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Palæstinenserne vinder udadtil, hvad de taber indadtil

Akademia, Antisemitisme, Arabere, Arabiske forår, Diverse, Hamas, Israel, Jihad, Muslimer, Syrien, islam, muhammed — Drokles on July 18, 2014 at 10:45 pm

Venstreradikale, Mogens Lykketoft og andre selvfede europæere sympatiserer måske mere med palæstinenserne som Hamas ofrer dem for PR. Men araberne med deres forårs erfaringer gider dem ikke så meget mere. fra Jerusalem Post

The Egyptian foreign minister said Thursday that Hamas is at fault for the IDF’s need to enter Gaza in a ground operation.

“Had Hamas accepted the Egyptian proposal, it could have saved the lives of at least 40 Palestinians,” said Sameh Shoukri, Egypt’s FM, as reported by Egyptian state news agency MENA.

Og det afspejler sig i den ellers generelt jødehadende befolkning skriver Gatestone Institue

Some Egyptians are even openly expressing hope that Israel will completely destroy Hamas, which they regard as the “armed branch of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.”

Sisi’s Egypt has not forgiven Hamas for its alliance with Muslim Brotherhood and its involvement in terrorist attacks against Egyptian civilians and soldiers over the past year.

The Egyptians today understand that Hamas and other radical Islamist groups pose a serious threat to their national security. That is why the Egyptian authorities have, over the past year, been taking tough security measures not only against Hamas, but also the entire population of the Gaza Strip.

These measures include the destruction of dozens of smuggling tunnels along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt and the designation of Hamas as a terrorist organization.

True, there are still many Egyptians and Arabs who sympathize with Hamas, mainly because it is being targeted by Israel. But over the past week, there are also different voices coming out of Egypt and some other Arab countries — voices that publicly support the Israeli military operation against the Islamist movement in the Gaza Strip.

Og Memri har samlet et potpourri af avis skribenter, der tager afstand fra Hamas, her i uddrag

Egyptian Columnist: Hamas Is Losing Its Legitimacy

In an article titled “Gaza Is not All Hamas”, Dr. Nagla Al-Sayyid, a columnist in the Egyptian daily Al-Gumhouriyya, wrote that Hamas was losing its legitimacy because it was trading in the blood of Palestinians while exploiting the financial aid it was receiving to promote its political and ideological interests: “How terrible it is to see children, women and elderly people falling victim to the Zionist enemy that is committing crimes against humanity. [These crimes are being committed] against a defenseless people that is under fire – [both] the fire of its Israeli enemy and the fire of Hamas, which trades in the blood of the innocents who have died and are still dying at the hands of the Zionists. I believe that Hamas has begun to lose its legitimacy since [the events] exposed its sly games and its collaboration with the MB and with takfiri [organizations] with the aim of taking over the Sinai. All the Hamas leaders are doing – as they sit securely in their hiding places while leaving the people of Gaza alone under the fire of the Israeli shelling – is collecting donations in order to use them in the service of their ideas and the political [faction to which] they belong, while allowing the real enemy, the oppressive Zionist enemy, to fight innocents. Unfortunately, Hamas has not learned a lesson from the past. Through its support for the MB, its ideological and political affiliation with [this movement], its stance against the Egyptian people and its deliberate harming of this people, [Hamas] has harmed the Palestinian cause and have proved itself to be an imbecilic and failed movement.[3]

Egyptian Writer Compares Hamas, MB, Hizbullah To Hitler

In a July 14, 2014 article on the liberal website, Egyptian writer and journalist Kamal Gabriel compared Hamas to Hitler, saying that not only has it caused significant damage to the Palestinian people and their cause, it has damaged them more than Israel has. He wrote:

“It is indeed tragic when a dictator or a criminal gang takes over a people and makes it a hostage and a tool for antagonism towards the [entire] world. Hitler in Germany and Saddam [Hussein] in Iraq did this [in the past]; Hizbullah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza are doing it now; and the ‘Destructive Brotherhood’ [i.e. the MB] almost did it in Egypt.

“These Palestinian gangs plunder the cause of the oppressed Palestinian people by repeatedly reenacting the story of Samson, who brought down the [Philistine] temple on his and everyone else’s heads. They do this in their own country and in every country that hosts them – in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Kuwait. These organizations have become a curse on the Palestinian people…”

“Oh, you unpatriotic soul! Can’t you sympathize with Hamas, like always?!” (Al-Masri Al-Yawm, Egypt, July 10, 2014)

‘Al-Sharq Al-Awsat’ Editor: Hamas Trades In The Blood Of Its People

Salman Al-Dosari, editor of the London-based Saudi daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, claimed that Hamas trades in the blood of its people: “Those who follow Israel’s attacks on Gaza are flabbergasted by the limited number of Israeli losses versus the vast number on the Palestinian side. Hamas, for its part, has never published any data on its enemy’s losses. Nobody [in Hamas] is asking if the loss of [Palestinian] life is justified. [Hamas considers it] more important to encourage the voices [calling out] the slogan of resistance, which sounds nice but does not take into account the horrible consequences.

“[The story of Hamas] is the story of Hassan Nasrallah and his resistance to Israel, which ended in the destruction of half of Lebanon [in 2006]… When has Hamas ever stopped trading in the blood of its people?!”[5]

Salman Al-Dosari (image: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, July 13, 2014)

Saudi Journalist: Hamas Is Sacrificing The People Of Gaza

Dr. Amal ‘Abd Al-’Aziz Al-Hazzani, a columnist for the London-based Saudi daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, wrote in a similar vein that Hamas sacrifices the people of Gaza while falsely claiming victory over Israel. “Adding fuel to the fire of the Gaza victims is the repeated media hypocrisy and the disgusting tear-jerking speeches that we don’t stop hearing every time Hamas decides to sacrifice some of the people of Gaza. Only rarely do they speak the truth. The Arab street doesn’t want to hear anything aside from curses against Israel, and that is easy, because we’ve been cursing it for over 60 years. But what is disheartening is that the blood of the Gazans has become a bargaining chip in the hands of [Binyamin] Netanyahu and Khaled Mash’al…

“The Arabs titter on Twitter when they see a picture of Israeli soldiers hitting the ground as a missile passes, although this is natural behavior. They also laugh at the reports that Israelis rush to take cover in the shelters. This, while the Israeli bombings pulverize the Palestinians’ homes over their heads and they die under the ruins… They laugh in derision [when they read] reports about Iron Dome missing a Qassam missile – but what they fail to realize is that this dome is a strategic project in whose development the [Israeli] government invested without stint, and which has so far intercepted over 85% of the missiles [fired] from Gaza, and this percentage is expected to climb. Let the numbers talk and clarify how many dead and wounded there are on each side, so tomorrow one of these sides [i.e., Hamas] does not emerge to declare a divine victory despite the corpses of the Gaza children.”[7]

Syrian Ba’th Party Communiqué: Some Hamas Leaders Are Abandoning The Resistance In Favor Of American Interests

Hamas also came in for criticism in Syria, which has expelled the movement’s leaders from Damascus due to its support of the anti-Assad rebellion. For example, a communiqué issued by the national leadership of Syria’s ruling Ba’th party stated that the Hamas leadership, just like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, had abandoned resistance and was collaborating with the American plan to promote chaos in Syria. It said: “What whetted the Zionist entity’s appetite [to commit] this aggression [in Gaza] was [its desire to] exploit the fact that some Hamas leaders recently left their cause in the hands of the extremist leaders of Arab reactionary [forces], and, on orders from the MB gang that ruled Egypt at the time, signed a contemptible MB-brokered 12-year ceasefire with the Zionist enemy.[8] These [Hamas] leaders intended to abandon the resistance plan in order to turn to the American ‘constructive chaos’ technique and use it against Syria, the genuine supporter of resistance… The true fighters in Gaza rejected everything aside from cleaving to the resistance option, in stark contrast to a few [Hamas] leaders who speak to the Palestinian people from the palaces of Doha, located only a few hundred meters from the American [army] base.”[9]

Syrian Columnist: Hamas Has Lost Its Glamour As A Fighting Organization

‘Ali Al-Siwan, a columnist for the official daily Teshreen, claimed that Mash’al was willing to make concessions to Israel because of the latter’s support for the “political Islam” camp, namely the MB. “When Khaled Mash’al said [to Israel], ‘if you retract [the 2012 understandings] then we will too,’ his voice was hoarse. He did not sound the way he did during the Israeli attack on December 27, 2008… Mash’al leaves the initiative for escalation or calm in Israel’s hands… The dramatic nature of his position stems from the fact that Hamas is part of the political Islam that begat ISIS’s caliphate state…[11]

“Khaled Mash’al’s statement – ‘if you retract [the understandings] then we will too’ – conceals a large measure of willingness to negotiate with Israel. This means that Hamas is gradually slipping down the scale of concessions – a decline that feeds off the regional momentum of backing down from national responsibility regarding the central national Arab cause, [namely] Palestine!… The question is mainly posed to Hamas and its political bureau. [Hamas] has repositioned itself in the political Islam camp, thus losing its former prestige as a combative organization, greatly reducing Palestine’s ability to recruit [support], and downgrading it to the level of [an organization fighting] a border dispute.”[12]

En anden saudiaraber lader på sin egen bagvendte måde påvirke af virkeligheden kan man læse ligeledes hos Memri

“I write [these words] in a difficult and tragic climate. There are dead and injured in Gaza. [Its] infrastructures are in ruins. Israel has unprecedented domestic and foreign consensus [for its attack]. Some might say: This isn’t the time to write these kinds of words. But I believe it is unavoidable. In these times there is only one dominant voice: [the one that says] ‘yes to the resistance; resistance is necessary; resistance will end the occupation; those who seek peace are traitors and Zionists.’ But there is no choice but to give voice to [a different position], which says ‘enough,’ and calls for wisdom, for calm, for life. Therefore, precisely at this time, I insist on saying the following.

“How should we act today, 66 years after the establishment of the Jewish state, a state that enjoys international support and has a vast arsenal at its disposal?… If one wants to act in the world, one must accept reality even if one does not like it. Israel is part of this reality, and has been since 1948. I do not like [this] world order, but it is a fact. We must believe that every state is entitled to the same rights as any other. Every state has the right to afford its citizens a livable life. It’s possible to utter many slogans, but if we want to realize goals, we must also clarify how they can be achieved.

“I support the refugees’ right of return… Do the refugees and their descendents have the right to return [to their homes]? Yes! Do the Native Americans in the U.S. have the right to return to the regions that were theirs? Yes! Is that going to happen? No! Had I said to the Native Americans, ‘I will uphold your right to return and I will expel the people of America – so [in the meantime, you must] remain in your wretched condition’ – that would be patently immoral. The [Palestinian] refugees will never return [to their homes]. That’s a fact. There is no international support for it, and even if there was, Israel would have used its nuclear weapons [to prevent it from happening]. So it won’t happen.

Og ægyptiske Jon Stewart’er følger trop

Ikke engang kalifatet gider palæstinenserne i denne omgang skriver American Thinker

On one of the Islamic State’s question-and-answer websites, it was asked “why it was not fighting Israel but instead shedding the blood of the sons of Iraq and Syria.”  The new caliphate responded:

The greater answer is in the noble Koran, when Allah Almighty speaks about the near enemy.  In the majority of verses in the noble Koran, these are the hypocrites, for they pose a greater danger than the original infidels [born non-Muslims, e.g., Jews and Christians].  And the answer is found in Abu Bakr al-Sadiq, when he preferred fighting apostates over the conquest of Jerusalem [fath al-Quds], which was conquered by his successor, Omar al-Khattab.

There’s much to be said about this response, rife as it is with historical allusions.

First, it is true.  After the prophet of Islam died, a great number of Arabian tribes that had submitted to his rule by becoming Muslims – the word muslim simply means “one who submits” – thought they could now renege, and so they apostatized in droves.  This sparked the first Ridda, or “apostasy war,” waged by Abu Bakr al-Sadiq, who became the first caliph on Muhammad’s death in 632.  For nearly two years, until his own death in 634, al-Sadiq’s caliphate’s entire energy was focused on waging jihad on all the recalcitrant Arab tribes, forcing them by the edge of the sword to return to the fold of Islam.

Tens of thousands of Arabs were burned, beheaded, dismembered, or crucified in the process, according to Islamic history, especially by the “Sword of Allah.”  It was only afterwards, under the reign of the second caliph, Omar al-Khattab (634-644), that the great Islamic conquests against the “original infidels” – those non-Arab peoples who had never converted to Islam, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, etc. – took place.

Måske orker man ikke dem, der ikke orker sig selv? David P Goldman skriver i Medforum at Hamas bare gerne vil dø

It’s like the old joke: Why do Jewish men die before their wives? Because they want to. Civilizations for the most part die because they no longer want to live. That is the nub of my 2011 book How Civilizations Die (and Why Islam Is Dying, Too). They cease to believe in their own future and distract themselves from the prospect of extinction as best they can. Hellenistic Greece was the first universal demographic disaster; it gave us prototypes of the steam engine and the computer (via Hero of Alexandria) as well as the modern literary forms. But even wealthy men exposed their daughters and the population imploded. When Aristotle taught that men naturally seek the good, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence had already turned against him. Most men seek nothingness. Soon the last surviving remnants of the classical world will disappear. In another generation, more people will speak Hebrew than Greek.

Hamas wants to die, obviously and visibly. That thought horrifies Westerners. As a number of Israeli commentators observe, Hamas doesn’t particularly care about having a Palestinian State. It wants to destroy the Jewish State and is willing to die in the process. It wants to die in such a way that Israel will die, too. There is something utterly surreal to Hamas crowding civilians around military targets, and Israeli pilots declining to attack them. It recalls joke about the sadist and the masochist. The masochist says, “Beat me!,” and the sadist says, No…suffer.”

Hamas, to be sure, proposes to die in an accelerated time frame and a particularly disgusting fashion, but it should be kept in mind that self-willed extinction is the norm. West of the Indus, Israel is the only survivor among the thousands of little nations that flourished between 10,000 BC and 600 AD. To be sure, there have been plenty of small tribes that wanted to live but were trampled by conquering hordes. The rule, however, is that civilizations die of their own disgust with life. Most of the industrial nations are dying, some very quickly. Most of the Muslim world would rather die than accommodate modernity (although some of it may choose to cease to be Islamic).

Ja, de elsker jo døden, som jøderne elsker livet, så mon ikke det vil afspejle sig når røgen engang har lagt sig?


Diverse — Drokles on July 18, 2014 at 9:28 pm











“JEWS, GET BACK IN THE OVENS!” from TheUnitedWest on Vimeo.

Venstrefløjens seneste antisemitiske spring

Antisemitisme, Arabere, Diverse, Frankrig, Israel, Racisme, Terror, islam, muhammed, venstrefløjen — Drokles on July 17, 2014 at 2:05 pm

Jeg har engang trykket Mogens Lykketoft på næven, men jeg tror ikke jeg kender en eneste antisemit. Selv blandt mine mest venstreorienterede venner kan jeg forestille mig nogen ville reagere negativt på en jøde. Jo, meninger om jødedommen, ortodoksi og Israel er der mange af, men ingen mening om det enkelte menneske førend man kender det. Men venstrefløjen abonnerer dog gladeligt på antisemitiske fortællinger.

De drages ukritisk af ideen om en magtfuld lobby, der styrer end hvilken som helst amerikansk præsident, selv Obama, til ikke at straffe Israel, som det ville være naturligt og retfærdigt. Når de er rolige og besinder sig siger de Den Israelske Lobby og kan ind imellem lægge til at den også omfatter kristne grupper. Når de bliver ophidsede eller fulde er det Jødelobbyen eller Den Jødiske Lobby. Og det er mere præcist for det afslører hvorfor de drages så ukritisk af en fortælling om en hvorfor en lobby kan blive så magtfuld når den ingen penge kan tilbyde det ellers pengestyrede USA.  Fortællingen om Jødelobbyen er fortællingen om Zion Vises Protokoller. Når du ser noget er galt i Verden så er det fordi at Jøden sidder bagved og trækker i tråden.

Venstrefløjen overtager derfor også sømløst arabernes og muslimernes fortælling om Israel-Palæstinakonflikten. Man delegitimerer Israel med at staten er ny og derfor kunstig samtidig med at man lystigt bruger begrebet Palæstinenser, skønt det begreb er endnu nyere og opfundet til at delegitimere jødernes ret til eget land. Venstrefløjen benægter at arabernes og muslimernes modstand ikke skyldes konkrete grænsedragninger, men derimod religiøst begrundet væmmelse over eksistensen af jøder på, hvad de anser som muslimsk jord.  Venstrefløjen ser derfor ikke, hvad der sker når de overtager land-for-fred paroler og omtaler Israel som en besættelsesmagt. Langsomt glider deres paroler over i arabernes og muslimernes forståelse, så jødernes skal opgive Israel for fred fordi Israel i sin egen eksistens er en besættelsesmagt. Og nu er der taget endnu et spring med Hamas parole om Israels snarlige undergang og jødernes snarlige udslettelse


Billedet er blev kommenteret og ‘liket’ af flere - blandt andet af SF’erne Trine Pertou Mach og Pernille Frahm samt Signe Færch fra Enhedslisten” skriver BT og sætter det ind i sin historiske ramme

Udtrykket ‘fra floden til havet’ med henvisning til Jordanfloden og Middelhavet, der ligger på hver sin side af Israel og Palæstina, blev første gang brugt af Muhammad Deif, øverstkommanderende for Izzadin Kassam, som er Hamas væbnede styrker. I anledning af Hamas-bevægelsen 23 års fødselsdag sagde han:

- I vil ophøre med at eksistere og Palæstina, med Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa moskeen, landsbyerne og byerne vil forblive vores, fra floden til havet. I har ingen ret til en tomme af dette land og vi vil aldrig overgive os til jer så længe der er én muslim tilbage på jordens overflade, sagde han ved den lejlighed.

Nu angribes synagoger igen i Europa

Kanariefuglen Sverige

Indvandring, Multikultur, Sverigetanic, islam, muhammed — Drokles on July 16, 2014 at 2:20 pm

Ja, det er gamle nyheder. Sverige er vores kanariefugl. Sveriges tilstand advarer om hvad der er i vente for os. I går så jeg denne reklameplakat for en demonstration til fordel for Hamas hos Facebooksiden Muslimer i Danmark


Så snart vil den nye lyd af Sverige være lyden af Danmark. For de kommer!

Den Spanske Inkvisition

Forbrydelse og straf, Historie — Drokles on July 16, 2014 at 1:50 pm

En glimrende dokumentar om Den Spanske Inkvisition. Her gøres der effektivit op med de myter som først vi protestanter og senere vi børn af Oplysningen har taget til os som selvfølgeligheder

Københavnernes skattepenge i arbejde

København, Økonomi og finans — Drokles on July 15, 2014 at 4:43 pm

Lidt økonomiske historier fra denne sommer om københavnernes skattekroner. Fra Berlingske Tidende

Hverken overborgmester Frank Jensen (S) eller beskæftigelses- og integrationsborgmester Anna Mee Allerslev (R) ønsker at udtale sig efter København har tabt 100 mio. i Farvergade-sagen.

Det var overborgmester Frank Jensen (S), der på forsiden af dagbladet Politiken annoncerede, at København ville stævne staten i den såkaldte Farvergade-sag.

»Vi synes, det er helt oplagt, at vi har en god sag«, sagde Frank Jensen, da han annoncerede den usædvanlige retssag mod staten i januar 2011.

Siden har Københavns Kommune tabt sagen i først Landsretten og siden Højesteret, men hverken Frank Jensen eller Beskæftigelses- og Integrationsborgmester Anna Mee Allerslev (R) ønsker længere at udtale sig om sagen.

Oven i tabet af de 100 mill. kastes der 86 mill efter nogle cykler skrev MX

Det koster skatteyderne godt 46.000 kroner per bycykel - eller 86 millioner kroner i alt over de næste otte år.

Det kommer til at koste mere per elbycykel end nyprisen for Bjarne Riis’ Pinarello vindercykel under Tour de France.

De 1860 el-bycykler kommer til at koste skatteyderne i København, Frederiksberg og Staten, gennem deres ejerskab af DSB, 46.236 kroner per cykel - eller i alt 86 millioner kroner, viser et notat fra Københavns Kommune, der i går vedtog deres del af udgiften i teknik- og miljøudvalget.

Frederiksberg har også sagt ja.

Hos den danske importør af Pinarello cykler, Børkop Cykler, kan man få cyklernes ‘Rolls Royce’ fra 19.000 til 35.000 kroner.

Cykler er i det hele taget godt skrev Jens-Kristian Lütken i Jyllands-Posten

Københavns Kommune vil gerne have flere til at køre på cykel. Derfor tilbyder kommunen nu at komme hjem til dig for at lappe din cykel kvit og frit, da afstanden til nærmeste cykelhandler ”kan opleves som en barriere”.

En gennemsnitlig LO-familie kan spare 4556 kr. om året, hvis kommuneskatten falder med en procent, det viser tal fra CEPOS baseret på Indenrigsministeriets familietypemodel. Penge der kan bruges til at sætte gang i dansk økonomi, og dermed gøre os alle sammen rigere.

Surt for den nærmeste cykelhandler. En anden barriere er de kedelige genbrugsstationer skrev MX

Når københavnerne i fremtiden kører affald på genbrugspladsen, kan de samtidig drikke kaffe og se på kunst. Et flertal af politikerne på Københavns Rådhus er enige om, at et nyt genbrugscenter i Sydhavnen ud over en genbrugsstation også skal huse en café, butik og værksteder for at øge mængden af genbrug i byen.

Straks sværere er det at finde værdigt trængende skrev Danmarks Radio

De hjemløse i København skal have det bedre. Derfor har Københavns Kommune fået 210 millioner kroner fra Socialministeriet til en række projekter, der skal gøre livet bedre for den udsatte gruppe - blandt ved at bygge særboliger til de hjemløse.

Men Københavns Kommune har ikke formået at bruge alle pengene. Derfor betaler socialforvaltningen nu 73 millioner tilbage til Socialministeriet. Det er det største enkeltbeløb, der nogensinde er blevet tilbagebetalt til ministeriet.

Det må gå godt.

To billeder på hvorfor EU er et fejlslagent projekt.

Diverse, EU — Drokles on July 15, 2014 at 4:29 pm

Det ene er et screen dump af et ‘Breaking news banner’ fra Jyllands-Posten som fortæller “Europa har fået en ny formand”.


Ud af det blå, ubesudlet af nogen form for folkelig proces annonceres det at Europa, EU burde der have stået, har fået en ny formand. Man får ikke et navn, for man kender grangiveligt ikke vedkommende og har ingen ide om eventuelle alternativer.

Det andet er billedet af EU Parlamentets officielle skrårem, skærf om man vil, som parlamentarikerne opfordres til at bære.


Sæson for jødehad

Venstrefløjens importerede stormtropper gik til angreb på en synagoge i Paris. Dræb jøderne, Allahu Akbar blev der råbt, meget i tidens ånd. Antisemitismen eskalerer i disse år.

Når palæstinensiske terrorister myrder tre israelske teenagere bryder antisemitismen frem. Noget slet skjult bag det enestående begreb ‘Israel-kritik’. Israel er enestående da det vel er det eneste land der lægger navn til en kritik. Syrien, Kina, Nordkorea, Cuba, Saudiarabien, Pakistan har ikke sådanne begreber. Noget af det af solidaritet med hvad folk kalder Palæstina, som de ikke ved hvad er, andet end at de synes at jød,,,, israelerne beboer det uretmæssigt. Helst fremføres det i sympati for palæstinenserne, et folkeslag der regnes for det oprindelige selv om begrebet palæstinenser ikke er mere end hundrede år gammelt og først kom i brug blandt araberne efter 1967, hvor ægypteren Yassir Arrafat positionerede sig som deres leder gennem myrderier.

Den islamiske terrororganisation angriber den jødiske retsstat med raketter rettet mod civilbefolkning med det formål at sprede så meget død og ødelæggelse som muligt. “Alle israelere er vores mål” erklærer terrororganisationen befriende ærligt. “Vi elsker døden som jøderne elsker livet” analyserer de skarpt for alle at forstå. “Vi gør døden til vores industri” slår de fast. Israels udslettelse er deres erklærede formål, deres forhandlingsposition. Israel forventes at forhandle om deres egen undergang.

Ingen hær i verdenshistorien går så langt for at mindske tabet af civile liv som den israelske mens den islamiske terrororganisation i deres industrielle kærlighed til døden ikke blot dækker sig bag børn, skoler, moskeer, men beordrer civile ud foran de israelske præcisionsbombardementer. Så selvfølgelig kan man læse en nuff’said artikel i Information om at den israelske hær er styret af bosættere.

Så selvfølgelig går kendisser og biskopper i aktion og anklager Israel for den islamiske terrororganisations mis- og terrorregimente. Ingen arabere i Mellemøsten har de israelske arabere frihed, velstand, sundhed, gennemsnitslevealder og rettigheder som de iraelske så selvfølgelig kalder Noam Chomsky Israel for en apartheidstat i Information. Selvfølgelig massepsykologiserer Gideon Levy ligeledes i Information israelernes modvilje mod deres palæstinensiske samtalepartnere, de der vil Israels udslettelse, som en internalisering af afvisningspolitik, “dybt indlejret i nationens dna og blodbane”.

Så selvfølgelig skriver en Morten Bønke på Information, ja den er ram på den avis, at “Israels største sejr er hverken 1948 eller 1967, men derimod at denne myte om den umulige fred har fået lov at slå rødder”. For sådan er han jo, jøden. Han er den der bringe kiv, den der næres og trives ved ondskab og ufred. Den der trækker i trådene så verden går sin skæve gang. Det ligger i DNA’et, i blodet.


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Konflikten mellem Israel og deres terroristiske omgivelser er ikke historisk eller geopolitisk. Den er islamisk.

Modus Operandi

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The difference between us is simple: We develop missile-defense systems to protect our citizens, while they use their citizens to protect their missiles. And this is what makes all the difference.

Ordene er den israelske premierminister Netanyahus. Den israelske hær, IDF, ringer til beboerne førend de bomber for at mindske tab af civile liv


Men Hamas elsker døden som jøderne elsker livet. Times of Israel

The IDF told Palestinian citizens in towns along the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel to evacuate their homes quickly, ahead of military action in the area.

The areas included Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoun, Abasan al-Kabera, and Abasan al-Saghira in the northern Gaza Strip, east of Khan Yunis. Over 100,000 people are said to reside in these cities.

However, Hamas asked Gazan citizens not to heed the calls to leave.

The IDF sent out similar warnings during operations Pillar of Defense and Cast Lead, as well as during the 2006 Lebanon War, generally ahead of an airstrike of a particular area.

Det kan man huske fra 2009

Og effekten læses i dødstallene skriver Algemeiner

A new United Nations document says that in most cases where Palestinians have been killed or injured during Israel’s ongoing Gaza campaign, the Israeli army alerted civilians ahead of time who were occupying buildings, that they planned to bomb in Gaza, to leave the premises.

“At least 35 residential buildings were reportedly targeted and destroyed, resulting in the majority of the civilian casualties recorded so far, including an attack on 8 July in Khan Younis that killed seven civilians, including three children, and injured another 25,” according to the Occupied Palestinian Territory: Hostilities in Gaza and Israel Situation Report. “In most cases, prior to the attacks, residents have been warned to leave, either via phone calls by the Israel military or by the firing of warning missiles.”

The document was released by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) at 15:00 on July, 9, 2014.

Hamas, however, has officially urged residents to ignore the Israeli warnings to evacuate prior to Air Force air strikes, and, instead, called on them to serve as human shields.

Danmarks Radio skriver om Hamas anstrengelser

Hamas meddeler, at alle israelere vil være mål for den islamiske organisation efter et israelsk bombeangreb på et hus i Khan Yunis i det sydlige Gaza, rapporterer nyhedsbureauet AFP.

Syv mennesker blev dræbt ved angrebet.

- Massakren i Khan Yunis … på børn er en modbydelig krigsforbrydelse, og alle israelere er nu blevet legitime mål for modstandskampen, siger Hamas’ talsmand, Sami Abu Zuhri.

Muslimer demonstrerer for sig selv

Der blev forleden demonstreret til fordel for de civile i Gaza på Københavns Rådhusplads


Billedet er fra Facebooksiden Muslim i Danmark, hvor man udover at se Hamasflaget


også kunne læse denne kommentar


Ja, ham Allah snakker dårligt om meget. Bag demonstrationen stod ikke overraskende Pal-Ung, Free Gaza Danmark, Nej til Krig, Human Rights March, Palæstina-Initiativet og Palæstina Fredsvagter. Men også noget så eksotisk som ”Copenhagen Queer Festival - Queers for Palestine“. Hvor ville man egentlig helst være queer, hvis man havde valget mellem Gaza og Israel? Nå, men det skal ikke forstyrre de dejlige billeder.

Men hverken Pal-Ung, Free Gaza Danmark, Nej til Krig, Human Rights March, Palæstina-Initiativet og Palæstina Fredsvagter eller det eksotiske Copenhagen Queer Festival - Queers for Palestine, demonstrerer imod udviklingen i Pakistan, som man kan læse om i India Times

The number of displaced people from North Waziristan, where the Pakistan army has launched a major anti-terror operation, has almost doubled to over 900,000 in the last few days.

Most of them complain of official apathy and are living in terrible conditions without basics facilities in tents and slums in Bannu, 371km southwest of Islamabad.

The misery of Arshad Daur (38) mirrors that of other displaced people. He left his village along with his ailing mother, three sisters-in-law and their five kids in haste when it was targeted in aerial strikes few days ahead of the mass exodus. They left everything behind.

Like many tribesmen, Daur’s three brothers work in the Middle East while he looks after their wives and kids. It took over 25 hours for them to cover their journey from Dande Darpakhel to Bannu.

Og Pal-Ung, Free Gaza Danmark, Nej til Krig, Human Rights March, Palæstina-Initiativet og Palæstina Fredsvagter eller det eksotiske Copenhagen Queer Festival - Queers for Palestine, støtter kurdernes selvstændighed, der ellers hele tiden bliver modarbejdet af de stedlige tyranner, som man kan læse i BasNews

Iran has warned Kurdish political parties, particularly Gorran (Change Movement) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) that they will close the border crossings with the Kurdistan Region if they step towards independence, and will refuse any replacement for Iraqi PM Nouri al Maliki.

A close Iranian source revealed to London-based Al-Hayat Newspaper that the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Hassan Danie met with leaders of the PUK and Gorran parties. In the meeting, the parties discussed two points: first, helping the Iraqi Army to regain control of the areas that are under the Islamic Stated of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) militants power; second, the ambassador warned the Kurds against any attempts to declare independence.

The source explained that “[Iran’s] message was harsh and powerful. The Iranian Ambassador informed the Kurds about the disagreement of Iranian leaders for Kurdish independence. They have asked the PUK and Gorran [that have close ties with Iran] to take a clear stance. They have also told Kurds that Iraq’s constitution has given self-determining rights to Kurds within the scope of the federal system.”

Iranian leaders believe that Kurdish independence in Iraq is a red line and they will not accept it under any circumstances.  Iranian representatives have made it clear to to the Gorran and PUK parties that: “Kurdish independence will be seen as a political threat to Iran. Kurdish independence in Iraq will affect the Kurdish people living in Iran.”

Men der handler det selvfølgelig heller ikke om jøder. Pal-Ung, Free Gaza Danmark, Nej til Krig, Human Rights March, Palæstina-Initiativet og Palæstina Fredsvagter eller det eksotiske Copenhagen Queer Festival - Queers for Palestine, demonstrerer imod Israels naboers praktisering af muslimske love, som her i Syrien, hvor en mand piskes for at holde åbent i ramadanen

Og Pal-Ung, Free Gaza Danmark, Nej til Krig, Human Rights March, Palæstina-Initiativet og Palæstina Fredsvagter eller det eksotiske Copenhagen Queer Festival - Queers for Palestine demonstrerer imod korsfæstelser af folk, der forlader islam


y5 y3


"Whats app?" på trøjen

Og de tusindvis af kristne der følgeligt flygter fra muslimernes grusomheder demonstrerer Pal-Ung, Free Gaza Danmark, Nej til Krig, Human Rights March, Palæstina-Initiativet og Palæstina Fredsvagter eller det eksotiske Copenhagen Queer Festival - Queers for Palestine heller ikke for

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is estimating that as many as 10,000 Christians have been forced to flee their homes in northern Iraq since ISIS’ takeover of the region. Many of them are taking up refuge in schools, most of which have no air conditioning or showers. The UNHCR is partnering with local charities to provide food, water and hygiene kits, but in a region where temperatures often soar over 104 degrees F, resources are stretched thin. Many of the refugees are in dire need of medical attention.

These refugees join the some 1.2 million who have fled Iraq due to escalating violence. The UNHCR estimates that the cost of caring for them will be about $64.2 million. So far, they have raised about eight percent. You can help by donating here

Men  ”Torsdag den 17. juli står en gruppe privatpersoner, herunder Modkraft-blogger Farhiya Khalid, bag en demonstration med parolen »Solidaritet med Palæstina - Stop den kollektive afstraffelse«.”

En advarsel til USA

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En kristen konvertit advarer USA om islam. Fra The Freedom Press

“God Almighty has given you the grace. Whatever you do in America influences everyone in the world. You have that grace. One thing that Islam is doing to defeat you is causing you to be coward and fearful to stand up and speak against the invasion of the Islamization that is going on in your country. Stand up before it’s late. …If you get [sic] afraid today, within time, you will find your children and your grandchildren being Muslims and torturing other people. Stand up now and defeat the challenge of the global Islamization agenda.”

He ended by saying, “If it is truth, then let’s stand for it and the God of the Bible will defend your land.”

Hvor er vore dages Monuments Men?

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ISIS hurtige erobringer i det gamle Mesopotamien bringer ødelæggelse af verdens kulturarv med sig, skriver the Daily Beast

More than two and a half millennia ago, the Assyrian King Senaccherib descended on his enemies “like the wolf on the fold,” as the Bible tells us—and as Lord Byron wrote in cantering cadences memorized by countless Victorian schoolchildren: “His cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold; And the sheen of their spears was like stars on the sea.”

The Assyrian and Babylonian empires appear throughout the Old Testament as examples of ruthless grandeur and godless decadence. The Bible says Sennacherib’s army was destroyed by the Angel of the Lord. The Israelites were carried off to Babylon, where they wept by the waters. And since the middle of the 19th century, archeologists have labored mightily to unearth the mythical and the verifiable past in the extraordinary cradle of civilizations they used to call Mesopotamia and now call Iraq.

No trace ever has been found of the Garden of Eden, said to have lain near the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates, but one of the great prizes the excavators did discover was Senaccherib’s capital, Nineveh, which the biblical prophet Nahum called “the city of blood, full of lies, full of plunder, never without victims!”

Last month, a new marauder descended on Nineveh and the nearby city of Mosul. He, too, came down like the wolf on the fold, but his cohorts brandished Kalashnikovs from pickup trucks, not shining spears; their banners were the black flags of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham.

The risk now—the virtual certainty, in fact—is that irreplaceable history will be annihilated or sold into the netherworld of corrupt and cynical collectors.

Soon afterward the minions of the self-appointed caliph of the freshly self-declared Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, paid a visit to the Mosul Museum. It has been closed for years for restoration, ever since it was looted along with many of Iraq’s other institutions in the wake of the culturally oblivious American-led invasion of 2003. But the Mosul Museum was on the verge of reopening, at last, and the full collection had been stored there.

“These groups of terrorists—their arrival was a brutal shock, with no warning,” Iraqi National Museum Director Qais Hussein Rashid told me when he visited Paris last week with a mission pleading for international help. “We were not able to take preventive measures.”

Indeed, museum curators and staff were no better prepared than any other part of the Iraqi government. They could have learned from al-Baghdadi’s operations in neighboring Syria that a major source of revenue for his insurgency has been the sale of looted antiquities on the black market. As reported in The Guardian, a windfall of intelligence just before Mosul fell revealed that al-Baghdadi had accumulated a $2 billion war chest, in part by selling off ancient artifacts from captured Syrian sites. But the Iraqi officials concerned with antiquities said the Iraqi intelligence officers privy to that information have not shared it with them.

So the risk now—the virtual certainty, in fact—is that irreplaceable history will be annihilated or sold into the netherworld of corrupt and cynical collectors. And it was plain when I met with Rashid and his colleagues that they are desperate to stop it, but have neither the strategy nor the resources to do so.

“We as Iraqis are incapable of controlling the situation by ourselves,” Abbas Qureishi, director of the “recovery” program for the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, told me. It’s not just a matter of the museums, he said. Mosul is in the middle of 1,791 registered archeological sites, including four capitals of the Assyrian empire. “The Iraqi army will be obliged to conduct operations next to these archeological sites,” said Qureishi. The jihadists “will destroy them and say the Iraqi army bombed these sites.”

“So we are asking Americans and Europeans—especially Americans—to understand the gravity of the situation,” said Qureishi, and “to put pressure on the governments of their countries to intervene militarily.”

I said I thought that was highly unlikely.

“Here’s the thing,” said Qureishi. “In a traditional military engagement, tanks and artillery will damage a site.” Indeed, the shells might obliterate it. But “U.S. drones have very precise munitions which can hit targets without destroying the [archeological] sites nearby.”

(Predators and Hellfires like stars on the sea …)

This, we all know, is not going to happen. Nothing about the Obama administration’s toe in the noxious Iraqi water suggests it will commit major resources to saving the current government of the grossly incompetent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, much less the ancient stones of Nineveh.

The excavations of the last 170 years found Senaccherib’s “Palace Without Rival.” They discovered enormous winged bulls and winged lions with the faces of men, and they carted away the extraordinarily beautiful lion-hunt bas-reliefs that are in the British Museum. But there is so much more to find, so much of such phenomenal beauty and historical importance, that a visitor to those ancient precincts might feel as if he or she were in touch physically, mystically with the world described in the Old Testament. If only the stones could survive.

And it’s not just the monumental sculptures that are in danger, but thousands of artifacts and, also, ancient manuscripts from the many cultures—Islamic, Christian, and pagan—that inhabited the region of Mosul when it sat astride the caravan route that led from the Far East into the Near East and Europe.

Soon after al-Bagdhadi’s men arrived in Mosul, they told the museum staff that the ancient statues were “against Islam.” But then they left the building. The collections remained unmolested for several days, and the initial reports that the statues had been smashed appear to have been erroneous. The photographs of shattered sculptures that circulated on the Web actually came from Syria, according to local officials in Mosul. But the caliphate’s gauleiters issued a city charter and declared in its Article 13 that “false idols” would have to be destroyed.

Som denne 10 år gamle BBC artikel fortæller så er kulturel destruktion ikke et udslag af noget særegent ved ISIS, men en ganske almindelig muslimsk foreteelse

Turkish troops intervened on Cyprus in 1974, in response to a military coup by Greek Cypriot officers who sought union with Greece.

In the ensuing chaos, up to 200,000 Greek Cypriots fled from their homes in the north.

Since then, more than 500 churches have been under Turkish control.

Some have been destroyed, many ransacked - icons and frescoes have disappeared.

It is one of the most systematic examples of the looting of art since World War II.

Telegraph kan man læse om den nuværende trussel mod os selv

France foiled an Islamist terrorist plot to target the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and even a nuclear power plant, it emerged on Wednesday, as the country unveiled new, tougher anti-terror rules.

French police stumbled on the plans after decrypting coded messages between a 29-year-old Algerian butcher living in the Vaucluse, southern France, known only as Ali M, and one of the highest-ranking members in al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM.

According to Le Parisien newspaper, in April last year, the married father of two who went by the pseudonym Abu Jaji was asked by his AQIM contact, whose web alias was Redouane18, to make “suggestions concerning how to conduct jihad in the place you are currently”.

Ali M suggested targeting nuclear power plants, “planes at the moment of take-off”, and a string of French landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum in Paris.

Failing that, he suggested launching terror attacks on “the modest and poor French population” in markets or nightclubs, as well as police patrols.

Men muslimerne kan for min skyld smadre alt islamisk for hinanden da det er uden værdi.

Og nogle billeder af moskeer der smadres, som man vel heller ikke bliver træt af at kigge på




Og måske, hvem ved, tør man håbe? Fox News er altid optimister

ISIS is leaving a path of destroyed churches, shrines and mosques in its wake as it storms across Syria and Iraq, and has even set its sights on Mecca — Islam’s holiest site.

The nihilistic jihadis, led by self-proclaimed descendant of Prophet Muhammad Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, have already bulldozed or blown up some of the most sacred places in Iraq, and seem bent on killing and destroying anyone or anything that does not measure up to their vision of Islam. Experts say the group, which originally stood for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, but now simply calls itself “Islamic State,” has appointed itself the leading proponent of the Muslim faith.

“They see themselves as the last defenders of Islamic civilization and want to eradicate anything that they see as the enemy of Islam, and any Muslim they perceive as compromising with the West,” Yvonne Haddad, a professor at Georgetown University who specializes in the history of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations, told

“But if ISIS actually tried to destroy the Ka’ba, they would be met with extraordinary opposition.”

- Prof. Carl Ernst, University of North Carolina

Mostly comprised of Sunnis, ISIS surprised few when it vowed to destroy sites revered by the rival Shia sect. The two main blocs of Islam have been at odds for nearly 1,400 years because of a dispute over who was Prophet Muhammad’s successor. The destruction of at least 10 ancient Shia shrines in Iraq has enraged the Shia government in Baghdad, as well as the Iranian regime, also Shia.

But an unverified threat to Mecca itself, the holy city in Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia where Muslims believe they must make one pilgrimage during their lifetimes, was unprecedented. Allegedly tweeted by a member of the extremist group on a since-suspended account, the threat took aim at the most sacred beacon of the Muslim faith.

Mecca, home of Islam’s most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid al-Haram, and its famed Kaaba, a cube-shaped, granite and marble building adorned with Koranic inscriptions and priceless relics like the golden rain spout, a purported footprint of Abraham and the black cornerstone believed to have been placed by Muhammad.

“By Allah’s leave our sheikh al-Baghdadi led Mecca stone for those who worship (pilgrims) will kill you and God ‘ I will tear down the Ka’ba, the place of worship,” the alleged ISIS militant said on the social media site, according to reports from Turkish media adding that those of the Islamic faith should not be worshipping ’stones.’”

Hvis vi kunne redde alle civilisationens artefakter så kunne vi da godt, som en svensk leder forslår, lade ISIS få deres kalifat. Klø bare på mod syd.

Hård tid for rødhårede og fisk

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Når man kan huske at Dan Jørgensen i 2011 gav os “Fem år til at redde verden” kan det måske undre at han nu synes det er mere vigtigt blande sig i danskernes spisevaner. Men måske er han blevet immuniseret af sit eget vrøvl. Richard Littlejohn skriver ganske fornuftigt om skræmmehistoriernes modsatte effekt i Daily Mail

Officially, we don’t have weather any more.

We have ‘climate change’, a catch-all excuse for everything from raising taxes and refusing to empty the bins to exploding manhole covers.

That’s right, exploding manhole covers. The Health and Safety Executive has warned pedestrians to be on the alert after a series of manhole cover explosions in London’s West End.

There have been 64 such incidents already this year, compared with just nine in 2011. ‘Experts’ blame the ‘wettest winter on record’ for rainwater damaging underground electric cables.

The heavy rainfall, which brought flooding to many parts of the country, is naturally attributed to ‘climate change’, which is also allegedly responsible for last week’s hot weather and the subsequent deluge at the weekend.

Self-appointed ‘experts’ refuse to acknowledge that we had extreme weather before ‘man-made global warming’ was invented.

You don’t have to go as far back as the 17th century, when ice fairs were held on the frozen River Thames and vineyards flourished across the South of England.

Within living memory, we had the famous floods of 1953, the big freeze ten years later, and the unusually dry summers of 1976 and 1977.

Even then, the Government thought it had to do something. Denis Howell, a former football referee turned MP, was appointed Minister of Drought.

Within three days of him taking the job, it started to rain heavily and he was made Minister of Floods. During the harsh winter of 1978/9, his job description changed again and he became Minister for Snow.

You couldn’t make it up.

Littlejohn pointerer at den slags historier og medfølgende formaninger, som han giver morsomme eksempler på er “insulting to our intelligence” og i sidste end kontraproduktivt for deres sag. Mon ikke for, hvad tænker folk dog ikke når de i kan læse at klimaforandringerne udsletter de rødhårede?

Flere britiske forskere vurderer, at de rødhårede gener kan nemlig være på vej retur i takt med at kviksølvet stiger i termometret. Det skriver The Independent.

Generne bag den lyse hud, blå øjne og den ildrøde hårpragt menes at være fremelsket i det overskyede Skotland for at optage så meget sol som muligt.

Den blege hud gør også huden følsom overfor sol og giver hyppigere tilfælde af forbrændinger og hudkræft - og hvis den stigende temperatur fortsætter opad på alle klodens termometre, så kan de rødhårede gener høre fortiden til.

- Vi mener, at den lyse hud og det røde hår er kommet af, at man ikke fik sol nok og derfor skulle optage så meget D-vitamin som muligt, vurderer Dr. Alistair Moffat fra ScotlandsDNA.

- Hvis klimaet ændrer sig, og det bliver mere eller mindre skyet, så vil det påvirke generne, siger Moffat til The Independent.

- Hvis det så bliver mindre skyet og der var mere sol, så ja, ville der bliver færre mennesker, der bærer det rødhårede gen, siger Dr. Alistair Moffat.

Stop hellere indvandringen, hvis man vil bevare den lyse teint, det røde hår og de blå øjne. Global Post kunne dagen efter fortælle om hjerteproblemer der ellers kun rammer fede fisk

Rising sea temperatures brought about by climate change could kill fish by causing heart failure, New Zealand scientists said Monday.

A study of ecotherms, or cold-bodied animals that rely on their surroundings to maintain optimum body temperature such as most fish showed they were clearly affected by climate change, according to University of Auckland biologists.

“This research shows that the heart acts as a ‘bio-indicator’ of which species may survive rises in ocean temperature, but exactly why heart failure occurs we still don’t know,” Dr Anthony Hickey said in a statement.

The study found that mitochondria, cell structures that control energy production, within heart cells began to fail as temperatures rose.

I mellemtiden er temperaturen ikke steget de seneste 17 år, som Christoffer Monckton of Brenchley skiver hos Climate Depot

Taking the least-squares linear-regression trend on Remote Sensing Systems’ satellite-based monthly global mean lower-troposphere temperature dataset, there has been no global warming – none at all – for 17 years 10 months. This is the longest continuous period without any warming in the global instrumental temperature record since the satellites first watched in 1979. It has endured for more than half the entire satellite temperature record. Yet the lengthening Pause coincides with a continuing, rapid increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration.


The hiatus period of 17 years 10 months, or 214 months, is the farthest back one can go in the RSS satellite temperature record and still show a zero trend. Yet the length of the pause in global warming, significant though it now is, is of less importance than the ever-growing discrepancy between the temperature trends predicted by models and the far less exciting real-world temperature change that has been observed. The First Assessment Report predicted that global temperature would rise by 1.0 [0.7, 1.5] Cº to 2025, equivalent to 2.8 [1.9, 4.2] Cº per century. The executive summary asked, “How much confidence do we have in our predictions?” IPCC pointed out some uncertainties (clouds, oceans, etc.), but concluded: “Nevertheless, … we have substantial confidence that models can predict at least the broad-scale features of climate change. … There are similarities between results from the coupled models using simple representations of the ocean and those using more sophisticated descriptions, and our understanding of such differences as do occur gives us some confidence in the results.” That “substantial confidence” was substantial over-confidence. A quarter-century after 1990, the outturn to date – expressed as the least-squares linear-regression trend on the mean of the RSS and UAH monthly global mean surface temperature anomalies – is 0.34 Cº, equivalent to just 1.4 Cº/century, or exactly half of the central estimate in IPCC (1990) and well below even the least estimate (Fig. 2).

Og når man fornærmer folks intelligens så skal man ikke ikke undre sig over deres barnligt humoristiske protester

Karl Marx dokumentar

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Det næste ugræs til at fyge… II

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Forleden foretoge jeg en måske lidt uæstetisk sammenstilling af sygdomme og indvandring med udgangspunkt i det truende Ebolaudbrud i Vestafrika som Europa er holdt med at forsvare sine grænser


Men sygdomtruslen kommer også fra Øst, som Jyllands-Posten skrev

Østeuropæiske narkomaner mangler adgang til behandling, og derfor er antallet af hiv-smittede eksploderet. Nu frygter man, at epidemien kan sprede sig til resten af Europa.

Bekymrede forskere hamrer alarmknappen helt i bund. Omkring 1,4 million borgere i Østeuropa og Centralasien er smittet med hiv, hvilket er en stigning på 250 procent siden 2001. Det skriver

Hvis der ikke handles omgående, kan epidemien sprede sig til resten af kontinentet, lyder det alvorlige budskab fra forskere, der deltog i den europæiske videnskabskonference ESOF, der blev afholdt i København i sidste uge.

Og det bedst som man havde satset på bøsseriet, som Europas nye værdi. Også I USA frygter man, hvad den ukontrollerede immigration bærer med sig skriver Daily Caller

Potential transfer of medical conditions is worsening on the border. Illegal immigrants are bringing over severe cases of disease, but medial staffers were told to keep quiet or face arrest, Fox News reports.

While some reports were already in the air about diseases such as scabies, measles, tuberculosis and dengue fever, it’s much worse. (RELATED: Doctor Says Illegal Immigration’s Causing ‘Public Health Crisis’ [VIDEO])

Despite threats from the government-contracted security force, medical staffers opened up about the worsening medical conditions and the threat they pose to Americans.

Fox News commentator and columnist Todd Starnes spoke with some of the medical staffers about the conditions in Lackland Air Force Base, the housing facility for illegals in San Antonio, Texas. They told Starnes that Americans should be very uneasy about the government’s secrecy in regards to the diseases and housing situations of the illegal immigrants.

“There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told Starnes. “We were under orders not to say anything.”

Som om det ikke var nok så er myndighederne endda travlt omtaget af at fordele de illegalt indvandrede børn til deres ligeledes illegalt indvandrede forældre, skriver Daily Caller.

Lægeforeningen på asylindustrielt arbejde

I lægeløftet hedder det

Efter at have aflagt offentlig prøve på mine i de medicinsk-kirurgiske fag erhvervede kundskaber, aflægger jeg herved det løfte, til hvis opfyldelse jeg end ydermere ved håndsrækning har forpligtet mig, at jeg ved mine forretninger som praktiserende læge stedse skal lade det være mig magtpåliggende, efter bedste skønnende at anvende mine kundskaber med flid og omhu til samfundets og mine medmenneskers gavn, at jeg stedse vil bære lige samvittighedsfuld omsorg for den fattige som for den rige uden persons anseelse, at jeg ikke ubeføjet vil åbenbare, hvad jeg i min egenskab af læge har erfaret, at jeg vil søge mine kundskaber fremdeles udvidede og i øvrigt gøre mig bekendt med og nøje efterleve de mig og mit fag vedkommende anordninger og bestemmelser.

Bemærk, at samfundet kommer før medmennesker. Men Lægeforeningens Etiske Udvalg vil fratage den enkelte læge deres bedste skøn for at anvende sine kundskaber med flid og omhu til samfundets bedste til fordel for Lægeforeningens eget asylideologiske diktat kan man nu læse i Information

Det er i strid med Lægeforeningens etiske regler, hvis læger medvirker til politiets tvangsudsendelser af afviste asylansøgere. Det er budskabet i en vejledning fra Lægeforeningen, som offentliggøres i dag.

»Lægeforeningen ønsker at tilkendegive, at lægers opgaver er at yde lægehjælp, hvor lægehjælp er nødvendig. Lægers opgave er ikke at medvirke til eller legitimere myndighedsudøvelse,« fremgår det af vejledningen.

Derfor har Lægeforeningens Etiske Udvalg og foreningens bestyrelse i enighed nu besluttet at »anbefale læger ikke at medvirke ved transport af afviste asylansøgere«, fordi, som Lise Møller, formand for foreningens Etiske Udvalg siger, »det er i strid med Lægeforeningens etiske regler, som bl.a. understreger, at lægen skal værne om tilliden mellem læge og patient«.

– Er det så en ordre til lægerne?

»Vi kan ikke beordre noget. Vi anbefaler, men det kan sidestilles med et regelsæt. Så min forventning er naturligvis, at lægerne retter sig efter det, for der har været fuld opbakning hele vejen rundt,« siger Lise Møller.

Ifølge Lægeforeningens vejledning kan læger »som medfølgende ved udsendelser af syge asylansøgere eller ansøgere, der udvises under tvang, få en problematisk og uklar rolle, hvor lægen af den udviste kan blive opfattet som myndighedsudøver, hvilket kan svække tilliden til lægen og lægestanden generelt«.

Det er sikkert også nyt for de flest at læger ikke må medvirke til eller legitimere autoritetsudøvelse. Overlæge ved Psykiatrisk Center København Henrik Day Poulsen skriver da også ganske klart

Læger medvirker i andre sammenhænge også som assistenter for myndighederne. Retsmedicinere foretager personundersøgelser af sigtede gerningsmænd. Her kan den mulige gerningsmand altså blive underkastet en lægeundersøgelse inkluderende de mere intime dele, for senere at blive fundet uskyldig. I retspsykiatrien foretager vi mentalundersøgelser uden tavshedspligt. Også her kan den sigtede senere vise sig at være uskyldig. Læger foretager også på politiets foranledning blodprøver af bilister, hvor man mistænker spirituskørsel. Lægegerningen involverer altså nogle gange aspekter, hvor man må handle mod patientens vilje. Hele området vedrørende anvendelse af tvang i psykiatrien er jo et tydeligt eksempel på, hvor vigtigt det er, at lægen accepterer, at tvang nogle gange er nødvendig. Skal læger så også nægte at tvangsbehandle eller tvangsindlægge folk?

Måske ser Lægeforeningen blot store perspektiver i de mange sygdomme der truer med at vandre over grænserne.


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Et par muslimske tvillingepiger er draget i samme spor som deres bror for at gøres deres for islam i Syrien skriver Daily Mail

Twin sisters aged 16 may have travelled to Syria to become jihadi brides, it is claimed.

The British citizens crept away from their home in the middle of the night and boarded a flight to Turkey.

The girls’ distraught parents raised the alarm after finding their beds empty when they went to wake them for college.

Police discovered their passports and belongings missing and established that they had flown to Istanbul. They alerted counter-terrorism colleagues when the ‘extremely religious’ pair contacted  relatives to say they were in Syria.

Officers are investigating how the girls paid for the trip – amid fears that it was bankrolled by jihadi fighters in the Middle East who want them as their wives.

It is thought the sisters, who have nine siblings, travelled to Syria after an elder brother went there to fight for Al Qaeda-inspired militants ISIS.

Mohammed Shafiq, the head of Muslim group the Ramadhan Foundation, said their ‘moderate’ parents were shocked.

Et moderat muslimsk par får 11 børn, hvoraf 3 indtil videre er jihadister varsler ilde for integrationen! Men man kan ikke nægte at behovet for kvindelig omsorg er tiltrængt for Allahs krigere, der ellers må ty til allehånde undskyldninger for lidt sjov mellem grusomhederne

“Oversexed and underfucked”.

White man’s burden?

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Det er altid skægt at se muslimske politikere slås på TV, men her er en lille besynderligt detalje jeg faldt over. Læg mærke til hvorledes disse pakistanske politikere benytter sig af engelsk midt i en meget ophedet debat.

0:43 Manden i hvidt erkender en fejl: “I say sorry about that”

0:58 Den trinde man i midten forsøger med: “are actual political ideologies…”

1:11 Den trinde mand i midten: “Please, please…” og igen 1:18 “Please jah?”

1:30 Den trinde mand i midten: “Please jah? We should’nt go overboard on politics and ideologies, lets talk on the topics…. its a very use…”

1:45 Den trinde mand i midten: “Naeem, lets finish this. Lets cut of all this….”

Er der virkeligt ikke nogen måde at beklage eller undskylde sin opførsel på andet end på engelsk? Kan man virkeligt ikke forsone sig med uenighed på andet end engelsk?

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