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Tidligere oberst i den engelske hær Richard Kemp, gennemgår i Gatestone Institute antallet og baggrunden for de civile tab i Gaza i kampene mellem de israelske sikkerhedsstyrker og Hamas

Are the “overwhelming majority” of the dead really civilians? It would seem so. We see a great deal of grotesque and heart-rending footage of dead and bleeding women and children but never so much as a glimpse of killed or wounded fighters. Nor do reporters question or comment on the complete absence of Gazan military casualties, an extraordinary phenomenon unique to this conflict. The reality of course is that Hamas make great efforts to segregate their military casualties to preserve the fiction that Israel is killing civilians only. There are also increasing indications that Hamas, through direct force or threat, are preventing journalists from filming their fighters, whether dead or alive.

We will not get to the truth until the battle is over. But we know now that Hamas have ordered their people to report all deaths as innocent civilians. We know too that Hamas has a track record of lying about casualties. After Operation Cast Lead, the 2008-09 fighting in Gaza, the IDF estimated that of 1,166 Palestinian deaths, 709 were fighters. Hamas – backed by several NGOs – claimed that only 49 of its fighters had been killed, the rest were innocent civilians. Much later they were forced to admit that the IDF had been right all along and between 600 and 700 of the casualties had in fact been fighters. But the short-memoried media are incapable of factoring this in before broadcasting their ill-founded and inflammatory assertions.

Analysis of casualty details released by Qatar-based Al Jazeera indicate that so far in the conflict most of those killed in Gaza have been young men of fighting age, not women, children or old people. According to one analyst, despite comprising around 50% of the population, the proportion of women among the dead is 21%.

Preliminary analysis by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Israel suggests that 71, or 46.7%, of the first 152 Palestinians killed were fighters and 81, or 53.3%, non-involved civilians.

None of this analysis is definitive. But it does cast doubt upon the accusations of indiscriminate attack against the population by the IDF and upon the UN estimates – widely trumpeted as fact by the media and the not-exactly unbiased United Nations – that between 70 and 80% of Palestinian casualties have been civilians.

Nevertheless, many innocent civilians have tragically been killed. How has this happened, given the IDF’s measures aimed at minimizing such deaths?

IDF commanders say they never intentionally fire at targets where uninvolved civilians are present, a policy that goes much further than the Geneva Conventions demand. This policy has been confirmed to me by foot soldiers on the ground and F16 pilots carrying out strikes into Gaza.

Og Kemp konkluderer omvendt om Hamas

This sickening exploitation of their own people’s suffering, and media’s complicity in it, is nowhere more cynically demonstrated than in the operating theaters of the Gaza Strip. Without the slightest regard for life-saving hygiene, or for the care, privacy or dignity of the wounded, Palestinian officials enthusiastically hustle camera crews in to the emergency room as desperate surgeons battle for a bleeding and broken child’s life.

Hamas and its apologists (…) are weaponizing their dead.” fortæller Ian Tuttle National Review. Døden er nemlig en industri for Hamas og  Time skriver

Hamas, the terrorist group controlling Gaza, endeavors to turn Israel’s military superiority to its own advantage by portraying the Israeli response to intense rocket and mortar fire as disproportionate and indiscriminate. In doing so, it hopes to turn public opinion against the Jewish state, as well as bolster its own standing at the expense of the Fatah-led Palestinian National Authority in the West Bank.

Fatality figures provided by Hamas and other groups should be viewed with suspicion. Not only do Israeli figures cast doubt on claims that the vast majority of fatalities are non-combatants, but a careful review of Palestinian sources also raises doubts.

Analyses of the casualties listed in the daily reports published by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, a Gaza-based organization operating under Hamas rule, indicate that young males ages 17 to 30 make up a large portion of the fatalities, and a particularly noticeable spike occurs between males ages 21 to 27, a pattern consistent with the age distribution typically found among combatants and military conscripts. Palestinian sources attempt to conceal this discrepancy with their public message by labeling most of these young men as civilians. Only a minority is identified as members of armed groups. As a result, the PCHR calculates civilian fatalities at 82% as of July 26. PCHR provides the most detailed casualty reports of the various Palestinian agencies from Gaza that provide figures to the media and to international organizations like the UN. Its figures closely match those of the Hamas-run Gazan Health Ministry and other groups.

Israel mener at 47% af de dræbte palæstinensere er civile ifølge Daily Star. Og hvor mange af de dræbte civile blev så dræbt af de israelske styrker? Det ved vi endnu ikke, men FN skolen ved Rafa blev ikke bombet af Israelerne, ifølge Thomas Wictors grundige billedanalyser.

Here’s where the strike actually took place.


The green arrow marks the school gates. On the ground are the two targets of the strike. One has a beard and holds his index finger up in the Wahabbist symbol of there being one God for whom this chunkster will kill and die. The Man in Black with the latex gloves is supposed to be some kind of paramedic, but he’s just an actor, as you’ll see. Note the scaffolding marked by the red arrow.

Now, suddenly the two men who were targeted on the street are on the school grounds!

Rafah_changed places

They’ve also changed places. The Wahabbist was on the other wounded man’s right side; now he’s on his left. And the man in the red shirt, lying behind both wounded men? The last time we saw him, he was in the street.


He’s unhurt. Like almost everybody else, he’s pretending. At some point a little girl appears. Don’t worry; she’s not injured.


The Man in Black roars for help, and Red Shirt is still proned out, but the brown-shirted man who was lying next to him is now gone. Here’s another photo of the little girl.


Though we’re told she’s dead, her mouth is now open, and Brown Shirt has definitely dematerialized. Like my ghost cat. A man wearing a baseball cap stoops to help the little girl.

He picks her up. But wait! Brown shirt is back! I’ve marked him with a green arrow.


He’s sitting up, next to his hale and hearty friend Red Shirt.

The man who picked up the little girl is getting ready to take her to the ambulance.


Behind him, Brown Shirt has gotten to his knees. He’s going to be fine. The Wahabbist on the right is now pointing to where he thinks he’s headed. A graybeard in a purple shirt helpfully screams like a maniac. Behind him to the right, a bored girls stands with her arms folded.

The man who picked up the “wounded” little girl now sprints through the gates, carrying her to safety.


Hold on: It’s a completely different man. Did he steal the little girl from the other guy? Or did this man take her because he’s younger and fitter, so he can run faster? Yes, that’s what happened. His plan is to just keep on running. Forever.


Look how far he is from the school gate. Where the hell is he going?

Og på billederne kan man se det typiske Pallywoodske touch

Denne snart 10 år gamle film fortæller i detaljer, hvorledes mange massakrer og krigsforbrydelser bliver til for et forvent antisemitisk publikum

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