaden what they are looking at.”

Hvilket betyder at andre - igen ifølge Telegraph - lugter blod

Canada is trying to attract skilled British workers to emigrate to the country to boost the economy and population.

Canada wants to attract 50,000 foreign workers within the next year

Officials hope that superior public services and a stable economy will tempt people who have lost patience with the soaring cost of living in Britain, and the state of hospitals and schools.

Hector Goudreau, Minister of Employment and Immigration in Alberta, has been sent across the Atlantic to encourage workers who fit skills and experience criteria to apply for a fast-tracked visa.

The scale of the project has been compared to the assisted passage scheme which saw over a million ‘Ten Pound Poms’ migrate to Australia after the Second World War. It will raise fears that Britain could be hit with a ‘brain drain’ if significant numbers take up the offer.

England, you are going down!

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  1. Kære Drokles.
    Hvad undskylder ‘Tayside police’ dog for? - At muslimer ikke bryder sig om at se hundehvalpe afbildet sammen med dele af en politiuniform?
    No problem!
    De kan jo bare udskifte hunden med en gris. Hvor svært kan det være?

    Med hjælpsom hilsen

    Comment by Emeritus — July 5, 2008 @ 12:14 pm
  2. Ha,ha,ha. Ja, det ser ud til at de bare undskylder for at have bragt sind i kog generelt, eller rettere islamiske sind.

    Comment by Drokles — July 6, 2008 @ 4:36 am

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