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“It is entirely legitimate for the American people to be deeply concerned when you’ve got a bunch of violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”

Ordene er Barak Hussein Obamas og som man kan se tegner de godt en generel opfattelse blandt vestlige politikere og medier. Gerningsmændene repræsenterer en generisk ondskab og er ikke specifikt muslimske. Derfor bliver deres motiver også tilfældige, som deres ofre bliver tilfældige. Men det er en løgn. Morderne var muslimer, deres motiv var islam og deres ofre var udvalgte fordi de antoges for jøder (hvilket to af dem ikke var) når de handlede i et jødisk supermarked. Af samme grund er en mand blevet arresteret for at ville brænde et israelsk flag udenfor samme supermarked.

Og af samme grund blev en synagoge i Wuppertal stukket i brand, selv om dommeren i samme ånd som politikere og medier ikke mente at det var et udtryk for antisemitisme, som Daily Beast skriver

Last week, the judge convicted two German-Palestinian men of attempted serious arson against a synagogue in the city, along with a juvenile accomplice. But in his ruling, the wise man of the law declared that the crime was motivated not by anti-Semitism, but instead by a desire to “bring attention to the Gaza conflict.”

The torching occurred on July 29, in the midst of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, a 50-day armed conflict waged in response to Hamas rocket attacks. A few days before the firebombing, “Free Palestine” had been scrawled on the synagogue walls.

This was not the first time, of course, that people had tried to burn down the synagogue in Wuppertal. It was destroyed during the Kristallnacht pogrom of 1938. According to the logic of the judge, the Jews of yesteryear must have had it coming, too. Perhaps if so many of them had not tried to stab Germany in the back during the First World War, the brown shirts would not have felt the need to ransack their shops and raze their houses of worship to the ground.

Snaphanen kan man læse de dystre fakta

It’s been seven decades since the end of the Holocaust, an event that decimated the Jewish population in Europe. In the years since then, the number of European Jews has continued to decline for a variety of reasons. And now, concerns over renewed anti-Semitism on the continent have prompted Jewish leaders to talk of a new “exodus” from the region.

In 1939, there were 16.6 million Jews worldwide, and a majority of them – 9.5 million, or 57% – lived in Europe, according to DellaPergola’s estimates. By the end of World War II, in 1945, the Jewish population of Europe had shrunk to 3.8 million, or 35% of the world’s 11 million Jews. About 6 million European Jews were killed during the Holocaust, according to common estimates.

Since then, the global Jewish population – estimated by Pew Research at 14 million as of 2010 – has risen, but it is still smaller than it was before the Holocaust. And in the decades since 1945, the Jewish population in Europe has continued to decline. In 1960, it was about 3.2 million; by 1991, it fell to 2 million, according to DellaPergola’s estimates. Now, there are about 1.4 million Jews in Europe – just 10% of the world’s Jewish population, and 0.2% of Europe’s total population. PEW Research The continuing decline of Europe’s Jewish population

Også i England kan jøder mærke presset skriver Telegraph

“I’m proud to be British. My parents live in London. Simon has lived his whole life in two streets of north Manchester. Our house is the only home our son and daughter have ever known. But we have to do this, not least for the sake of our children.”

She is not the only member of Britain’s 300,000-strong Jewish community to feel things have reached crisis point. Since the gun attack that killed three people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels last year and the murder by radical Islamists of four Jews at a kosher supermarket on the outskirts of Paris last month, the chorus of concern has been growing. The actress Maureen Lipman recently revealed that she, too, is considering leaving the UK because of the rising number of attacks on Jews.

A poll by the Campaign Against Antisemitism last month found nearly half of Britons thought that at least one anti?Semitic view presented to them was “definitely or probably true”.

Then, yesterday, annual figures from the Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors anti-Semitism in Britain, showed a record number of anti?Semitic incidents in 2014 (1,168 incidents were recorded, more than double the 535 incidents logged in 2013).

London and Greater Manchester bore the brunt of the increase, with Manchester seeing a 79 per cent rise. One incident cited in the report involved the daubing of swastikas and the term “Jewish slag” on gravestones at a Jewish cemetery in Manchester. Greater Manchester Police says it has stepped up patrols.

The findings are borne out by the Goulds’ experience. “The other week, I was standing in the queue at a large supermarket in Manchester when the man in front of me said, ‘F—— Jews, they’re all over the place. They’re thieves, they are taking over our property. They’re everywhere,’?” says Honey. “I’ve no idea if he knew I was Jewish or not, but I was absolutely terrified, and fled.”

Then a Jewish neighbour’s son who was wearing his kippa (skull cap) was slapped in the street by a white Polish man, who “just sprang forward and hit him”.

Honey says: “I know there are plenty of people who simply want to live a peaceful coexistence. But there is so much anti?Semitism in Britain, and it’s coming from all sides. Our local Jewish schools look like prison camps. They’re surrounded by wire fences. There are guards on patrol, some with dogs. On Saturdays, you see police walking the street with members of the CST. I don’t want to sit at home panicking when my husband goes to the synagogue. I just want to live in peace.”

Radical Islam, agrees Simon, is not the only driving force behind the rise in anti?Semitism. The far?Left habitually conflates Jews with Israel and Zionism, he says. The far?Right, meanwhile, may be “happy firing salvos at the Muslim population, but I know we are only one step away from their wrath,” he says.

(The rising tide of anti-Semitism25 Jan 2015, Antisemitism in France: the exodus has begun09 Jan 2015, Anti-Semitism: the old disease has found new hosts23 Jan 2015, And you thought your mother was annoying…05 Feb 2015). I Frankrig er biler blevet overmalet med “jøde” Fortæller Israellycool


Så det næste exodos kan begynde

Åh, som et lille vedhæng, så har venstrefløjen herhjemme udskudt en beslutning om at købe de bedste kanoner til den danske Forsvar fordi de var israelske, skriver Artilleriet.dk.

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