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Premierminister Manuel Valls advarer om antisemitismen uden at adressere problemet

Antisemitisme — Drokles on March 11, 2015 at 10:49 am

Den franske premierminister Manuel Valls advarer om den utålelige stigning i antisemitisme i Europa

Diagnosticere problemet siger den kære premierminister Valls og rabler om internettet, paraboler og fattigdom. Den europæiske løsning er da også at forsøge at begrænse overvåge internettet, frisere medierne og give flere penge til muslimspecifikke projekter. Men tidligere har Manuel Valls sat lighedstegn mellem antizionisme og antisemitisme ifølge Arutz Sheva, så man kunne næsten tro hans bekymring for jødernes velbefindende var lige så ægte som hans ængstelse for den virkelige trussel

Prime Minister Manuel Valls of France says the increasing anti-Israel and anti-Israel sentiments in French society have all the elements necessary to categorize them as anti-Semitism.

“In the 1970s, a new type of Jew-hatred emerged among elites,” Valls told The Wall Street Journal, “one that expressed itself primarily as hostility to Zionism and Israel. This new bigotry has all the [old] components of anti-Semitism, [including] a ‘plot’-based view of imagined Jewish conspiracies.’’

Valls said that this anti-Semitism of the elites has gradually “followed a migration, [impacting] young people in the poor neighborhoods.”

He said he fears that the anti-Semitism prevalent in today’s French society is “much deeper [than just] a couple of idiots who desecrate Jewish cemeteries.” He continued with incredulity: “In 2013 or 2014, you have people in the streets of Paris chanting ‘Death to the Jews!’ And in all the attacks in Paris or the attacks in Copenhagen, targeting the Jews is really at the heart of their motivation.”

Valls has also termed the recent terror attacks against Jews in Paris and as acts of “Islamo-fascism.”

Posten her er lettere inspireret af Hodja.

Billeder af racialt selvhad

Demografi, Diverse, Kristendom, Multikultur, Pressen, Race, Racisme, USA, venstrefløjen — Drokles on March 10, 2015 at 2:36 pm

Blot en lille amerikansk stemningsrapport fra de moralsk overlegne på venstrefløjen. Think Progress fortæller om den sørgelige demografiske og åndelige udvikling i USA. Hvide kristne bliver en stadigt mindre del af befolkningen

A new study reports that white Christians, long understood to be the primary shapers of American politics and culture, are rapidly losing their majority status across the country — even in traditionally conservative states.

Earlier this week, Jonathan Merritt of the Religion News Service dug into data from the American Values Atlas, a website unveiled late last year by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) that aggregates polling information on the political opinions, values, and religious affiliations of Americans. The wealth of data is a lot to sift through, but Merritt pointed to a striking revelation: white Christians, once the majority in virtually every major population area in America, are now a minority in 19 states.

For their surveys, PRRI defines “white Christian” as evangelical Protestants, mainline Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox Christians who list their identity as “white, non-Hispanic.” (Interestingly, PRRI also includes white Mormons in this group, who are sometimes listed by sociologists as separate from the rest of Christianity due to their unique religious views and texts.)


Think Progress Facebook venner var svært begejstrede over at de hvide, long understood to be the primary shapers of American politics and culture, er på tilbagetog. Her et par af de første kommentarer fra de hundredevis skadefro HVIDE amerikanere

Richard Toker Guess you old white racist men are on the way out!


Leah Alley Yes they are, this is also true about “white” people in general,many are interracial, a large amount of people are gay,It wont be long before the mighty hunters and the fishermen are gone too. A new world is forming. Less racism more acceptance.


Kyung Sook people who have common sense would not follow christian today. They promoting hate.


Lois Kaznica Best news all day.


Jep, fem HVIDE børn, er ikke for mange når det er ens egne.

Calvin Lindfors Not the majority doesn’t mean they aren’t still the plurality, which means they’ll unfortunately hold disproportionate power for a while yet.

Paulina Martinez Exactly. It’ll be like apartheid for a while yet.


Wendy Winett Costello Does it matter??? HOw many are humans? HOw many are kind? HOw many are starving?

Oliver Flores Of course it matters, you think a religious group is gonna end hunger? No my friend, is scientific advancements what will fix it, not praying for miracles.

Lockley Alsoknownas Joe If you’re a “White Privilege” denier, than I guess it doesn’t matter. But most deniers are also benefactors of the aforementioned privilege.


Kathryn Hilton Yay. I’m white but I gave up being a Christian in exchange for being a kind, compassionate, loving human being.


Mark Williams Arizona, Texas, and Florida demonstrate that a minority can still rule. But as with South Africa, Apartheid tactics can only work for so long.


James Shamus Nilan thank goodness to see it happening in my lifetime

Tracey Hering Goodman Finally some good news.

Nicole Coelho Antoun Thank god. And I say that as a white Christian.


Kari Hulgaard Well thank goodness diversity is becoming the norm!


Veronica Pawlus Hargrove Great news!


Sally Basile It can’t happen fast enough IMO.

Det er ikke glæden ved nye ansigter, der var gennemgående blandt kommentarerne. Det var glæden ved af hvide blev i mindretal. En glæde, man givetvis ikke ville dele, hvis der kom et stort hvidt rykind i Afrika.

Tillykke til kvindernes internationale vaskedag

Akademia, Diverse — Drokles on March 8, 2015 at 5:59 am

Hjernevaskedag, burde jeg sige med denne 5 år gamle norske dokumentar. Bare rolig, der er engelske undertekster.

Hjernevask (Brainwash) is a Norwegian popular science documentary series that aired on Norwegian television in 2010. The series was produced by Harald Eia and Ole Martin Ihle, and was completed in seven episodes consisting of interviews with Norwegian and foreign researchers who have different views on the nature versus nurture debate.

Wikipedia skriver: “The Nordic Council of Ministers closed the Nordic Gender Institute following the broadcast of Hjernevask.

Voldemort kaster skygger over skolen

“Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself”

Hermoine Granger

De Konservative og Dansk Folkeparti foreslår at at Muhammedkrisen bliver et obligatorisk emne på baggrund af et forslag fra religionslærerne om at Jyllands-Postens Muhammedtegninger trykkes i elevernes lærebøger. Det kan vi altså forstå at de ikke er nu for, som kommunikationschef hos det digitale undervisningsforlag Clio online Thomas Overholdt Hansen siger er det ”et følsomt et emne” og de ‘vurderede’ derfor “at det ikke gav nogen læringsmæssig værdi for eleverne at se tegningerne.”.

I Jyllands-Posten bliver forlaget fra De Konservative til overskriften “K: Muhammedtegninger skal være pensum i skolen”, mens forslaget fra Dansk Folkeparti på Danmarks Radio hedder “DF vil tvinge lærere til at undervise i Muhammedtegningerne”. Til Danmarks Radio siger religionslærernes formand John Rydahl

- De tegninger udløser noget, der kunne ligne en religiøs reaktion, som så udvikler sig til et samfundsproblem. Så der er mulighed for at få belyst, om der er en sammenhæng mellem religiøsitet og følelser. Og der er også mulighed for at stille spørgsmål om, hvorvidt det er religiøsitet, det handler om, eller om der i virkeligheden er politiske motiver i det også, siger John Rydahl.

Besværligt at hente tegninger udefra

Religionslærerformanden understreger, at Muhammedtegningerne ved en direkte tilstedeværelse i lærebøgerne sikres at være en fast del af undervisningen.

- Lige så snart læreren skal hente noget ind udefra, bliver det mere besværligt. Og det vil også gøre det tydeligere for eleverne, hvad der er tale om, siger John Rydahl, der afviser, at opfordringen har til hensigt at støde nogen som helst.

Så religionslærerforeningen er grundlæggende kun interesseret i at vaske islam ren, for en udefrakommende politisk besudling. Men formanden for foreningen af lærere i historie og samfundsfag, Dennis Hornhave Jacobsen er af en anden opfattelse. Han mener at selv en renvaskning af islam er farlig fordi de sidder en masse muslimer i klasserne. Det ikke bare ligner, men er en religiøs reaktion uden politiske motiver og at det derfor ”kan lukke for en reel diskussion om, hvad ytringsfrihed er, fordi der sidder børn rundt omkring i skolerne, som mener, at Muhammedtegningerne er forkastelige, og hvor diskussionen stopper der”. Eller, det må i hvert fald være præmissen for hans advarsel.

Og det er  formanden for Skolelederforeningen Claus Hjortdal enig i. Undervisning i tegninger som nogen finder provokerende “det har vi ikke brug for i folkeskolen”

- Man kan sagtens fortælle om det uden at vise billederne, siger han til DR Nyheder.

Det syn er lærernes formand Anders Bondo ikke helt enig i. Han mener i stedet at tegningerne er direkte obskøne

Jeg kunne aldrig finde på at vise en pornofilm for mine elever. Men derfor kan jeg selvfølgelig godt undervise dem om porno, og som sådan kan man også godt undervise om Muhammedkrisen uden at vise tegningerne

Han mener derfor at dokumentation af et emne ikke går “hånd i hånd med folkeskolens værdier”, der handler om velvære

- I folkeskolen arbejder vi med, at man skal være gode ved hinanden. Man er kammerater, forklarer han over for DR Nyheder.

- Hvis man ved, at der er nogen, der bliver såret af, at vi viser nogle tegninger, så modarbejder det de principper, vi arbejder med, når vi arbejder med mobning.

Så til alle tyndhuder; skriv jeres forurettelser ned og send dem til Han Som Ikke Må Nævnes. Tegninger, jøder, kvinder i bare arme og frikadeller, alle som een står de i vejen Folkeskolens principper. Voldemort er tilbage.

Når ulve hyler VII (jøde special)

Diverse — Drokles on March 6, 2015 at 2:29 pm

Inspireret af den veldrejede amerikanske skuespiller Shoshana Roberts vandring i New York for at dokumentere mænds ublu komplimenter til kvinder gadeplan (farvede mænd, skulle det vise sig) og Israeli Zvikas lignende forsøg for at dokumentere antisemitisme, har den engelske journalist Jonathan Kalmus udviddet eksperimentet til flere europæiske byer, bl.a København. Daily Mail skriver

With as many as 45 per cent of British Jews fearing they ‘may not have a future in Britain’, according to a survey by the Campaign Against Antisemitism - and following an experiment by Israeli Zvika Klein on the streets of Paris, British journalist Jonathan Kalmus decided to test the levels of prejudice in two British cities with shocking results. Volunteers in Copenhagen and Rome also suffered some abuse, as well as welcoming reactions, while Jewish journalists in Stockholm and Berlin walked for hours without incident.

‘You Jew’ was the anti-Semitic scream which came from a passing car. My shaken wife tried to explain it away to my seven-year-old daughter as a very large sneeze. They were simply playing in a local park in Manchester a few weeks ago when the incident ripped through what should have been a peaceful and wholesome time for any mother and child.

‘Fight the Jewish scum’ and ‘Jew, Jew, Jew… Run’, were the more vicious threats hurled at me in the past few days, however, when I decided to secretly film and find out whether ‘Jew-hatred’ really is alive and kicking on British streets.

The answer to that question is a resounding and heart-sinking yes.


Hugs from strangers overshadowed by vile taunts in Copenhagen

After the recent shootings outside the synagogue in Copenhagen, it seemed a bad idea to wear a kippah in Mjølnerparken, where the assassin grew up.

It is an area that is known to have lots of gangs and there is no desire to stir up racial tensions. That said, it quickly became apparent that hardly anyone was taking any notice of it.

While walking down Nørrebrogade, a Jewish man wanted to walk beside me in a gesture to offer protection. But given the only reaction was a couple of glances, there didn’t seem much need. It was fine to continue walking.

The dad was explaining to his son that the ‘man in front of them’ had found his God and they should be happy for me.

There was only ever the feeling of somebody taking a quick look here and there and I was not aware of any abuse. When meeting a friend at the end of filming the experiment, she barely noticed it and I had also almost forgotten that I was wearing it.

I did not hear the ‘f*** you little jew’ comment at the time. It was only when we were editing the shots that it became clear.

Omar Shargawi, Palestinian-Danish filmmaker, Copenhagen

Den muslimske invasion af Indien

Tarek Fatah henviser til dette uddrag fra den yderst anbefalelsesværdige “The Story of Civilization

The Mohammedan Conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precarious thing, whose delicatecomplex of order and liberty, culture and peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within. The Hindus had allowed their strength to be wasted in internal division and war; they hadadopted religions like Buddhism and Jainism, which unnerved them for the tasks of life; they had failed to organize their forces for the protection of their frontiers and their capitals, their wealth and their freedom, from the hordes of Scythians, Huns, Afghans and Turks hovering about India’s boundaries and waiting for national weakness to let them in.For four hundred years (600-1000 A.D.) India invited conquest; and at last it came. The firstMoslem attack was a passing raid upon Multan, in the western Punjab (664 A.D.) Similarraids occurred at the convenience of the invaders during the next three centuries, with theresult that the Moslems established themselves in the Indus valley about the same time thattheir Arab co-religionists in the West were fighting the battle of Tours (732 A.D.) for themastery of Europe.But the real Moslem conquest of India did not come till the turn of the first millennium afterChrist. In the year 997 a Turkish chieftain by the name of Mahmud became sultan of thelittle estate of Ghazni, in eastern Afghanistan. Mahmud knew that his throne was young andpoor, and saw that India, across the border, was old and rich; the conclusion was obvious.Pretending a holy zeal for destroying Hindu idolatry, he swept across the frontier with aforce inspired by a pious aspiration for booty. He met the unprepared Hindus at Bhimnagar,slaughtered them, pillaged their cities, destroyed their temples, and carried away theaccumulated treasures of centuries.Returning to Ghazni he astonished the ambassadors of foreign powers by displaying “jewelsand unbored pearls and rubies shining like sparks, or like wine congealed with ice, andemeralds like fresh sprigs of myrtle, and diamonds in size and weight like pomegranates.”

Each winter Mahmud descended into India, filled his treasure chest with spoils, and amusedhis men with full freedom to pillage and kill; each spring he returned to his capital richerthan before.

At Mathura (on the Jumna) he took from the temple its statues of gold encrusted withprecious stones, and emptied its coffers of a vast quantity of gold, silver and jewellery; heexpressed his admiration for the architecture of the great shrine, judged that its duplication would cost one hundred million dinars and the labour of two hundred years, and thenordered it to be soaked with naphtha and burnt to the ground.

Six years later he sacked another opulent city of northern India, Somnath, killed all its fifty thousand inhabitants, and dragged its wealth to Ghazni. In the end he became, perhaps, therichest king that history has ever known.Sometimes he spared the population of the ravaged cities, and took them home to be sold asslaves; but so great was the number of such captives that after some years no one could befound to offer more than a few shillings for a slave.Before every important engagement Mahmud knelt in prayer, and asked the blessing of Godupon his arms. He reigned for a third of a century; and when he died, full of years andhonours, Moslem historians ranked him as the greatest monarch of his time, and one of thegreatest sovereigns of any age.

Seeing the canonization that success had brought to this magnificent thief, other Moslemrulers profited by his example, though none succeeded in bettering his instruction.In 1186 the Ghuri, a Turkish tribe of Afghanistan, invaded India, captured the city of Delhi,destroyed its temples, confiscated its wealth, and settled down in its palaces to establish theSultanate of Delhi- an alien despotism fastened upon northern India for three centuries, andchecked only by assassination and revolt. The first of these bloody sultans, Kutb-ud-Din Aibak, was a normal specimen of his kind -fanatical, ferocious and merciless. His gifts, as the Mohammedan historian tells us, “werebestowed by hundreds of thousands, and his slaughters likewise were by hundreds of thousands.”In one victory of this warrior (who had been purchased as a slave), “fifty thousand mencame under the collar of slavery, and the plain became black as pitch with Hindus.”

Another sultan, Balban, punished rebels and brigands by casting them under the feet of elephants, removing their skins, stuffing these with straw and hanging them from the gatesof Delhi. When some Mongolian habitants who had settled in Delhi, and had been converted toIslam, attempted arising, Sultan Ala-ud-din (the conqueror of Chitor) had all the males -from fifteen to thirty thousand of them - slaughtered in one day.

Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlak acquired the throne by murdering his father, became a greatscholar and an elegant writer, dabbled in mathematics, physics and Greek philosophy,surpassed his predecessors in bloodshed and brutality, fed the flesh of a rebel nephew to therebel’s wife and children, ruined the country with reckless inflation, and laid it waste withpillage and murder till the inhabitants fled to the jungle.He killed so many Hindus that, in the words of a Moslem historian, “there was constantly infront of his royal pavilion and his Civil Court a mound of dead bodies and a heap of corpses, while the sweepers and executioners were wearied out by their work of dragging” the victims“and putting them to death in crowds.”

In order to found a new capital at Daulatabad he drove every inhabitant from Delhi and leftit a desert; and hearing that a blind man had stayed behind in Delhi, he ordered him to bedragged from the old to the new capital, so that only a leg remained of the wretch when hislast journey was finished.

The Sultan complained that the people did not love him, or recognize his undeviating justice.He ruled India for a quarter of a century, and died in bed. His successor, Firoz Shah, invadedBengal, offered a reward for every Hindu head, paid for 180,000 of them, raided Hindu villages for slaves, and died at the ripe age of eighty. Sultan Ahmad Shah feasted for threedays whenever the number of defenceless Hindus slain in his territories in one day reachedtwenty thousand.

These rulers were often men of ability, and their followers were gifted with fierce courageand industry; only so can we understand how they could have maintained their rule among ahostile people so overwhelmingly outnumbering them. All of them were armed with a religion militaristic in operation, but far superior in its stoicalmonotheism to any of the popular cults of India; they concealed its attractiveness by making the public exercise of the Hindu religions illegal, and thereby driving them more deeply intothe Hindu soul.Some of these thirsty despots had culture as well as ability; they patronized the arts, andengaged artists and artisans–usually of Hindu origin– to build for them magnificentmosques and tombs; some of them were scholars, and delighted in converse with historians,poets and scientists.One of the greatest scholars of Asia, Alberuni, accompanied Mahmud of Ghazni to India,and wrote a scientific survey of India comparable to Pliny’s “Natural History” andHumboldt’s “Cosmos”.

The Moslem historians were almost as numerous as the generals, and yielded nothing tothem in the enjoyment of bloodshed and war. The Sultans drew from the people every rupeeof tribute that could be exacted by the ancient art of taxation, as well as by straightforwardrobbery; but they stayed in India, spent their spoils in India, and thereby turned them back into India’s economic life.Nevertheless, their terrorism and exploitation advanced that weakening of Hindu physiqueand morale, which had been begun by an exhausting climate, an inadequate diet, politicaldisunity, and pessimistic religions. The usual policy of the Sultans was clearly sketched by Ala-ud-din, who required his advisersto draw up “rules and regulations for grinding down the Hindus, and for depriving them of that wealth and property which fosters disaffection and rebellion.”

Half of the gross produce of the soil was collected by the government; native rulers hadtaken one-sixth. “No Hindu,” says a Moslem historian, “could hold up his head, and in theirhouses no sign of gold or silver…or of any superfluity was to be seen…. Blows, confinementin the stocks, imprisonment and chains, were all employed to enforce payment.” When one of his own advisers protested against this policy, Alauddin answered: “Oh,Doctor, thou art a learned man, but thou hast no experience; I am an unlettered man, but Ihave a great deal. Be assured, then, that the Hindus will never become submissive andobedient till they are reduced to poverty. I have therefore given orders that just sufficientshall be left to them from year to year of corn, milk and curds, but that they shall not beallowed to accumulate and property.”

This is the secret of the political history of modern India. Weakened by division, itsuccumbed to invaders; impoverished by invaders, it lost all power of resistance, and took refuge in supernatural consolations; it argued that both mastery and slavery were superficialdelusions, and concluded that freedom of the body or the nation was hardly worthdefending in so brief a life. The bitter lesson that may be drawn from this tragedy is that eternal vigilance is the price of civilization. A nation must love peace, but keep its powder dry.


The Muslim Issue, hvor ovenstående billede er hentet, har mere om den muslimske invasion af Indien.

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