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Diverse — Drokles on September 4, 2014 at 9:52 am

Den socialkonstruktivistiske forklaring synker endegyldigt i grus (igen, igen, igen,,,). Islam er som islam er, du må tage hele pakken. Fortolkningens Porte lukkede år 800. Intet kommunalt tilbud eller app til iPhonen kan formumme Slutstenen, Det Endelige Segl. Dan Hodges spørger i Telegraph

Today the Government has announced its latest measures to tackle what it will describe as the “Isil terror threat”. “Isil” is a code word. It actually means Muslim terror threat.

Last week the nation was confronted with the graphic, grotesque horror of the Rotherham child rape cases. They had, we were told, been perpetuated by “Asian sex gangs”. In this case the code word was “Asian”. They were in fact Muslim sex gangs.

In July we were confronted with the Birmingham “Trojan Horse” school scandal. The weren’t Trojan Horse schools. They were Muslim schools. Or rather, they we secular schools that were turned into Muslim schools.

This morning, Simon Danczuk – who, along with Ann Cryer and Jack Straw, is one of the few Labour MPs to have had the courage to speak out about the rapes in Rotherham – describes the corruption of the British political process via what he calls “imported” cultural differences from Pakistan. Using Pakistan interchangeably with the term “Asian” he describes how the Muslim community effectively intimidates it political representatives. “Pressure was applied, that’s what will have happened to Denis MacShane and he went along with it,” he said, referring to an admission by the former Rotherham MP that he failed to speak out about the cycle of abuse being perpetrated in his constituency. As before, it’s “Asian” that is the code word.

Something is broken. Terribly broken. We are now being confronted on a monthly basis with fresh evidence of our failure – and it is a collective failure – to successfully integrate the British Muslim community within British society.

Terrorism. Rape. School segregation. Political corruption. These are the products of that failure that we have been presented with since June alone.

Each time one of these fresh abuses comes to light we undergo the same ritual. A report will be issued, and a sombre statement read out in the House of Commons. We will be stunned by what is revealed, and say to ourselves “How can this have happened? Here? In Britain? In 2014?”


Britain’s Muslims are failing to integrate. We need to find out why.

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