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Monokultur » Mere om venstrefløjens ideosynkrasier

Mere om venstrefløjens ideosynkrasier

Diverse, Multikultur, Muslimer, Ytringsfrihed, islam, venstrefløjen — Drokles on October 28, 2014 at 11:10 pm

Ben Afflecks udfald mod TV-værten Bill Maher og bestseller ateisten Sam Harris har startet en hård debat på venstrefløjen om værdier overfor sympatier. Venstrefløjen (den del som i USA betegnes the liberals) har, hvis det er gået nogens næse forbi, glemt nogle af de værdier, de for årtier siden besmykkede sig med. Værdier som tolerance, frihed, ytringsfrihed, religionskritik osv til fordel for et romantisk billede af tilbagestående kulturer, der skulle tjene som en levende anklage mod højrefløjens kristne, heteronormative arvesynd.

Bill Maher og Sam Harris angreb netop venstrefløjens manglende evne til at bekæmpe islamisk fundamentalisme og Harris kaldte ligefrem islam for the motherload of bad ideas. Affleck blev i det traditionelle fjendebilledes univers og kaldte deres tankegan racistisk. Raymond Ibrahim i Frontpage Magazine kaster sig blandt andet over Afflecks væsentligste fejlslutning; ”Conflating Muslim Teachings with Muslim People“, som er et gennemgående tema i venstrefløjens tænkning

At one point, after the other speakers made certain statistical points, Affleck made the following outburst, to much applause: “How about the more than a billion people [Muslims], who aren’t fanatical, who don’t punish women, who wanna go to school, have some sandwiches, pray five times a day, and don’t do any of the things you’re saying of all Muslims. It’s stereotyping.”

Again, Affleck conflates the actions of people—Muslims—with the teachings of a religion—Islam. Going back to the apostasy example, Islamic law clearly teaches that those who abandon Islam—including as the world recently saw, one pregnant Christian woman, Meriam Ibrahim—are to be executed.   One can therefore say that Sharia calls for the death of apostates.

But can one say with similar certainty that every single Muslim alive today believes that the apostasy penalty should be upheld? Obviously not. Yet this is not a reflection of Islam; it is a reflection of individual human freedom—a freedom that ironically goes against Islamic teaching.

Nonetheless, this conflation of Islam with Muslims is an all too common approach used to shield the former from criticism.   (See this 2007 video where I respond more fully to this question from a concerned reporter.)

Dennis Praeger kommenterede New York Times  lidt oversete Mr. Kristof i National Review

Then the New York Times columnist, Mr. Kristof, offered his take:

The picture you’re painting is to some extent true, but it is hugely incomplete. It is certain that plenty of fanatics and jihadis are Muslim, but [so are] the people who are standing up to them — Malala [the Pakistani twelve-year-old shot and critically wounded by Islamists for attending school and advocating that other girls do so], Muhammad Ali Dadkha in Iran, in prison for nine years for speaking up for Christians, [and] a friend that I had in Pakistan [who] was shot this year, Rashid Rahman, for defending people accused of apostasy.

Kristof’s response is a frequent one. So it is worth responding to.

It is quite true that there are heroic Muslims who are fighting the Islamists throughout the Muslim world — and that some of them have been murdered for doing so. These people are moral giants. But their existence has nothing to do with the criticisms leveled by Maher and Harris, since they never said or implied that all Muslims are bad. There were heroic Germans who fought Hitler and the Nazis. If Kristof had been present when people criticized Germany’s values, would he have labeled them “Germanophobes?”

But it was later in the dialogue that Kristof expressed the most dishonest of the Left’s arguments on this issue: “The great divide is not between Islam and the rest. It’s rather between the fundamentalists and the moderates in each faith.”

“In each faith,” Mr. Kristof?

Where, sir, are the Christian and Jewish jihadists? The only Jewish state in the world is one of the freest countries on earth, with protections — for minority religions and women and homosexuals — unknown anywhere in the Muslim world. And virtually every free country across the globe is in the Christian world.

Presumably, these are just “ugly” facts.

This debate was valuable. Even more valuable would be if Mr. Maher and Mr. Harris came to realize that the death of Judeo-Christian values and their being supplanted by leftism is producing hundreds of millions of people who think like Ben Affleck and Nicholas Kristof.

Og Den frafaldne muslim Sadaf Ali føler sig på Free Thoughts Blogs svigtet af Affleks og kommer midt i vældet af selvretfærdighed med et par udmærkede pointer (der nu mest er udmærkede fordi hun tjener som en af de kokosnødder venstrefløjsere føler sig svigtet af)

I have a personal appeal to Ben Affleck, after his participation on Bill Maher’s show, because it is attitudes like his that have historically made little to no room for ex-Muslims, secular, reformists, liberal or progressive Muslims to own a dialogue that is supposed to be ours to discuss.

I think it is important to notice how I referred to the event on Maher’s show as a scuffle and not a debate. That’s because it wasn’t a debate. There was no exchange of ideas. In fact, the mere suggestion of the criticism of Islam was slammed as ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’ by Affleck.


Affleck uses the death and suffering of my peoples as a tool to suffocate the discourse of Islam and as an Afghan-Canadian, I am upset by this. How dare you? Islam as an ideology is not flawless. No ideology is. Much in the same way Affleck played a part in the film ‘Dogma’ to satirize or criticize Christianity, others are allowed to criticize Islam. Furthermore, Islamists must be confronted. Those who preach the death of apostates and LGBTQ peoples, and seek the inequality of genders and wish to marginalize minorities must be condemned.

The thing that made the scuffle worse was the straw man argument. No one there on the panel insinuated that the flaws in Islam should be used as a justification to murder innocent people halfway across the world. Affleck fails to acknowledge the pain, alienation, ostracization and abuse people also face here in the name of someone’s literal interpretations of Islam. Islamism isn’t just about terrorism. Islamism poisons our cultures around the globe. Islamism hurts me. Islamism hurts apostates. Islamism hurts non-Muslims. Islamism hurts our families. And most of all: Islamism hurts Muslims.


Am I then a racist for criticizing scriptures that clearly condone the infantilization of women, the allowance for physical means to control women and the condemnation of a queer apostate such as myself? Am I, as a secular humanist who is directly affected by my cultural and religious communities, communities in which homophobia, transphobia, sexism and racism exist, not entitled to acceptance, love and dignity? What about those brave and selfless individuals in theocratic regimes who suffer and put their life on the line for their rights? Am I then asking for bombs to be dropped on innocent people? Are activists in theocratic states asking for bombs to be dropped on them?

Og en anden pe… indvandrer, den pakistanske Eiynah ”born and raised in Islam” problematiserer også Afflecks forfladigelse af racismebegrebet og underkendelse af islamkritik i et åbent brev i Pakistan Today

Why should any set of ideas be above criticism, Ben?

Why are Muslims being ‘preserved’ in some time capsule of centuries gone by? Why is it okay that we continue to live in a world where our women are compared to candy waiting to be consumed? Why is it okay for women of the rest of the world to fight for freedom and equality while we are told to cover our shameful bodies? Can’t you see that we are being held back from joining this elite club known as the 21st century?

Noble liberals like yourself always stand up for the misrepresented Muslims and stand against the Islamophobes, which is great but who stands in my corner and for the others who feel oppressed by the religion? Every time we raise our voices, one of us is killed or threatened. I am a blogger and illustrator, no threat to anyone, Ben, except for those afraid of words and drawings. I want the freedom to express myself without the very real fear that I might be killed for it. Is that too much to ask?


What you did by screaming ‘racist!’ was shut down a conversation that many of us have been waiting to have. You helped those who wish to deny there are issues, deny them.

Jeg har valgt at ignorere hendes vrøvlende og selvmodsigende ævl om eksistensen af islamofobi. Venstrefløjen er på vej ind i en alvorlig identitetskrise. De er i deres fokus på deres traditionelle modstandere på højrefløjen blevet blinde over for at den kritik der rejses af multikulturalisme generelt og islam især, lige så vel kunne være deres egen kritik. At hæjrefløjen ikke blot advarer om at deres distinkte værdier er truet, men at de fælles værdier vi bygger vores samfund på er truet. At det er selve ideen om et fællesskab, hvor vi tillader andre det samme som vi tillader os selv. Venstrefløjen må befri sig selv fra den falske skyldfølelse som marxisternes pseudointellektuelle fortælling har forført dem med. Venstrefløjen er nødt til at erkende prisen for de antidemokratiske og undergravende overgangskrav.

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