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Der er en besynderlig tendens blandt politikere og journalister til at tale om proportionalitet, hver gang Israel prygler muslimske terrorister til alles bedste. Proportionalitet forstår de gammel testamenteligt, som øje for øje, tand for tand - at Israel kun skal besvare Hamas raketter så langt som disse rent faktisk skader Israel (men ikke gengældt mod palæstinensiske civile, for så er der tale om krigsforbrydelser). Men faktisk ligner proportionalitet i krig mere Chicago metoden, som gamle Sean Connery gør rede for

Gangstere og terrorister forstår kun stokken! Shoshana Bryen uddyber lidt mere fagligt proportionalitetsbegrebet for Gatestone Institute

Finally, Dr. Françoise Hampton, University of Essex (UK) wrote about the concept of “military necessity.”

Military necessity is a legal concept used in international humanitarian law (IHL) as part of the legal justification for attacks on legitimate military targets that may have adverse, even terrible, consequences for civilians and civilian objects. It means that military forces in planning military actions are permitted to take into account the practical requirements of a military situation at any given moment and the imperatives of winning.

What constitutes a military objective will change during the course of a conflict. As some military objectives are destroyed, the enemy will use other installations for the same purpose, thereby making them military objectives and their attack justifiable under military necessity. There is a similarly variable effect on the determination of proportionality. The greater the military advantage anticipated, the larger the amount of collateral damage - often civilian casualties - which will be “justified” or “necessary.

Civilian casualties are much to be mourned, but what becomes clear – absent the propaganda element or a shaky notion of sportsmanship – is that Israel has the right and indeed the obligation to defend its people, has the right to “win” the war of self-defense that it is fighting, and has taken account of the requirements of international law regarding “proportionality” and “military necessity.” This, coupled with the willingness of Israel to accept the Egyptian-sponsored ceasefire, acceptance of a UN-sponsored humanitarian truce, and the continued provision of food, medicine, and electricity to the residents of Gaza, should help erase the “buts” of fair-minded people.

Send them to the morgue!

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