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En fin artikel om BBC’s men også medierne generelt manglende omtale af islam og muslimer når islamiske terrorister myrder løs fra Pajamas Media

So, what are the essential pieces of information about today’s Kenya incident? Most everyone (including the perpetrators) would agree that:

Islamic fundamentalist terrorists purposely targeted an exclusive mall in Nairobi frequented by non-Muslims in order to massacre infidels.

So: How does the BBC communicate this information to its readers in its headline? Behold:

Right off the bat, even in the headline itself, the BBC commits a litany of egregious and inexcusable journalistic errors.

The first and most obvious blunder is the missing subject. Who did what? Well, according the the BBC, an entity called a “shoot-out” committed mass murder in Nairobi. Note how there are no human actors in the headline. It wasn’t people who killed 11, it was an inanimate and leaderless “shoot-out” that killed 11.

This is a basic grammatical snafu which even freshmen journalism students quickly learn to avoid. But not the BBC, apparently.

On a second, more subtle, level, use of the word “shoot-out” implies that there were two equal combatants involved, and that therefore blame can be spread around to everyone. But as we know, it wasn’t at first a “shoot-out” — it was a group of terrorists massacring unarmed non-Muslims. (Only much later, after police arrived, did it devolve into a shoot-out.)

Jeg har ikke læst Berlingske Tidendes dækning, da deres artikler, selv nyhedsartiklerne, som er gratis alle andre steder, er skjult bag en betalingsvæg. Men jeg så dette billede, som de illustrerer det med


Muslimske terrorister myrder løs på ikke-muslimer fordi de er ikke-muslimer. Berlingske Tidende vælger at illustrere det en muslim, der hjælper en der ikke ligner en muslim.

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