Når ulve hyler V (Iran special)

Diverse — Drokles on February 6, 2015 at 10:11 am

I serien Når ulve hyler. Fra Stealth Freedom (jaøh, jeg har en lille svaghed for kvinder der kaster sløret. Og Persien er en gammel kulturnation)

Do you remember a girl in New York released a film of herself recently that how much was sexually abused and faced with the men joshing at the streets? It was very interesting to learn about reporting this type of sexual harassment in the street by women themselves. After this highly viewed video, I thought to send you this movie of the sexual harassment of Iranian girls occurred by some men. The fact is this video was sent by my friend from Iran. I am young man not living in Iran for a while. My friend sent it to me to show how unhappy they are in Iran. it’s beyond sad.

Please share this video with all members of this page, men and women, to make it as a culture. Let’s not be afraid of broadcasting this video and worrying of Iranian men’s image on the world’s eyes. Nobody did judge men when they did watch the movie of sexual harassment of the girl in New York, did it? Hope this video would be impressive to all Iranian men who are enjoying their moments by harassing women, and the girls of high schools and universities

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