Islamisk ægteskabsløfte: Til sekreterne jer skiller

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Der skrives sandheder om islam i disse dage. Jyllands-Posten skriver om “40 dageskoner i Indien for 10.000 kroner

De såkaldte kontraktægteskaber er forbudt i Indien, ligesom de, ifølge forkæmpere for muslimske kvinders rettigheder, i det hele taget er forbudt i islam. På trods af det er et fænomen ved at udvikle sig i Hyderabad, en meget fattig by med næsten syv millioner indbyggere i Sydindien.

Her udnytter velhavende udlændinge lokale agenter samt quzi’er, som er regeringsudpegede muslimske præster, fattigdommen blandt byens muslimske familier.

I Hyderabad er det muligt at købe sig til et “ægteskab”, som kun varer et begrænset stykke tid, for at få sex, da det er ulovligt for muslimer at gå til en prostitueret.

Nu skal vi jo selvfølgelig huske på, at islam er mange ting, så der skal differentieres - og det overlader vi til Robert Spencer

Temporary wives are found in large numbers in seminary towns where young clerics-in-training are away from home and lonely.

This is a Shi’ite concept that mainstream Sunnis ostensibly reject; the Shi’ites point out that Muhammad allowed it, while the Sunnis maintain that he later abolished the practice. Shi’ites also justify it by reference to Qur’an 4:24, which says: “And those of whom ye seek content (by marrying them), give unto them their portions as a duty. And there is no sin for you in what ye do by mutual agreement after the duty (hath been done).” They see in that reference to “what ye do by mutual agreement” the allowance of a time limit.

Og for at det ikke skal være løgn så kan Khaled Abu Toameh fra Gatestone Institute nuancere det yderligere

According to reports in a number of Arab media outlets, the jihadis are importing Muslim girls to satisfy their sexual needs.

The sexual exploitation of girls was revealed after several Tunisian families reported that their teenage daughters had gone missing in recent months.

It later transpired that the girls had been dispatched to serve to Syria on “jihad marriages.” In other words, the girls had been sent to Syria to satisfy the sexual needs of the anti-Assad jihadis.

The jihadis, some of whom are affiliated with Al-Qaeda, are probably not getting enough weapons from Arabs and Westerners to fight against Assad’s forces. But what is evident is that they are in the meantime getting enough supplies of young girls to satisfy their sexual needs.

The phenomenon apparently began after a Saudi religious scholar, Mohamed al-Arifi, reportedly issued a fatwa [religious decree] allowing Muslim girls to go on “jihad marriages” in Syria. Al-Arifi has since denied issuing the fatwa.

The fatwa purportedly allows the jihadis, who abandoned their wives to fight against Assad’s regime, to marry girls for a few hours to satisfy their sexual needs.

But even if there never were such a fatwa, as the Saudi scholar says, what is evident is that Tunisian girls are being sexually exploited by the jihadis in Syria.

Og som om det ikke var nok med at jihadister kan få sig et hurtigt halal-knald, så kan alle med lidt i lommerne fortæller The Star

Nezar’s face is tight with expectation as she arrives for the meeting. She is a heavy-set mother of 12 and as she arranges herself on the small sofa in Um Majed’s living room she removes her black veil and the pious black gloves that allow her to shake hands with men who are not her relatives.

Um Majed sets down small cups of hot Turkish coffee to ease the tension. Nezar is a Syrian refugee and looking for a husband for her daughter. She lists the girl’s qualities.

“She is tall and pretty,” she tells Um Majed. “She finished the seventh grade.”

“There is one available. He is Saudi,” Um Majed answers.

This is what Nezar wants to hear. Saudis, flush with petrodollars, will pay well. She has high hopes for this Saudi.

So does Um Majed who will earn a $287 fee if the two sides agree to the match.

Um Majed, 28, is also a Syrian refugee, a former housewife from Homs. Um Majed isn’t her actual name but a respectable Arab moniker meaning ‘mother of Majed,’ her young son. She doesn’t want her full name published because of her shame about what she does for a living: procuring brides, some as young as 12, for men as old as 70 from all over the Middle East in exchange for money.

Islam er i sandhed en religion rig på nuancer.

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